Swollen eye sinusitis

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Avatar n tn My eye is slightly swollen and it feels like there is something in my eye. It has been like this since one night ago.
Avatar n tn Can anyone help? I have less than 1 cm three swollen lymph nodes in the back of my neck, this has lasted for more than a year, during this time I have had variable pain in my throat and variable sized swollen tonsils. I have taken antobiotics like pentrexil and nothing happened. I also have tenderness in my chest and rib cage. I can exercise hard, but everyday I have variable mild pain in my eyes, sometimes in the forehead and I have deviated septum.
Avatar n tn he diagnosed me with a sinus infection/sinusitis and wrote me a prescription for the generic of Omnicep (300 mg x2 daily). Talked with someone who had mononucleosis in their late teens/early twenties. We compared symptoms, and she believes I might have mono. Here are my symptoms: (present for about one week now) -post-nasal drip (clear) -headache -my eyes hurt (maybe like "pressure" on them...
Avatar f tn V1 controls sensations and such in the upper portion of the head inclusing the EYE, V2 is from below the eye to the upper jaw and V3 is from the lower jaw and below. They all go from the back of the head to the mid line of the face. Often only one side is affected. It is also not uncommon for just one V distribution to be affected and not the other 2. Since the siniuses are in the pathway of the V2, it is possible for the TN to trigger pain in that area.
Avatar f tn swollen face - left cheekbone and side of eye, have no tears in left eye so am unable to cry. Seems to occur anytime of day or night and when I have been sitting down for some time. Nobody seems to know what it is. There is no pain, but I do have a headache on the left not at the same time of swelling though. Have you any thoughts. I also have a prolapsed disc in L5 and sciatica down right leg and hip.
Avatar f tn Could this be due to my chronic sinusitis? I have had only minor symptoms of sinusitis, sometimes pain in the left temporal area or cheek. I have sticky postnasal drip when lying in bed. Very rarely I can get a small ball of yellow mucus from my sinus. The mucous membranes of the left sinus have been swollen for many years. I was waiting for a FESS oparation, byt the doctor decided not to do it because my symptoms are so minor. I have some immune deficiency and other diseases.
Avatar f tn I get a cold, which then seems to turn into bacterial sinusitis anywhere between 4 and 12 days of the cold onset. Facial pain, copious dark green mucous, initial nasal swelling which goes down after a couple days, drainage through the throat, nose and eye, foul odor and taste that is constant, etc. I live with it as long as I can (10 days if the pain is really bad, up to a month if I can chew without my head feeling like it is shattering) because I want to give my body time to heal things.
Avatar n tn on thyroxine 100 mcg, 24 bodymass indx, athletic complexion, knee surgical operation (menics+ligam) 18 yrs ago, no other accidents/trauma/operations, occasional migraines linked to menstrual cycle, occasional-often sinusitis (swimmer) -instead of flu which I seldom get-. No history of brain tumors/problems in close family. Occurences of cancer in close family.
Avatar n tn I am a 20 year old female. I have been having these symptoms: Headache and swollen head (side of the cheek and eye and eyebrow) - is that lymphnode? Please tell me quickly what could this be I intend to undergo a series of rengens tomorrow. I have flu symptoms beside that. CAN THIS BE AN INSIGNIFICANT INFECTION - SOMETHING small?
Avatar f tn And her cheek on that side is swollen. (kinda like I feel with bad allergies and sinusitis.) Do cats have sinuses? Could they get infected like peoples's do? I plan to call the vet tomorrow but thought I'd look on here for some insight. The truth is back in July I adopted two adult cats from the same animal hospital.
Avatar f tn It starts at the left hand corner of my left eye, it travels under my eye and pushes up so closing my eye, the swelling also covers my left cheekbone making it feel tight. I wake up in the early hours and it is already swollen and takes at least 15 minutes to go down. I have no pain with it, It make me look like I am grimacing, my mouth is lopsided when the swelling is there. I only get the swelling if I am sitting down or lying down, it has never happened when I am standing up.
Avatar n tn I wake every morning feeling fine, but within hours the left side of my head feels heavy with pressure under and around my eye with a stuffy nose and slight pain/pressure deep in my ear. I also have post nasal drip. Everything feels better after I lie down on my back or side for a while. It actually feels like the pressure in my maxillary sinus moves around and the inside of my nose on the left side tingles like when I have a cold. It's kind of a light-headed feeling, actually.
1954979 tn?1324913477 Woke up this morning, right eye moderately swollen (not shut), eye is very red, no drainage noted, not experiencing pain. No, have not used any new cleanser or soaps, etc.
Avatar m tn One eye could suddenly look smaller because the other eye has swollen. Puffiness of one eye is usually due to a localized cause like infection, abrasion of cornea, foreign body in eye, maxillary sinusitis of same side, lacrimal gland infection, infection of hair follicle of the eye lid etc. Consult an eye specialist soon. Take care!
Avatar n tn Five months later Im still really sick. It started in the left side of my face between my nose and my eye my cheeks felt like they had dirt in them and I could feel swelling in there right from between my nose and my eye right across my cheek up to my temple. There feels like theres a lump in my gum right up behind where the tooth was. I have took numurous perscriptions of clyndamycin and bactrim. They subsided the pain for a bit but not for long.
