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Avatar n tn according to my eye doctor the glands in my left eye lid have swollen due to which the eye appears much smaller. he suggested hot compress. iv been doing it for past 4 days but it does not seem to work. what should i do? any ointments for reducing such swelling quickly?
Avatar n tn Can you please help me? I'm trying to put on hot compress but after the compress, my left eye somewhat feels dry when i blink. Can you pls tell me what it is and any solutions?
Avatar n tn My grandaughter's eye was sollen last wk. and I put hot compresses on it for 2 days, and it went away. Now it's back. What should I do?
Avatar f tn hi manman2, the most common cause is "pink eye." this is usually from a virus. you may try hot and cold compresses and use preservative free artificial tears from over the counter.
Avatar n tn As the day goes by, the swollen and the headache goes away. Yesterday, I had a swollen eye after taken Motrin, and it got me to think if that can really be the cause of my swollen.
5689196 tn?1373491829 Some Saline And A Hot Compress Will Help Though...don't put on any eye makeup either.
Avatar n tn Today when he woke up, it was swollen shut! After a hot compress, it is open, and the pupil is extremely dialated, and he is complaining of blurred vision in that one eye. He still thinks it's a stye, but I'm not convinced, and I am very concerned. So far, I have not been able to convince him to go to the Dr., and I am not able to find anything online that talks about all of these symptoms happening together.
3929018 tn?1348642822 So I woke up the other morning and discovered a pimple in my eye brow, I popped it but no white stuff came out, i thought 'eh must not have been ready to be popped yet, the next morning I woke up. My eye lid was a little swollen i thought nothing of it, tried squeezing it again, once again woke up the next morning and its even worse, my 'pimple' has puss coming out of it, is extremly swollen and big and my eye lid is really swollen. Please can I have some advice on how to get rid of it?
Avatar n tn If it has persisted for close to 6 months with no trend towards improvement, the most efficient treatment is surgical drainage, which is a simple procedure that is performed in the ophthalmologist's office. As a conservative measure he can treat the chalazion with an effective hot compress, which is not a warm washcloth. Put about 1/2 cup of uncooked plain white rice in a pantyhose foot, tie a knot, cut off the remainder, and you have a rice baggy.
Avatar n tn The eylid is still swollen and when I metioned it to my eye doctor he told me to put a hot compress on it. The compress did not help. Also my left eye has blurred vision that seems to be caused by a discharge. When I blink it gets worse and the longer I keep my eye open the better it gets. Any advice is appreciated.
Avatar f tn hot compress with epsom salt might help dry out the bump and get it to go away.
1008856 tn?1250638250 My left lower eyelid would get swollen as if there was a build up of fluid, so I do the a hot and cold compress to see which one helps, and also take Benadryl. After a day or so it seems to go away. Now it is on my upper eyelids only, one eye at a time. Normally it is the left and today it is the right. Takes a few days but it goes away. It also makes the sides of my face itchy but my eyes never have problems. Sometimes the night before it happens they get real dry and itchy.
Avatar n tn Hello, As you have described your symptoms could be due to allergens. The symptoms of blepharitis and dermatitis can be relived by lid hygiene. It includes softening the lid margins, removal of lid margin debris, applying an ophthalmic antibiotic & steroid ointments and avoiding the use of eye make up. Application of hot compress could further facilitate recovery. This needs to be practiced long term for relief from repeated attacks of blepharitis.
Avatar m tn Now it's June, and for the past 3 months the upper eyelid on the affected eye has been swollen. I've told the doctor and he says I'm imagining things, but my mom and I can see that it is definitely swollen. I've tried eye drops for allergies, but they only make my eye red.I'm sure it's not an infection since there is no itching or pain associated with the eyelid.
Avatar n tn Several months ago my clitoris became swollen and tender, but there didn't seem to be anything really wrong with it so I thought it would go away on it's own. I've masturbated regularly since I was young, but I didn't do anything out of the ordinary recently to irritate it. Recently a couple small white bumps that may be pus developed, while the clitoris itself is still swollen and red. The possibility of it being an STD is very low as I've never been intimate with anyone.
1901977 tn?1333995326 I'm not sure of eye drops but I find hot compresses have helped quite a bit... but my eyes aren't the worst part of my allergies so I'm not sure if it would help as much if your eyes are really inflamed/itchy.
