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Avatar n tn Woke up yesterday and both eyes were swollen, my eyelids and big puffy bags under my eyes. I have also been dizzy when I bend over. Very unusual for me. What do you think it could be?
1801118 tn?1315881042 and he wore them to bed the other night waking up this morning with his eyes swollen shut and red. He couldnt look at light. His eyes were very irritated. I didnt see any type of puss just that they are swollen and that he is in so much pain.He took the contact out. And there isnt any thing in his eye. Now that he is sleeping i can see his eyes look swollen still. Mainly around the lids. I'm trying to think of anything else... I know when he had me look to see if anything was in his eyes..
Avatar f tn For the past few weeks I've been waking up with my eyes almost swollen shut, and throughout the day they get less swollen, but the swelling never goes completely away. Also along with that, my eyelids are extremely dry and have a dry texture. Under my eyes is really dry also and there's creases under them that usually are there, and the dry skin seems to be scabbing in those creases. My eyelids are really red and also under my eyes.
Avatar f tn I am 22 years old and recently came down with my first case of shingles on my upper back on my right shoulder blade, which spread slightly to my right side of my chest. I had it for a week before i figured out what it was. So I was extremly cautious and did not touch it except to clean it with apple cider viniger and put an anti itch cream on it.
1147530 tn?1314825196 i was 28 when i first started noticing these vibrations just before falling asleep then suddenly waking up, at first i put it down to anxiety,,as sometimes i would wake up with a twitch and feel very stressed and uncomfrtable, but i then started waking up in the night with the vibrations starting through my chest write down to my lower legs, and at times it would be more intense, at one stage it really did start to affect my life and my sleep, how ever after a few months it soon went away, i
Avatar m tn For the last couple of months, I've had a weird thing happen in the mornings. When I wake up, like when I open my eyes for the first time in the day (or sometimes at night if I get up to go to the bathroom), I'll see a ring of light, or almost an orb of light, for a second or two, and then it goes away. It's almost like a flash or light, but it's in a circular shape. It seems almost like I'm seeing my eyes open from the wrong end, if that makes any sense.
Avatar n tn Again, this has only happened when lying down with my eyes swollen. Also, sometimes after waking up, a small "bright" dot will appear near the center of my vision that goes away on its own. This dot has the same size, shape, and location EVERY time I see it. Am I just being a hypochondriac? I really hate to bother you guys, as you all have much more serious cases you deal with. I have had some "health anxiety" lately (thinking everything can and will go wrong with me).
Avatar f tn Your symptoms definitely indicate hypo, and it's interesting that you don't wake up sweating, but sweat upon waking. I wake up sweating, but it gets worse after I'm awake and moving, until I take my shower and end it with cool water; then I'll stop sweating for a while, but it starts again as I get ready for work. I'll be most interested in seeing your labs when you get them done.
Avatar m tn During the night I can remember waking to scratching my eyes at the crease of the eyelid and below the brow. When I woke this morning my eyes were swollen and beet red I am wondering if that vanilla bean oil could have been under nail area and been an irritant to cause the swelling and redness? Not itchy now but very sore.
Avatar m tn During the night I can remember waking to scratching my eyes at the crease of the eyelid and below the brow. When I woke this morning my eyes were swollen and beet red I am wondering if that vanilla bean oil could have been under nail area and been an irritant to cause the swelling and redness? Not itchy now but very sore.
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Avatar n tn I've been suffering from the exact same symptoms for about 4 years now. Pain on waking, excrutiating to turn or move, but when I stand up and move around, it's gone! There are too many posts on here about the exact same thing for this to be going undiagnosed. I've been told it's my hip, back, urinary tract, bladder, intestines.........well, I know it's SOMETHING down there. It seems that it would be muscle or joint related because of the way the pain goes away with movement.
Avatar n tn They appeared after a trip and i noticed them after i turned the air conditioner on during the plane ride back. Within two days I was waking up with clear mucousy discharge and painfully itchy red eyes. I went to a local opthamologist (well kinda, turns out she wasnt a certified/educated opth, and im in Kuwait) I was put on a weeks worth of broad spectrum antibiotic drops that only made them worse.
Avatar n tn I have been waking up every day with only my left eye swelling up. The bottom lid primarily. There is no sign of exterior redness, no sign of an infection anywhere, however when I pull the lid down compared to my other eye is is red inside versus being a fleshy color. The tear duct is also overworked I believe because I am able to press down on my right tear duct and create a little crinkly noise, which usually signals to me that its working ok.