Avatar n tn It makes my head hurt a lot now. And I feel like it makes me have dark under eye circles, like it’s zapping the moisture out of my skin too. I feel like I have to breathe harder and I feel my heartbeat because I struggle for direct airflow. I don’t breath through my mouth at night or mostly. I guess I only notice that I don’t when I’m in bed and lying down. All I know is that I am plagued daily with this issue and I seriously need some help.
Avatar f tn Maxillary sinusitis is the most common type of sinusitis. Sinusitis often begins after an acute respiratory infection, which very often could be viral and then gets secondarily infected with bacteria. An attack begins with the inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane. This causes an obstruction of the opening of the sinus leading eventually to secretions accumulating in the sinus with associated pain and swelling. The secretions get infected exacerbating the situation.
Avatar n tn My daughter woke up Sat w/a swollen & runny eye. It looked like a stye had formed & broke. Went to the pediatrician, was put on Augmentin. Sun morning, extreme swelling & redness. Went back to the ped. who told us it would need to be drained. Referred us to an opthamologist, who opened his office Sun for us. Optomologist told us he felt it was a chalazion, he could feel it. Wants to do a CT scan on it. Is this a normal procedure.
Avatar n tn My eyelid is red and swollen, and the white part around my eye is swelled up almost over my pupil. It feels like alot of pressure under my eye and around my sinus on the right side, and my eye hurts. It is a weekend, no eye docs available. What is wrong, and what can I do?
1108194 tn?1378428122 .I woke up and got ready and my face started getting a red hot and swollen. I have been on Gentimicin for about 5 days for my eye swelling and I am not on anything else. Anyway , it looked like giant hives on my cheek bones and my face was on fire. My doctor didn't really know what to tell me. I started taking amoxicilian 250 3x/day and some childrens allergy meds. (I get heart palps and my BP is a little high so I can't take stronger) This is going on day 3.
Avatar n tn What did you mean when you say that the eye is smaller? Are the lids around the eye swollen giving the appearance of the eye being smaller? With regards to the pain you describe, I've had 19 sinus infections in 24 months, and the pain in your cheek and close to your nose sound a lot like sinusitis. I was told that by my ob-gyn once that hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause inflamation of the sinus cavities.
Avatar f tn I have had problem for the last three weeks, hoarse voice, swollen glands in the neck, more on the left side, eye problem on the left side, feels like muscle problem in the eye, no vision disturbances, just heavy eye. I went to my doctor and he gave me Amoxil 250 for two weeks, saying that I have sinus infection. I am extremely tired all the time, no energy. I even went to my dentist to make sure that one tooth I have under the bridge is OK and it is. Yet I feel ache in the face and pressure.
Avatar n tn I took daily antibiotics for a number of years, but managed to gain some control of it through my teens. I suffer from sinusitis and brochitis several times a year, and have had some strange infections; I've managed it all through tons of antibiotics and lots of time at home resting. However, I'm 29 and things seem to be getting a bit worse. I haven't seen an immunologist since I was a kid, I'm not even sure if I'm sick enough for treatment. Do you know of a forum where I can discuss this?
Avatar f tn Is this sinusitis? Discharge clear to opaque with blood. makes my right eye ache and feel irritated & tender. Front of face just below eye feels slightly tender and achy too. Inner right ear aches. Gums right upper molar area become a bit swollen, sometimes little blisters form, gum's not sore but a little irritated at gum line. My gums are good, never bleed and give me no problems, except with this sinus thing.
Avatar f tn Along with that I get severe eye pressure behind my right eye and it only hurts and has pressure when my sinus does. My right eye does protrude out more than the left although slightly. And I've had eye pressure tests done before while suffering cluster headaches. The dr at the time told me to be cautious because eye pressure can eventually cause blindness. I'm wondering is this a normal symptom or should I be afraid that my eye could pop out from a hard sneeze or blowing my nose.
Avatar n tn and had to treat with antibiotics, (sinusitis?) and my eyelid did get a hard bump and was swollen, the bump went down slowly within months, but to this day there is a slight swelling on the eyelid and thickness I feel never went away, and its been more than a year! Some days it is more swollen than others. My left eyelid has felt kind of swollen constantly for months.
2188441 tn?1338104828 the swelling started w/ both ring toes. then it went away and my hands became swollen. both of them from wrists to finger tips.tha went away for the most part. it still happens a bit every now and again. and these swellings lasted about 6-8wks. each. well it then went to both feet from mid calf to the tips of my toes. the light side has mellowed and swells slightly and not daily. now the left ankle to tips of toes is constant.
1544544 tn?1293574750 30 am. By this time, my whole left side of my face was swollen. I also had other symptoms such as left side of the body weakness, headaches, and pain throughout my body, but moreso on my left side. I went to the ER and they did blood tests and a CAT Scan, but everything came out normal. The swelling went down and they sent me home, but the next day the problem reoccured. I have no idea what this could be and it scares me a little.