Swollen eyelid hurts to blink

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Avatar n tn So, as of yesterday, my lower right eyelid has become slightly swollen and is very painful to the touch. Its not my entire eyelid however, about half of it is affected. It also hurts to close my eye or blink in general. I do not wear contacts or have glasses- my vision is fine. There appears to be no discharge at all aside from the normal nightly stuff that I wake up with, but I still fear it could be some form of an infection.
Avatar n tn I woke up 2 days ago with my lower right eyelid swollen with a large bump that hurts everytime I touch it. I have no idea what it could be and I figured it would have gone down by today. However, I woke up this morning with more swelling than yesterday and inside my eyelid has become red. It hurts when I blink. What caused this? And how can I stop it?
5689196 tn?1373491829 My top eyelid is swollen and painful. It hurts everytime i blink. My eye isn't red or pink. And where my eyelid folds underneath my brow is the only spot that hurts. I don't know what's going on or how to fix it.
Avatar n tn My upper eyelid is swollen it hurts to touch and it hurts when i blink when i feel the eyelid it has a hard bump what do i do and how do i get it to go away
Avatar n tn I'm in highschool and this morning I just woke up with a swollen left eyelid. Its tiring because it hurts when I blink. I dont wear glasses or contacts though.
Avatar n tn I woke up today to find my left upper eyelid swollen. The eye itself is not affected or red. The whole upper eyelid seems red and is tender and painful to touch.It also hurts but just a tiny bit when I blink my eyes. I don't think it's a sty because there isn't any bump. I'm applying a few eye drops and hoping that this will go away the next morning. I hope someone out there can help me with this.
Avatar f tn There is no visible/distinct LUMP that I can see, but I'm starting to wonder if I have a stye UNDER my eye...on my inner eyelid. When I blink, it hurts/is uncomfortable, and although the entiere eyelid appears swollen, it is MORE swollen (significantly) in the upper right corner, and that is also where it hurts the most "to the touch".
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm currently in high school now, and yesterday, I woke up with a swollen sore lower left eyelid. It's kind of uncomfortable, and it hurts every time I blink. I've never worn glasses or contacts before, so I do not think its caused by that. My mom won't take me to the doctor to check it out either. Please help me, I don't want to be stuck like this!
Avatar n tn so i have this issue the corner of my left eye, the top eyelid hurts, is swollen and really puffy and hurt when i blink and look up and down. can you help.???
Avatar n tn As the day went by, it started hurting when I blinked and today it is a little more swollen than yesterday, but not too swollen. It hurts when I blink and the top corner of my eye is tender to touch. There seems to be no signs of anything resembling a stye. I applied some ice last night to see if the swelling would go down, but it doesn't seem like it will. Other than the swelling, my eye is not red and there is no discomfort besides when I blink. Could this be an injury?
Avatar f tn I woke up this morning with pain uder my upper eyelid in the center. It hurts to blink and when I touch it it also is painful. I'd give the pain maybe a 4 and it feels like there is something stuck under my eyelid. Also it feels a bit swollen. I've never had this before...
Avatar n tn However, when I woke up today, my eye was hurting again. The top eyelid is swollen with no redness in the eye or on the eyelid. It hurts to blink and it seems only the upper eyelid is swollen. The pain also seems to be only behind the upper half of the eye. I do not wear contacts, but I do wear glasses. Any suggestions on what to do?
Avatar f tn I went through at least 10 different shampoos/conditioners and noted every little change. There seemed to be no correlation and the inflammation seemed to now move to my right eyelid as well. In the meantime I researched contact allergy (ACD or allergic contact dermatitis), couldn't find a solution but decided to see an allergist to get tested for contact allergy. This doctor was the FIRST one who acknowledged my problem. She looked at my eyes and said she thought it was eczema.
Avatar n tn Since this morning my left eye hurts everytime i blink, its hard to describe but its kinda in the upper part of my eyelid and along by eyebrow line, it isnt swollen or doesnt look different to my right eye but its really starting to bug me now. Have you any ideas what this could be? nothing serious i hope if its still like this tomorrow i wil make an appoinment to see a doctor.
Avatar n tn it hurts when i blink. My eyelids have conseequently become slightly swollen and inflamed. I usually wear contact lenses but since the spots came i have been wearing my glasses. I have been using a product called Golden Eye for 2 days but nothing seems to be happening.
