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Avatar n tn Hi, i woke up this morning with a left eye lid very swollen. The strange thing is they are not red or watery. I wanted to ask if anyone recommends some eye drops or specific medication and yes i do wear contacts.
Avatar n tn I woke up 2 days ago with my lower right eyelid swollen with a large bump that hurts everytime I touch it. I have no idea what it could be and I figured it would have gone down by today. However, I woke up this morning with more swelling than yesterday and inside my eyelid has become red. It hurts when I blink. What caused this? And how can I stop it?
Avatar m tn My bottom eyelid on my left eye starting hurting on Tuesday night, then Wednesday morning i woke up with a massive swollen eyelid and it hurt when i blinked, since then I've been putting a boiling hot flannel on it a few times each night and now there is no pain whatsoever and the swelling has gone down but it's still swollen and i can feel a lump in my bottom eyelid.
Avatar n tn I'm in highschool and this morning I just woke up with a swollen left eyelid. Its tiring because it hurts when I blink. I dont wear glasses or contacts though.
Avatar f tn Hello - I have a swollen upper eyelid (for over one month now). My optometrist and medical dr. have advised this is some sort of allergy (I am allergic to mold, pollen and trees). I have been given allergy meds and steroid drops but with no success. Eye is less swollen in morning (looks normal) and then gets worse as I go through the day. Can an allergy cause only one eye to swell for this length of time?
Avatar f tn Over the last year my left eyelid has swollen 6 times. It swells to the point that it hurts and I can barely see out of my eye. The first physician I saw told me to put warm compresses on it. The ophthalmologist told me I was allergic to something. He gave me a prescription for an anointment that had a steroid. The steroid does not seem to work at night. When it happens to swell in the evening. When I reapply in the morning it takes several hours but, the swelling does go down.
Avatar n tn Hello, it started yesterday with a swollen tearduct (however its spelled) and this morning I woke up and my top eyelid is swollen along with the tearduct that is even more swollen than yesterday. There is pain and minor burning. I don't notice and red bumps on either upper or lower eyelids, no red bumps on the inside of the lower eyelid (like webmd said for a symptom.) I do have allergies, but very minor and they haven't been bugging me recently. Also my eye vision doesn't seem to have changed.
Avatar n tn this morning i woke up with a very swollen red right upper eyelid. i am in panama city, i just started my travels. i am guessing that it may be a reaction to water, foreign pillow case, hot dusty wind or a combination of all. i am assuming that this will go away within a week or so. my only concern is that 4 months ago i got lasik eye surgery and since then my eyes have been dry and i have been using lubricating eyedrops. could this swollen eye lid be at all related to my surgery?
Avatar n tn I woke up today to find my left upper eyelid swollen. The eye itself is not affected or red. The whole upper eyelid seems red and is tender and painful to touch.It also hurts but just a tiny bit when I blink my eyes. I don't think it's a sty because there isn't any bump. I'm applying a few eye drops and hoping that this will go away the next morning. I hope someone out there can help me with this.
Avatar n tn Ok, so im a 22 yr old male who 2 months ago woke up one morning to a swollen lower left eyelid. The eyelid itself was swollen, allong with the skin underneith it, causing 2 ripples to form. It was red and dry. Over the last 2 months i have tried warm compresses and cold compresses, only showing minimal improvement. I have to apply neosporen multiple times a day to keep the skin from becoming so dry and tight. That skin does peel on occasion as well.
Avatar f tn When I woke up this morning, it still hurt, so I went to the mirror and discovered a rather severely swollen upper right eyelid. I panicked, put a warm compress on it, laid back down for a bit, and when I got back up and continued to keep the compress on it for a bit longer, the swelling went down SOME (but not completely).
Avatar m tn About five months ago, I rubbed CLINIQUE-ALL ABOUT EYES on my left lower eyelid for eyebag prevention but I made the mistake of rubbing the cream heavily also on the mucus membrane inside my lower eyelid, then I slept. In the morning I noticed that my eye is irritated and I felt some twitching so I went to an opthalmologist and he told me I got a stye in my eye. The doctor gave me antibiotics for the stye and it was healed.
464551 tn?1207633959 The irritation has stopped for the most part but last night my left eyelid started to swell. I woke up this morning and it's gotten worse. I've never had any allergies that would cause my eyes to react this way, and it's never happened before. The closes incident I can think of is when I was working in an animal shelter and working with the cats made my eyes all red and itchy, but it went away after I flushed them out (and there are no cats in my apartment).
1440587 tn?1284044116 One thing I read today said that if your eyelid is red then you may need antibiotics, which he did not prescribe. Today when I woke up my eyelid is very red and more swollen (seems worse in the morning), do you think I should get antibiotics?
Avatar n tn left eyelid swollen and makes eye half the size of my right no pain or discharge or itching when i wake in morning cheek area ok as day progresses i get a pinkish looking kind of bubble on my left cheek bone also no pain
Avatar m tn Now for the last 5 months or so, every morning that I wake up, my left upper eyelid is puffy and swollen like. It doesnt hurt, it isnt itchy, it doesnt really get red, and it isnt particularly dry either (I do have dry skin around my nose and ears though, if it is connected), it is just puffy and swollen. I saw an optometrist a while back and he said that it was blepharitis and said that daily warm compresses would help to control it.
Avatar n tn I was okay that morning. I used warm treatment that evening. The bag almost disappeared y'day morning, but my left lower eye lid is swollen. The swelling is more towards the left most corner of my eye. There is almost no pain but the swelling is not going away. My face looks ugly. What should I do?
Avatar n tn Just this past week, my left eyelid top part is itchy at night and by morning it is swollen like I need an inner eye lift. This is the 4th time and each time gets more swollen, now however I have have a stuffed up nose and eyes keep seeing gold flecks, I take some Tylenol and thera-flue and it seems to be getting better, eye is still a bit itchy and swollen but not as much, I've gone without mascara for the past 3 days(thought maybe it was that) not making a difference though....
Avatar f tn I woke up one morning to find my left upper-eyelid to be itchy and watery, though not swollen. After a day or two, it became swollen, watery, and very itchy. Even my right upper-eyelid became itchy too (not swollen though). And now, after a month, although the itchiness on my right eye has greatly subsided, my left upper-eyelid still remains itchy, with a lump in the corner of the eyelid. The lump is not red, not noticeable unless when touched, not flaky, but still very itchy.
Avatar n tn I woke up yesterday with one lazy eyelid. It's been two days and it hasn't improved. No red eyes, no itching, just half closed lid? What could be the reason?
Avatar f tn I have been having issues with one eyelid swelling very red with itching and burning. I haven't worn makeup in over 2 weeks. I was told that washing my eyelids with a antibacterial soap would help, so I did that last night. I woke this morning worse than ever. I washed with just plain water and applied some triple antibiotic ointment. It feels better but is still swollen and red. I have had this issue before. I am at my wits end. Please help.
Avatar f tn While laying in bed I noticed a small bump on my cornerlower eyelid that was painful. (very tiny tiny bump) next morning woke up to crusty eyelashes, white part of eye slightly swollen, and pinkish color eye and swollen upper eyelid. Went to eye dr he wasn't sure what the issue is, informed wasnt pink eye nor a stye, but prescribed maxitrol to use twice a day.