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Avatar n tn There is no sign of exterior redness, no sign of an infection anywhere, however when I pull the lid down compared to my other eye is is red inside versus being a fleshy color. The tear duct is also overworked I believe because I am able to press down on my right tear duct and create a little crinkly noise, which usually signals to me that its working ok. When I press on the left tear duct nothing happens. My eye is also insanely itchy.
Avatar n tn I wear contacts but have not worn them in almost a week, instead I wear my glasses. I have had surgery on my left sinus passage which damaged the tear duct in my left eye. What should I do? I'm really starting to get worried now.
Avatar m tn However, if it has happened for several months, you need a professional to evaluate your eyes. It could be due to a torn tear duct why you are swollen eyelid.
Avatar n tn I have a small white bump on my lower eyelid close to the tear duct. What could this be? Any treatment recommended?
Avatar f tn During the day yesterday, I noticed pain (felt like a bruise) in the lower left corner of my right eye. (Near the tear duct) Underneath my eye is red and swollen a bit, but no visible bumps anywhere. Hurts when I blink or when I touch it, but a dull pain consistently.
Avatar n tn So how it happens is I notice a piece of gooey membrane on my tear duct or somewhere around the eye and I take it out with my finger. All is good. Except now I notice more and flip my eye lid so see more so I pull on it gently and it peel away from the inner eye lid literally peels like a thin onion layer. So I think okay I'll be fine now I've peeled that off it won't rub against my eye like sand paper now.
Avatar n tn Lastly ask the external disease specialist about tear duct plugs for several months. If it works well might consider permanent closure of lower openings. Keep working you may not be able to be cured but you likely can be helped.
Avatar m tn I had DCR surgery in 2007 for a blocked tear duct. I've had problems with my eye ever since included severe dryness. It's wrong to offer DCR as the first choice when clearly less invasive and more 'ideal' choices are available such as balloon dilatation.
Avatar n tn I suggest you see an Eye MD tomorrow (find one at www.aao.org ) as it could be an infected eyelid or tear duct.
Avatar f tn My left eye is very swollen and it appears to be a blocked tear duck, However I have been to see two Opthamologist, eye doctor, and Allergy doctor, and General Medicine doctor. No one has been able to figure this one out. It is at its worse i the Morning when I wake up. The eye lid is full of fluid, which looks like my tears . It drains slowly throughout the day and fills back up over night. I've taken antibiotics, Steroid drops, ointments . Nothing has worked.
Avatar f tn You probably have a chalazion which is a blocked and infected oil gland in the lid. Start placing hot packs on the eye twice a day. Use very warm tap water in a large bowl. Soak a washcloth in it, wring it out and place it on your eye. After 2 or 3 minutes, re-dip the washcloth and place it again on the eye. Continue this for 10 minutes each time. You may need some oral antibiotics as well. See an ophthalmologist before it gets out of hand. Some of these need surgical drainage.
Avatar f tn Therefore, the problem does not involve the eyeball but involves the tissues surrounding the eye. Your dog may have a congenital problem involving her tear duct or the glands in her eyelids, or her third eyelid. However, to set your mind at ease you can ask your vet to refer your dog to a veterinary opthalmologist. The opthalmologist has the proper equipment to test for eye problems beyond the scope of non-specialized veterinarians.
Avatar n tn I had not changed my contacts in a while so thought they might be irritating it, or I possibly had a blocked tear duct (not sure what that looks like though). This morning, the swelling had gone down, or at least it had spread out to more under the eye and was less noticable, however the other eye has some swelling now. This is on my eyelid, and it looks almost like I was punched in the eye (Rocky style). Both places are painless, soft, and seem to simply be fluid buildup.
Avatar n tn There are several reasons that an eyelid won't open that are quite serious. On the other hand simple vitamin B-12 deficiency can cause this problem. It won't hurt to try sublingual B-12 with folic acid (double dose) for a few days. If this is the cause it should clear within two weeks.
Avatar n tn I don't care about my forehead and cheeks. I am very concern about my eyes. My tear duct on my left eye is very swollen. By the way, I am a 32 female.
