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Avatar n tn For the last 2 or 3 days I had one swollen eyelid. Today the swelling seems to have gone away, but I am noticing now that my eyes seem very asymmetrical. I thought it was just me, so I took some pictures. The pictures make the problem even more apparent. Is this something I should worry about? Here are 1 "before" picture and 3 "after" pictures. I should also note that this may have been a problem for longer and I may have not noticed it. http://www.box.
Avatar m tn Now it's June, and for the past 3 months the upper eyelid on the affected eye has been swollen. I've told the doctor and he says I'm imagining things, but my mom and I can see that it is definitely swollen. I've tried eye drops for allergies, but they only make my eye red.I'm sure it's not an infection since there is no itching or pain associated with the eyelid.
Avatar f tn Here are some pictures of my swollen eyelid: http://i46.tinypic.com/6e0obl.jpg http://i50.tinypic.com/2bz87b.
Avatar m tn i was given some painkiller had a nap when i woke up to found a swollen on my upper left eyelid .The swollen does not hurt but a touch on my left forehead hurts so much.it been like that since the beginning of the swollen. later when i bent over my hard a yellow liquid came out from my nose. it was not mucus-like. it was just like water, but it was deep yellow.
Avatar f tn When I was leaving here, I took pictures of my eyes - my left eyelid was red, itchy and swollen and the right one was normal. After I arrived in Poland, my eyelid slowly started to heal. I did not use any medication, just the hypoalergenic eye cream. A week later my eyelid was back to normal, I wore my regular eye makeup and once was even too tired to wash it off so I had it on for 24 hours. I had NO REACTION whatsoever. One can only imagine how thrilled I was to have my eyes back.
Avatar n tn Forhead and cheeks are always swollen n a little rosy and warm sometime hot to the touch. i have attached some pictures so at least some one can get me lookin in the right direction.
Avatar n tn Within an hour, more and more of the left eyelid is showing and it stays this way all day. Not sure if it's swollen or ptosis. Looking back at pictures, it has been this way for about 5 years but now is starting to bother me. I've had a CT on sinuses and tests for thyroid issues. Next step is an MRI. Any idea what causes this? I am so self conscious and embarrassed by this.
Avatar m tn One day one eyelid will swell, two days later, it could be the other one. It takes 2-3 days for my eyelid to return to normal. When my eyelid(s) start to itch or burn and I feel like I'm going to have an "episode," drinking 64 ozs of water before going to bed at night and replenishing throughout the night after going to the bathroom has not prevented the eyelid(s) from swelling. I never know when something I've eaten will trigger it. Once inflamed, it's not painful or itchy.
Avatar m tn before taking a nap my eyelid felt like it had something in it, i flushed it water running water and then went to bed i was curled to my left arbitrarily, in the process squishing my left eye, and when i woke up it felt swollen and part of the eyelid had collapsed (unfortunately turning my eyelid to single lidded in the process) i attached two pictures below, can someone tell me what it is and how I can fix it? thanks! http://postimg.org/image/ktdd45myv/ http://postimg.
Avatar n tn in my case I find that this usually - instantly - releases the eyelid - if the eyelid can be released so easily and quickly after the drops, this says to me that 'dry eye'/blepharitis is likely to be the cause. I think if the people with this complaint were to try this and see if there was any improvement, it might ease their concern a bit. Following that experiement - do see your optician to ensure that the Blepharitis and other linked conditions are not needing further treatment.
Avatar n tn Tis morning the spots were a big bigger, one is more oval-shaped, and I have a spot on my eyelid on the lash line much like a stye but with no pain or puss. The original lesions have a dry, almost scab-like covering and periodically burn/sting. I applied lysine which aliviated the discomfort and later applied more tea tree oil. The lesions don't look like any pictures I've found of HSV I as they are not blistering. The apots are slightly swollen. Any ideas/suggestions as to what it may be?
Avatar m tn I woke up this morning and my eyelid was very dry and slightly itchy, but when I checked in the mirror, I had several creases in the lid and my entire eyelid was tremendously swollen. The rash that was originally only around my eyes had also migrated towards my entire face and I can also feel it develop on my back. Several hours later, the swelling has gone down slightly but I still have multiple creases in the lid and it's still incredibly dry and itchy.
Avatar n tn See an ophthalmologist Eye MD physician. Find one at www.aao.org. Take in some pictures of your lids when badly swollen.
Avatar f tn Hi, two days ago on my right eye near the top eyelash and eyelid, i felt an itchy sensation. Then when i awoke the next day my eye was swollen but i didn't feel the itchyness. It hurts when i touch it , but i dont think i see a bump. It just makes my right eye look smaller and my eyelid looks droopy. And idea what it is and how i can get rid of it? I mean i guess it's probably a stye but my eye doesn't look like the pictures I've seen online.
Avatar n tn My eyes have always been a bit different from each other, but lately I have seen a very large difference between the two. The past two days one eyelid seemed swollen. Today, the swelling seems gone, but pictures demonstrate why I am nervous about this. Here are 3 "after" pictures and 1 "before" picture. http://www.box.net/shared/zt08psc8ww What is going on?
