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1205562 tn?1304118842 I went camping and the next morning my feet were so swollen, they felt so weird and puffy as I walked on them. Anyone elses feet swelling up? I'm thinking it might have been because I was pretty dehydrated while camping, it was VERY HOT!!! I was also on my feet a lot...
Avatar f tn in the evening my ankles and feet were really swollen. The swelling went away during the night, yesterday no problems. Today i had to sit proper on a hard chair/stand walk, and now again my feet and ankles are like balloons, my toes are a bit numb too... Does anyone have tips to keep your feet from swelling (or make it less badly atleast) when i can't put my feet up? And tips on how to make the swelling go away?
1181036 tn?1367372240 So im 36 weeks pregnant and lately my feet have been swollen but it seems to be getting worse each day. Like today my feet are Extremely swollen and tingly...almost like a burning sensation too. At some points this evening they almost felt numb even. I knew it was common to swell up, but this tingly/numb feeling is new. Is this normal? I'm going to mention it to my doc this Friday but I figured I'd ask around in the meantime.
Avatar f tn I have found that lately my feet and ankles swell towards the end of the evening. I know I a overweight, but I am very concerned with this condition since heart disease runs in my family. I am currently on a water pill and a blood pressure pill. My doctor assures me it is ok, but I don't feel it is. My feet hurt bad including my heels. Any ideas out there?
Avatar n tn I'm 51 year old female and for about a month now been suffering from tingling hot feet, although the feeling is hot my feet are actually cold and by evening time my feet have swollen its constant. I have no idea what to do but its very uncomfortable. Any ideas please.
Avatar n tn My husband 6 weeks ago started with sore feet that went into 24hrs later swollen feet discolored with purple and almost a black dolor coming and going, we went to the Er on Sunday evening, and they couldnt figure it out we then went to the family dr the following monday. thought it was some kind of bite (not) and his feet began to peel off in large sections which included his toes.
Avatar n tn my question is not about HIV,,, but I have been experiencing hot hand and feet that also feel swollen, this only happens in the evening and mainily when I lie down
Avatar f tn In the mornings they are normal,but by the evening they are a little swollen. Just wonder if that's normal this soon in my pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Drinking lots of water consistently also helped me (along with propping feet up). At first I was still swollen for a bit, but once I was consistent, they went down.
Avatar f tn my hands swell and are numb also my feet swell in evening after working 11 hour shifts. Why?
Avatar n tn I woke up this morning to my hands being extremely sore and swollen. They are red. It is now evening and they are not as swollen but are still red and hurt. My feet are swollen and very tender. I have not messed with anything new or consumed anything new. Right before bedtime I did some flea spray on my cat. I've done this before with no ill effects. I also put down some catnip. I've used this before but it's been awhile.
Avatar f tn I put heat on it when I got home and that helped. But, by the next evening, my ankle was swollen and hurt. It is now Wednesday, and it is still swollen. I have used ice and Advil. HELP! What happened?
Avatar f tn I am 38wks and I got swollen fingers and toes. I just feel like a big a $$ balloon. Arg I don't know what to do. Im always burning up bc of these swollen body parts. What can I do to help my swelling go down?
Avatar n tn 4 Taxol, dose dense. Finished 6 weeks ago. The pain in my feet, knees, hips is incredible. My ankles swell twice their size & I can hardly wear my shoes. At night, my legs twitch & I can't seem to get comfortable. I'm 61, stage II, Lobular Carcinoma, lumpectomy, sentinel lymph node positive. I begin radiation tomorrow. My question is: why do most doctors refuse to admit the lingering side effects of Taxol.
Avatar n tn My 8 year old Haflinger gelding presented with a swollen sheath 7 days ago (Tues 06/22). Our local vet made a farm call, no inflammation to other dependent areas (no stocking up etc); good bowel sounds; good lung sounds; heart sounds ok; anal temp normal; some reluctance to move which seemed to be due to swelling rather than tenderness of feet or muscle soreness. No sign of trauma. Given banmine 10 ml IM and dexamethasone 5 ml IM started naquasone bolus 1/2 tab q pm x 12 doses.