Avatar n tn When my now 15yr old was your sons age and younger, she would get awful green discharge that was passed off as pink eye or clogged tear duct but in both eyes; turned out to be severe food allergy but not life threatening that lasted for about 6 yrs ... severe intolerance to 12 of 16 foods tested for and would scream with pain in the abdomen from cramps, too. Pls. let us know what they find out? Only one though .. odd ...
Avatar n tn Improvement often continues for up to 6 months. If you have tried tear duct plugs you should have had all for tear duct openings (puncta) plugged with a permanent plus (not a disolving one). Usually just the lower lids are done with mild dry eyes. If your problem is as bad as you say, you and your ophthalmologist should discuss permanent closure of some or all four of the tear duct openings with cautery.
Avatar n tn Gradually in two days it was back to normal. It would start swelling in the upper eyelid right at the tear duct next to my nose. This would happen about 5-7 times, then it would swell up very bad so I could hardly see and had to strain to do that, after that extreme swelling it stopped for several years. Then like it started, it began all over again a few years later. I went through this cycle all over again in the early 90's. My last cycle of this was in 1993.
Avatar n tn My right eye has been crying for two days now.. the eyelid is swollen presumably from the water, but otherwise it looks fine. Can you suggest why this is or any treatment? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I admit it is totally my fault I have this problem. The eyelid and area above have been red and swollen for four days. I would have thought the redness and swelling would be gone by now, but it is still there. Is there anything I can do to reduce the swelling and get rid of the redness? Thank you.
Avatar n tn It starts to swell around the tear duct part of the eye and then spreads down underneath and over the top eyelid. I can usually tell when it is coming. That sinus feels clogged, and it itches mildly for a week in advance. It usually lasts about 24 hours, and it does not affect my vision. I went to an Allergist who said it looks like an allergy, but he couldnt say to what, and none of the eye drops he gave me helped.
1303966 tn?1296743610 He has bloody looking spots, one small and one larger near his tear duct. Should I worry about this? He said it was painful and hard to see for about an hour or so after getting hit. His eyelid was swollen and now a little bruised.
Avatar n tn when the swelling occurs, my 'eye ball' as such is fine, looks white and completely normal, however the area below my eye, my eyelid, and the area between my eye and nose is very swollen, most of the time so much so that my eye opening is little more than a slit. i have had my tear duct checked and it appears fine, and have been allergy tested which has come back with nothing! the swelling usually lasts for approx 2 days at its worst, and slowly goes down after 4 days.
Avatar f tn If on your eyelid it could be the eyelid puncta or opening of the tear duct (one on upper and one on lower) If its on the side towards the ear can't offer any useful information. Use a search engine and pull up pictures of the "lacrimal caruncle" and see if that is what you're noticing.
Avatar n tn About a month ago in my left eye, I had either a stye or blocked tear duct possibly as evidenced by a bruised dark red mark under my eye on the outside of my botttom eyelid. May have nothing to with the price of tea in China but thought I would mention it. Thanks for the help!
Avatar f tn Late Thursday night the lower lid, inner corner of one eye got a little swollen, red, and tender - right in the area of the tear duct. Each day it has gotten a little worse. (Today is Saturday.) There is no scratch or pimple and I was not hit. The inner corner swollen spot is tender to touch and sometimes itchy. Hot wet cloth compresses help for a few hours. From what I have read, I think it is a stye.
Avatar n tn gpc? bleph?in one eye? pink eye, i think i have something blocked? i had my tear duct closed in my lower duct, because of a dry eye? well, my left lid is still swollen, and feels like something is in my eye?my right eye feels great? i wear glasses , no more contacts? im at the end of things...i dont know what else it could be?mgd? in just one eye? an allergy? tumor? im scared . please help.well, advice is good.
233488 tn?1310696703 The medication often stings when therapy is begun--it usually gets better by week three or your Ophthalmologist (EyeMD) can prescribe a mild steroid drop for a couple of weeks. Improvement often continues for up to 12 months. If you have tried tear duct plugs you should have had all for tear duct openings (puncta) plugged with a permanent plus (not a disolving one). Usually just the lower lids are done with mild dry eyes.