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Avatar n tn I have a bump on my inner right eyelid with pain along my eyelid to the middle of the lid. It is also kind of annoy and a little itchy at times. Any ideas? Is it a sty (which I can't remember ever having before)? And if so what kind of over-the-counter treatment is available.
Avatar n tn I have a small white bump on my lower eyelid close to the tear duct. What could this be? Any treatment recommended?
Avatar n tn I woke up 2 days ago with my lower right eyelid swollen with a large bump that hurts everytime I touch it. I have no idea what it could be and I figured it would have gone down by today. However, I woke up this morning with more swelling than yesterday and inside my eyelid has become red. It hurts when I blink. What caused this? And how can I stop it?
Avatar n tn My husband developed a large bump on the middle part of his left eyelid about five months ago. There is no fluid associated with it, it's just a bump. It is painful and becoming more so. Any idea what this could be?
Avatar n tn So, I put in a brand new pair. Now it's my left eye. This one is much more swollen, and there's no bump or anything. It's just swollen and hurts. Should I continue to use the drops?
1618305 tn?1298761846 My left eyelid has been swollen for three days, there is no pain, no bump or itching, but i do feel slight pressure on my eye. It is swollen evenly through and very noticable compared to my other eye, i have tried warm compresses and iceing my eye but nothing has worked. It has not gotten worst but the swelling is still there and really worrying me. I do not have insurance so i can't see a doctor. How long is this going to last and what should i do?
714088 tn?1229635358 One has a small whitehead and the other is a red bump. It is painful and causes irritation along with my eye being swollen. Over the past two days, I have applied a warm compress for 10 - 15 minutes and it is not going away. I need some suggestions because it is painful.
Avatar n tn My upper eyelid is swollen it hurts to touch and it hurts when i blink when i feel the eyelid it has a hard bump what do i do and how do i get it to go away
Avatar f tn Everyday I wake it's a little more swollen. Today it is really noticable, and my vision get's blurred occasionally. The bump I thought was a pimple is now in tube form down to the corner of my eye. hot compresses don't help much. What do I do? It's Labor Day Morning all drs offices are closed, don't really want to set in ER all day, can't afford that please any suggestions would help.
Avatar n tn It was originally like the little red area in the corner of his eye was a little swollen, now it seems to be growing nearly across his lower eyelid. Is that a stye? If not, what could it be?
Avatar n tn I woke up today to find my left upper eyelid swollen. The eye itself is not affected or red. The whole upper eyelid seems red and is tender and painful to touch.It also hurts but just a tiny bit when I blink my eyes. I don't think it's a sty because there isn't any bump. I'm applying a few eye drops and hoping that this will go away the next morning. I hope someone out there can help me with this.
1440587 tn?1284044116 Starting two days ago my right eyelid was hurting a a little swollen. It has gotten more painful and much more swollen since then. If I flip my eyelid up it is very very red and it looked almost like a little red bump underneath - that was yesterday. Today it is so swollen I can't even flip the eyelid up. I called the eye dr and he can't fit me in today. What could it be? What should I do? I took benadryl last night thinking it may be an allergy but it didnt help at all.
Avatar f tn My eyelid is swollen and when I flip it up, I can see a little white bump on the underside of the lid. I was recently diagnosed with strep throat and wonder if my antibiotic will help if this is an infection. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have this white bump undernieth my eyelid not anywhere near the lash line, more to the side of my left eye under the lid. It is right next to my eyeball way in the back. It is not a stye, I have had those before and it is nothing like that. It is very sore and slightly swollen, but not visable unless you flip the lid and look under. I have researched some things and it doesn't seem to be anything that i have been looking up...
Avatar m tn I've had a swollen eyelid for just over a week now and it has not gotten any worse since the day I first noticed it. It's not severely swollen, but is quite noticeable. It was accompanied by slight eye strain probably from spending too much time playing computer games. I was thinking that it was from this time when my eyes were dried out so I used water from my mouth that I was drinking from a clean glass to kind of lubricate my eyes.