7011806 tn?1387039751 My 3 year old daughter's left upper eyelid is swollen, she said it hurts to blink and when I lightly touched it she said it hurt. Her eye its self is not red or watery and has no puss coming out, what could this be?
Avatar f tn i don't have or wear contacts/glasses, i don't have allergies. It hurts to blink or smile or move any facial bones and i don't know what it is or what to do?
Avatar f tn 2 evenings ago, my eye kind of hurt when I'd blink, felt like I had a bruise (hurts to blink and to touch). The following morning, my lower eye lid was swollen to part of my nose on that side. Minor discomfort with a little to no itching, still feels like a bruise. There was no irratition of the eye itself, totally clear. Inside the lower eyelid there is no color change at all.
Avatar f tn I've had a bump on the corner of my right eye for about 3 weeks now, it hurts to blink, when i wake up i can barely open my eyes, i have no crusty or gunk on my eyes it just feels like i got punched in the face. its affecting my vision and now my left eye is starting to feel exactly the same. I know its not a stye because i have had those before and none have lasted this long and there is no dot or anything its just red and swollen. and the skin is starting to peel on it.
Avatar f tn Around 6 months ago, my upper right eyelid was swollen suddenly. It caused discomfort but not too painful. I didn't see a doctor and took some antihistamine but it took a few weeks to get better and eventually disappeared after around a month. I do not know what caused it. Yesterday, the area around my left eye was swollen when I got up in the morning. This time is more under the eye and on the upper left cheek. I took antihistamine but I don't see any improvement.
Avatar n tn I have an eyelid problem. I wear contact lense but i always make sure to observe proper handling of it. I decided to sleep on the floor on tuesday night. On wednesday morning i woke up with a swelling on my upperlid with a small bump near the nose on my left eye The bump hurts when i touched it. The swelling goes away after a few hours but the bump is still there. The next morning the same part of the lid swells again with still the same bump. I dont know what it is. Can you please help me?
Avatar n tn please help - I have had this eye condition on and off for what seems like years.....it used to flare up and down, and now I seem to have it very regularly. I have been to my doctors on many occassions, and have been prescribed several different creams. I have seen a dermatologist - which was a waste of time, and this past summer saw an allergist, who in turn sent me to an internal medicine guy. Many allergy test later, and many more blood test, they could not find anything wrong with me.
Avatar n tn then a day or so later it started to swell so i kept putting drops in it hoping it would help but it didnt. now my left upper eyelid is swollen and hurts realy bad. i keep putting drops in it but it dont help. it hurts when i blink or shut my eyes...what should I do?
Avatar n tn I tried EVERYTHING to get my itchy, swollen, flaky, painful eyelids to disappear. It was horrible! Not only was it painful & ugly, I couldn't see correctly. I went to many doctors who prescribed me topical steroids, drops, they would temporary help but in the end not enough and I now suffer from thinning of the skin around my eyes which is permanent. My skin was steroid addicted. I went cold turkey and stopped using steroids.
Avatar n tn My lower eye lid is swollen and it tends to get rally itchy at times and even sore around the eye and even when I blink it hurts. The eye ball isn't red but the eyelid is...and at times I also get slight pains in my head... what can it be?
Avatar n tn hey.....my bottom eyelid is slightly swollen and hurts when I blink I'm wondering if this is a common side effect to my cold?
Avatar n tn The condition gets significantly worse when I am on the computer, then I get the pressure really bad and it hurts to look upwards. Also, when I sleep I still feel the pressure and try to blink with my eyes closed, and its like a habit I can't stop. Like, I can blink when I am awake and my eyelid makes a popping sound and it feels a bit better. Its weird. Thanks in advance for any help.
Avatar m tn If I lift up my eyelid, it's dark red -- whereas the underneath of my other eyelid is light pink. It is uncomfortable to blink or move my eye around because it feels like there is a piece of sand there, but there is nothing there. Will this go away if I keep my contacts out? I am thinking that it's possibly an abrasion from some of the discharge that might have gotten hard inside my eye. Thank you!!!!
Avatar n tn My left upper eyelid has been swollen for about a week now, there is no redness that I can see either inside or out, but it hurts when I blink or touch the eye lid. Nothing else looks puffy.
Avatar f tn My upper eyelid is swollen very sore when I blink or lean forward.