Avatar m tn At bad times I have had them all day but mostly am clear during the day (when I visit the doctors) then the come again at night time. The joint pain is terrible and I have random swollen fingers which are useless when swollen. I am 35 but seem older than my granny just now! I have had this for 2 months and am a little better now.
Avatar n tn I also have problems with swollen feet and ankles. My Dr. has switched my medications several times in the last 8 months. Maybe its time for me, and you, to switch doctors? Maybe its time to see a specialist?
Avatar n tn I have lost over 17 pounds ( ok not such a bad thing, but not for a good reason), my back of my throat is swollen as well as my voice box, which are swollen quite badly. I cough to the extreme as to try and clear my throat.. to the point where I vomit, and my head feels like it is going to explode. I have had a Upper GI done and it came back no problems.. I think they need to do more tests and I am going to make sure they do................Oh and with this..
770426 tn?1235065089 I've been using our elliptical trainer and Wii Fit but now the balls of my feet are bruised and swollen and it's painful to walk. Did any of you have issues with bruising while trying to exercise on blood thinners??
Avatar n tn Whether it's walking running, the heat suddenly coming on, eating something hot or even if i get worked up about something! My hands get hot and red and slightly swollen, or my feet or both hands and feet or one foot and one hand or just one hand or one foot. It had been steadily getting worse over the years *I'm 20 btw* and i decided it was time to see a doctor since it was becoming very noticeable. It's typically worse in the summer.
Avatar f tn I noticed that for the last few days, my hands and feet would be swelling up by the time I get home from work in the evenings. It would disappear in the morning and then restart the next evening. Thats what I read will start in the late 2nd/3rd trimester. I don like it - I feel extra heavy and my skin feels really "spongy" at the edema areas. When I climb the stairs to my bedroom I am out of breath with the extra fluids in my legs! Ugh! How about you guys?
Avatar f tn I am trying to manage my physical well being prior to my quit date, and I have developed a problem with swollen legs feet ankles thighs, bad fluid retention, feels uncomfortable and has me concerned. My paranoid fearful head is thinking kindney damage - I know that ibuprofen can cause kindey problems, and lord knows the amounts I am taking are beyond the recommended - does anyone have any experience with this problem? I had a period of this about two months ago, but it passed.
2004810 tn?1365157211 I weight about the same as I did when I startet tx but I have noticed that I'm a littlebit more swollen, in the face and in the stomach. Can it have anything to do with blood transfusion or is it the meds?
Avatar n tn My dad has both ankles swollen for a month. Blood test shows ESR 66, CRP 122 mg/L and very high Amyloid beta protein (1400 mg/L). RF negative, ANA negative. Urine test results look fine. He is 68 years old and the swelling gets worse in the evening. Anyone has ideas what is his problem.
Avatar m tn Last Sunday, I started feeling experiencing moderate aching in my neck, shoulders, back, hips, and knees, along with fatigue and mild headache, and thought I might be coming down with a flu. By Monday night, all the joint pain had moved down into my feet and ankles. By Tuesday night I could barely walk, the pain was so severe I could barely walk, when I went to bed, I started shaking with chills (although my temperature was normal, according to my thermometer).
Avatar n tn When the swelling dissipates on my feet and fingers I actually shed the top layer of skin around the swollen area over a period of days, like a blister on the mend. The lip and neck swelling don't itch, but the finger and feet swelling becomes an insane itch without any relief from over the counter anti- itch products. Taking an anti-histamine slows down the whole process. I'm worn out from this process..........
Avatar f tn I found sticking a pillow under my bum at night and sleeping like that really helped relieve the swelling for morning. It occurred again by the evening after being at work on feet/sitting at computer but it helps. Also using a cold compress when you go to the loo just for a few mins helps during the day.
Avatar n tn Please tell me if your hands are swollen mostly in the fingers and if your feet are swollen around the bunion area? I thought this was from sugar and wine but I haven't had any alcohol in weeks and my hands/feet are swollen again. I have been cleaning and working a lot with my hands but certainly not my feet!