Avatar f tn Hello about 3 days ago my bottom eyelid was tender to touch or put eyeliner on,it was not discolored or puffy/ yesterday my btm eyelid under eyelashes was swollen looked like fluid was trapped/Wednesday am my bottom eyelid was almost swollen shut &very sore no discoloration or krusties / i have a little white pimple like spot on the inside middle part of bottom eyelid ..... what is it????
Avatar f tn My eyelid is swollen and, when I flip it up, I can see a white bump on the underside of the lid. I was diagnosed with strep throat two days ago and wonder if my penicillin will clear this up, too, if it's an infection.
Avatar f tn While laying in bed I noticed a small bump on my cornerlower eyelid that was painful. (very tiny tiny bump) next morning woke up to crusty eyelashes, white part of eye slightly swollen, and pinkish color eye and swollen upper eyelid. Went to eye dr he wasn't sure what the issue is, informed wasnt pink eye nor a stye, but prescribed maxitrol to use twice a day.
Avatar n tn Last week while playing with his little brother he had got hit on the same eyelid and now again the eyelid is swollen. After consulting the Opthalmologist, who has prescribed some syrup and ointment it has come donw, but still the lump is inside. Please advice how serious is this disease, some say that this may lead to cancer at a later stage. The Optalmologist states that is at all we do a surgery now, this may re-occur later. Please advice what we should do.
Avatar f tn I assumed the pain was because of pink eye but when i looked at my eye only my eyelid was red and swollen. It also looked like there was a bump. I then thought it was a stye but later realized the bump wasn't on the eyelash line. It's more in the middle of my eyelid. Whenever i read something online it says it's probably a chalazion but it also says chalazions arent painful but this is. It also feels like it could be underneath my eyelid.
Avatar n tn and had to treat with antibiotics, (sinusitis?) and my eyelid did get a hard bump and was swollen, the bump went down slowly within months, but to this day there is a slight swelling on the eyelid and thickness I feel never went away, and its been more than a year! Some days it is more swollen than others. My left eyelid has felt kind of swollen constantly for months.
Avatar f tn I've been searching online and is seems like a chalazion but i have no specific bump at ALL. There's just redness all over my eyelid and it's just swollen and heavy-like. It's at its worst in the morning. I've been using warm compression and it does seem to get smaller and more "loose" (less tender) when I have it on my eye. What can it be? I'm pretty worried.. my swollen eye is looking "droopier" than my other eye. Please and thanks for any advise/thoughts!
Avatar n tn Hey, 4 days ago I woke to find I had a completely swollen upper eyelid. After getting the swelling down with warm compresses,i am left with a small,virtually painless lump on the upper eyelid. It is not actually on my eyeline so I thought that it could not be a stye,however it is closest to my eyelash area then any other part of the eyelid.
Avatar f tn Several months ago I started using make up again, had no problems, and then out of the blue, again, my left eyelid got swollen, then red, then itchy and then scaley. The skin on my eyelid is so stretched now that even when it's not swollen, it droops over my eyelashes. I went to see an ophtalmologist again recently, but he said he it was probalbly from sleeping on my side (which I did not really buy).
Avatar n tn i have a bump inside my lower eye lid and it hurts and it swollen quiet a bit now i have been putting prescribed eye drops and they dont work and i dont know what it could be its not a sty what should i do ??
Avatar n tn My right Upper Eyelid has been swollen since 8-9 years. The swelling either increases or remains a little swollen but has never diminished completely. There is only pain when the swelling increases. I have no other problem other than this i.e. constant swelling and pain when swelling increases. Have shown to doctors, they say it is an infection, pus is collected in my right upper eyelid, tried with eye drops Toba DM but swelling did not go.
Avatar n tn My entire right upper eyelid has been swollen for 3 months now,I have experienced no pain just the bottom eyelid twitches ocassionally.And today a tiny white bump appeared on the inside of my upper lash line.
Avatar n tn My entire right upper eyelid has been swollen for 3 months now,I have experienced no pain just the bottom eyelid twitches ocassionally.And today a tiny white bump appeared on the inside of my upper lash line. I would like how to get rid of this because it has become very anoying!! thanks!