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Avatar n tn PLEASE HELP...... I have a fairly, large raised bump on my outer vagina lip and do not know what it is. It is sore to the touch but dosnt look like a pimple nor an ingrown hair. It is making my whole labia swollen. I have posted a picture, please help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn i have a bump on the inside of my vagina it BURNS when i pee ive went to the doctors and they asked me if i was sexually active and i said no im only 15 and still a virgin ineed help ive tried everythinng ! From diaper rash cream to ointment that the doctor has givin me all i want to is to get rid of the burning when i pee so Please HELP !
Avatar n tn I have this big swollen bump on the like lip of my vagina and it wont go away and it seems to be getting bigger. Its nota pimple but its swelling like one. Ive never had sex or anything so its not like herpes or anything. But what is it?
Avatar f tn I have a painful swollen bump on my inner vagina lips. I have no idea where it came from or why. It hurts when i touch it or wipe or when i close my legs together. It doesnt burn when I urinate. I just noticed it today. I am not sure if this is relevant but I do usually shave bald but havent been keeping up with it much lately. I just got back from vacation in which I was swimming in a lakes and public pools.I was in a very woodsy area today and was sitting outside for hours.
Avatar n tn Ok, I just recently had sex and vagina lips have swollen up, that could be irritation from the sex, ut I got a mirror to look down there, jus to check things out and I see a mysterious little bump, that looks dried out. Then I continue to look around and on the outer layer of my vagina all the way at the bottom I think I see bumps, but then again there's a few of those bumps that are little flabby.
Avatar f tn i have been getting a very itchy vagina lately, it got so itchy that it was unbearable, so i went to the toilet to check it out and i discovered that one of my vagina lips were very swollen. i didnt know what to do, so i got ice and just held it on it for a few minutes to see if it would help it go down, but it didnt. i told my mum and she said it might be a yeast infection, so i have to go to the doctors. im really scared and worried incase its something worse.
Avatar f tn Tonight, I was scratching down there and I felt a bump on the inside of my left lip and my left lip is VERY swollen. It hurts and itches. What could it be? Need advice asap.
Avatar n tn so I shave my bikini area (the whole area) and I notice a bump on the lips of my vagina (near the clitoris).. it remind me of a pimple u get on yr face thats hurts and is super deep (so u cant pop it) so i started to mess with it. I tried to pop it, which made it more worse. Its now swollen and red. I managed to pop it and white pus (like a pimple) came out, It wont go away. theres no other bumps anywhere near by (its a perfect round bump).
Avatar m tn I just found a small DARK red bump on the top of my vagina. I am supposed to start my period tomorrow and thought it was just a bit of blood, so i tried wiping it. Thats when i found out it kind of "moved around".... sorta hangs off this little piece of skin. I also found that the surrounding skin is sort of raised and swollen, and it looks like there is a bit of discharge, but when i tried to wipe it off, i found it was not discharge...
Avatar n tn I have a bump on the right side of my vagina and it just came abt this morning.I'm going to take you guys advice and put a hot towel on it.I pray it goes away but its swollen and it hurts...
Avatar f tn have a hard bump next to my vagina it swollen getting worse can barley walk or sit
Avatar n tn I have 1 bump and its a white spot in fold of vagina wall/lip.
Avatar m tn Last night me and my boyfriend were having sexual intercourse and I noticed that there was a very swollen bump on the outer lip on my vagina. At first I thought it was a pimple so I tried popping it, puss came out but today it is very sore, swollen and looks kind of like a sore in a persons mouth. Any ideas as to what this is?
Avatar f tn Idk if it s because of my leggings/sweats/jeans that maybe put pressure around my waist line area but my vagina is so swollen. Dr said babys head is really low but could it be that?
Avatar n tn what are the causes of the swollen painful bump on th vagina lips,it really hurtful,cant walk,sit.what are th possibl medication?
Avatar f tn I have this one side of vagina lips swollen a lot then the other side and also there is a pea size red bump on the swollen side too. I have this killer pain and and discomfort can barely walk. Doctor has prescribed keflex and also a bactroban cream. Just wondering will it really go away in few days? Any other way to have some pain remedy? This make me so worried.
Avatar n tn It is inside my skin, there is no discharge! it makes my vagina look swollen on the right side. it is under the skin and not showing above skin. but it just makes the right side of my vagina look super swollen. this isn't the first time i have got it though, i have had it a few times before and it goes away in about a week or two. but for the duration of the time i have it it is super painful and i cant sit or walk without wanting to scream. what do i do?
Avatar f tn i am now experiencing burning and itching! the opening of my vagina looks swollen, but lumpy! there are no blisters but it does look strange! I am very worried and treated myself for a yeast infection when i first felt the burning and it hasn't helped! i'm really panincing because the condom was ripped that it might be a std/sti and have fell out with my new partner over it! and i am really embarrassed to go to the doctors! please please can someone help!!
Avatar n tn Everyone as been saying to put ice on it, which i will try, but i searched red and swollen vagina on google and it said this could be Vaginitis. I am worried that it might be. I know it's not very nice but sometimes it isn't possible to shower after i have had sex. Do you think this may have something to do with it? I don't know, but i am in a lot of pain and any answers would REALLY help! Thanks.
Avatar f tn I don't know if it's a bump underneath that'll just go down on it's on or if it's something I need to be worried about. I'm a little scared because I haven't gotten one like this before. I'm not sexually active so it isn't an STD. The lump is right at the top of my inner thigh. It feels like it's right next to the bone. It's where my privates and my inner thigh kind of meet. That's where the lump is.