Avatar m tn - itchy (severely at times), burning/stinging feeling just right below my eyebrow but reaches my eyelid and eye corners - the burning sensation mimics that of just having broken skin through trying to pop a pimple or something (or like sun burn because the burning lingers on) - itchy eye lashes - watery eyes at times - only right eyelid/brow is affected - eyelid/brow is swollen slightly and there are visible scar-like patches running down the center of my eyelid from the brow to my lashes - pat
635711 tn?1267840061 Well take away the 2 black eyes and wala. My eyes are still swollen a little but not buggy. I am in good spirts probably because I am done with these darn eye operations. I know I will be happy with the results this time. The sun still hurts but I opened up the curtains and let the sun shine in and all my prisims made rainbows all over the house.
Avatar f tn If its in the side of your eye near your nose it likely is the "caruncle" if in the very corner. If on your eyelid it could be the eyelid puncta or opening of the tear duct (one on upper and one on lower) If its on the side towards the ear can't offer any useful information. Use a search engine and pull up pictures of the "lacrimal caruncle" and see if that is what you're noticing.
Avatar n tn We also noticed that his left eye is slightly swollen and has a double eyelid line (normally, his single eyelid) We had no family history of eye problem. We never noticed him having any eye problem before Nov. 4. Even on Nov. 4 morning, he was able to roll both his eyes upward to "scare" me. We have pictures taken days before Nov. 4, in which he was looking straight at camera with full front view (both eye balanced with no head tilt); while pictures taken after Nov.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I woke up and my eye was sore, today however I woke and my eye was in a lot of pain and the upper eyelid was swollen with a small bump under my lid. When I lifted up my lid (like the inside of my eye) there was a white bump, it sort of looked like a cacher sore or an ulcer, but a bump. I looked up pictures of styes and of chalazions and neither of them look like what I have, and I have not been able to find a picture of the inside of an eye.
Avatar f tn The corner of one of my eyes tends to itch horribly, and sometimes my upper eyelid too as if I have a irritated eye lash. This seems to only happen a certain time of day, like when i close my eyes for bed it keeps me up. If I don't itch, it tends to burn horribly. But if I itch, it itches more and my lacrimal caruncle becomes blood red and reminds me a bit of cherry eye that I saw on my dog.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone here has ever experienced eye swelling for no apparent reason. Twice in the last 4 weeks I have had one eyelid swell dramatically. It only lasts about 24 hours and both times I have been at home. There is no pain or redness and very little itching. It doesn't water or have discharge and since there is no sinus pressure or stuffiness I don't think it's an allergy.
Avatar m tn My cat’s eye has been swollen and infected for a few months. My cat doesn’t have any other medical problems, no fever and is eating and acting fine. She has always had a blocked tear duct in this eye all her life. It has always been a weeping eye, but it has never been infected or swelled. This first started out as what seemed to be a cold as I heard some noisy breathing from her. Then the third eyelid showed up in one eye. Then it started to show some goop in it.
Avatar f tn Used those and then about a week later I woke up and the upper eyelid area was swollen and there was major water retention on the upper part of eye where my eye was pushed shut. Went that day to another eye dr who said I had an infection deep in my eye. Provided with steroids and antibiotic drops. The swelling hasn't been that bad since but every time I lay down the eye still swells and it is now happening in my left eye.
Avatar f tn About 2 weeks ago, my eyes started itching severely and I just assumed it was pollen allergies. Then one morning I woke up with my eyes swollen shut and red. I used a washcloth compress to get the swelling down and the eyes continued to be red and swollen and itchy and I noticed little blisters kind of like what I get when I wear cheap jewelry and get a chemical reaction from the metal. I have tried some Zatidor eyedrops-antihistime twice daily.
Avatar n tn This happened again last night. My right eyelid is considerbly worse than my left one, and they are both very red, swollen and itchy. My actual eye has no problems, but it feels like it's burning. I used to work in a dermatology office and the doctor there said that putting Protopic on it would help it and make it go away, but it doesn't. I need some sort of relief and changing eye makeup doesn't seem to help at all.
Avatar n tn A "white pupil" in a child is always an emergency and you need to be referred to a pediatric ophthalmologist ASAP. There are some very serious things that can cause this including a malignant tumor (retinoblastoma), malformation of the inside of the eye, pediatric cataract and some others HOWEVER there are other less serious things than can cause this and the last three parents that came to these eye forums and posted pictures with white reflex got GOOD news from the ophthalmologist.
Avatar f tn She kept saying well do you have any pictures from before to prove it. I don't carry pictures of myself and my license was brand new. I would like to get the droopy eye fixed as it pushes my contacts and really makes my vision fuzzy. Wearing glasses is tough with computer work in a dark room. When I come out (with glasses) of the dark room into the light my vision becomes quite fuzzy. But I need to know the cause first.
Avatar n tn However, judging by my tongue (which sounds dumb but it seems connected to me) - very possible. These tongue bumps (swollen taste buds that are white at the end that HURT and also BUMPS) are the worst. I'm glad you made an appt right away. Could be some sort of infection or something. I waited WAY too long with my face problem thinking it would go away - BIG MISTAKE. The medication the doc gave me helped so much I wanted to kick my own ass for waiting so long.
Avatar n tn I'm 24 years old and have a roll of fat above each eyelid, I was told before this is ptosis and can be caused by myasthenia gravis. Bloodwork came back normal and two EMGs conducted were also normal. What can be causing this and what can I do? How can I get surgery to remove this?