Avatar n tn Hello, my left top eye lid is swollen to where my eye is almost shut. It has been like this for the last 7 days now. My lymph node on the side of my neck (left side) is swollen too and hurts to touch. Doesnt seem to be getting better. Saw my PCP yesterday and started me on Amox Clav and Benadryl. Nothing seems to be getting better only worse. Today it looks like a thin layer of film is trying to cover the inside of my eye.
Avatar n tn I think I may have either been bitten by a bug, or more likely, was burned in that spot by a piece of hot metal spark from welding. The swollen part of my artery has extended from my eye area, a bit out towards the ear, and also well up my forehead and onto the front part of the top of my head. It seems to be aggravated by sun and activity; it seems to wax and wane a bit according to my rest level/exposure to heat/sun.
Avatar f tn I washed all of my makeup off, rinsed my face with water. Wednesday - my eye was still swollen and itched more (no makeup on). Thursday - my eye really hurts now and the swelling is soo itchy that it burns! Up close the swelling looks red and a little dry on the surface. It is swollen just at the root of my eyelashes (bottom lid) I try not to touch it but I don't know what else I can do to get rid of it. I thought it was makeup irritant but it doesn't seem like it.
Avatar n tn Yesterday both my eye lids were swollen and painful. Nothing seems to help the pain, eye drops, ice, hot compress, nothing. Today my left eye is fine but my right eye hurts so bad. Every time I blink the pain shoots from eye. It looks a little swollen, but doesn't look too bad. My eye isn't pink and it doesn't look like anything is in my eye. I haven't worn my contacts since the pain started. What is happening?
Avatar f tn Non infectious causes are allergies, chemicals and injury. Sometimes swollen eyes can occur with other inflammations or infections of other parts of the eye like iris, cornea, lens etc. It's important that an element of injury needs to be ruled out so you will need to consult your primary care physician for further evaluation. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn what do u think is better to use to remove access discharge a klenex or a washcloth cause i used a klenex on my right eye and it scratched my eye now i have a huge visible scratch right at my eye which looks awful i dont know what to do?? can u reciev wrinkles from rubbing your lower lash line with a washcloth i thought that was ok to do??
Avatar n tn Me and my boyfreind didnt have sex for a while and when we had sex my vagina felt sore and really hot when he looked it was swollen i stuck a cold compress and it stoped, but it shappend a couple more times after and we ws really scared. we decided not to have sex for a while but when he fingerd me it happend again when ever he dose anything down there i swell up help?
1094370 tn?1317138425 I got out of bed feeling still very tired and looked in the mirror and saw that my right eye is swollen and red in the corner. I also think I might have swollen lymph node gland in my neck just under my jaw on the right side because it hurts even when I chew my food. I took two benadryl after getting up yesterday thinking it would reduce the swelling in my eye but they made me feel worse. Back to bed I went just after lunch time for another three hours.
Avatar f tn Pastor Dan, I am a faithful hot compress in the morning kind of girl, it helps my eyes from getting dry. Thanks again!
Avatar n tn My right side cheek is completely red/purple ish but in a triangle form (starting at the under eye circles to the corner of my lip) it's swollen, hot to the touch and throbbing. My face never has anything wrong with it besides occasional hives. My mother has this condition but my twin sister doesn't. Could this be genetic or an infection?
Avatar n tn When I use the hot tub, my forehead stops feeling hot, and I have general relief, but this stops within 5 minutes of leaving the hot tub, and my head heats back up again. I also notice some floaters in my vision, however an eye doctor ruled out anything suspicious. I recently had a CT scan which came back negative for tumors or other brain abnormalities. I have a history of circulation problems, and I often have cold feet and hands.
Avatar f tn It is probably due to rubbing. Try cold compresses. Dr. O.
Avatar n tn Treated it with antibactrial eye drops and a hot compress several times throughout the day. the next day it was a little bit in my other eye. Less 'gooey' stuff was coming out and swelling was decreased. It was repeated through the next day just the same, not getting better or worse. The next day however it had almost cleared up completely. Today, however, much worse. Now it's my other eye that I am seeing rainbow rings in, much much pain, feels very dry and sore and swollen.