Avatar m tn I know this is an old posting, but i just began having this problem about 4 days go.. Each morning, I've been waking up to a swollen left eye. Just like you, it goes down slightly throughout the day but each morning I awaken, it's big again.. It doesn't really irritate me or anything. At times, my eye is sensitive to light though. I have scheduled an appointment with the Ear Nose & throat Doctor and my eye doctor.. Hopefully, i'll find something out.
Avatar m tn I also have pain between both eyes and lots of blurry vision when taking deep breaths in, and I notice my nostles sucking themselves in like a sucking vacuum which makes it difficult to breath. Im still not sure who to beleave because I also get chest pains near the breast bone that doctor thinks is Gerd..My ENT wants to correct the septom and reduce the size of both turbinates..
Avatar f tn My baby started waking up with puffy eyes last May when she was about 5.5 mo old. It got much worse to where she would wake up and the eyes were swollen shut everyday. Her eyes will be really light sensitive. She hates to lie on her back; and her nose runs all day. She improves throughout the day and she often looks fine by the end of the day. We've been to so many doctors and no one can figure it out. Anyone been through this??
Avatar f tn I have never had this issue in my life, ever. Suddenly I wake up with fluid filled bags under my eyes, that don't go away all day....is it thyroid related? My last labs interestingly showed my T3 and T4 levels and just less than 50% of the range, up until this point my levels had steadily increased with a steady increase in medication. This was the first time although she had increased my medication 8 weeks prior, that my levels actually dropped.
422425 tn?1307996590 Oh my gosh Pam, I had my salivary gland swell up and the whole right side of my face was swollen along with my right eye. I have had dry mouth so bad that I cannot talk at times without stopping and taking a drink of water. My tongue will stick to the roof of my mouth at times. I know, GROSS! Anyway, when my salavary gland swelled up the doc put me on 10 days of anti-biotics and said it should be gone in three days. it took two rounds of meds and three weeks to go away.
Avatar n tn Well that is finally gone after months, now I am getting the swelling in my eyes in the mornings and my bottom lip has swollen up, this morning I got a raised bump on the side of my chin then my lip on that side swells up. I also have itching on the bottom of my feet and my hands itch sometimes. I take two benadryl for everything and its seeming to help me so far. But Im 52 and have never had these problems before. Never was allergic to anything in my life.
Avatar m tn most of the time i will stay awake for up to 3days and then sleep 2hrs waking up with nightmares .. lets just say it sucks and it seems the more you stress out the worst things seem to get.. stress like shock (when in a accident) is basically like a poison that can affect you in all sorts of ways and i know me saying to you try not to stress is like saying try flying just jump out the window but here it is anyway,, try not to stress to much ..
Avatar f tn But then very odd things started happening and still does. When I wake up in the morning sometimes not all the time I cannot see out of my right eye. It doesn't last but about 6-10 seconds and full vision returns. Before this about 6 months I had a wierd noise in my ear went to the doctor and was told sometime it was normal. Not to worry! Boy was she wrong?? So as you could imagine waking up not being able to see I rushed to the doctor!!
325477 tn?1250554909 But sitting in a moving car for that long was tough! Especially on the way back. I really ended up feeling nauseated for a little while and was glad when it finally passed. Other that that, the trip was fine. Our meeting went well. I think I'm going to start working from home soon. I've been getting more and more exhausted as each day passes. I woke about 4 times last night between peeing and being kicked by baby! I can't wait till next Mon for my u/s.
Avatar m tn It's very difficult to describe, but I'll try my best. The effect is similar to the phenomena you get when you see two very contrasting colors next to each other (like red/orange and blue) that causes the borders between the colors to glow or shimmer slightly.
Avatar f tn About 4-5 times a day, it starts to water like I'm crying, becomes very painful, and I can't open it for about 1-2 minutes. It seems to happen when I'm exposed to bright sunlight, waking up in the morning, staring at my computer screen for too long, or if I rub my eye. Last night, the problematic eye looked a bit more swollen than the right and was slightly tender to the touch. I started putting drops in it that I got from a doctor when I had an eye infection a few months ago.
Avatar n tn There was also some popping and clicking in the middle of my neck and when I swallow it feels/sounds like tiny bubbles are traveling back up my throat. Sometimes I have low grade fever which comes and goes but never for very long. Other symptoms include: Pain in the neck which feels like stiff neck (left side) Pain in my chest and back on the left side just below the collar bone through to just below the shoulder blade.
Avatar f tn I believe the pressure of the goggles has over the years contributed to my baggy eyes and now I'm waking up with incredible puffiness. I have to put cold compresses (I use a cold moistened facecloth) over my face for 10-15 minutes in the morning. I think at some point I will consult a plastic surgeon or derm MD although at 47 I feel I am too young for this. Maybe in a few years....