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Avatar f tn Within the last week and a half my breasts have been super sensitive. Mostly my nipples. They are REALLY swollen and dark around them as well. I should be getting my AF soon but i'm not sure of the exact date. Also, i've been urinating alot more, mild nausea occassionally, headaches and fatigue. I don't think i'm pregnant but i'm also worried to test. Could the sore boobs be a sign of pregnancy or something else?
Avatar f tn I'm 5 weeks along with my first and I have had sore breasts/nipples for about a week. I've noticed that some days they aren't as sore as others, or some days it looks like my nipples are getting darker, then the next day not as much... weird? Anyone else notice your breasts are really sore one day and not as much the next? I feel nervous when I'm not in as much discomfort because I feel like as long as everything is going well, it should be getting worse!
Avatar f tn I'm 6 weeks pregnant and my breasts are feeling weird these days. not only sore, but my nipples also hurt.
Avatar f tn I also had other symptoms like backache, fatigue, headaches, bloating and swollen breasts. This month I am 3 days late with no sign of period other than sore breasts. And my nipples are whats really sore not really my breasts and I'm bloated. Could I be pregnant?
377012 tn?1283965435 my breasts are really sore, hot, and swollen, my nipples are having a tingling sensation and then it feels like they are leaking...i haven't worn a bra in 2 days because of how sore they are, so i know the white mushy stuff on my nipples cant be lint, but i have no idea what it could be.
Avatar n tn I never took estradiol after my IUI. I always took it from Day8-12 of my cycle. I never experience sore breasts or anything from it so maybe it's a good sign. However if you get sore breasts before your period this could also be the case. Hang in there!
505857 tn?1329681517 Can anyone tell me how sore do your breasts have to be as a sign of pregnancy. I am due my period on the 7th of July and hoping it doesn't come. I usually have cramp 1 or 2 days before my period with slight breast pain which i can cope with. But the pain i have in my breasts at the moment is unbelievable especially around the nipples i can hardly touch them its unbearable.
Avatar f tn Springtec. I've taken it for 8 months now and haven't had any problems like this before. I mean I haven't ovulated because I shouldn't until next week or so I think. Could this be a sign of pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Unless your nipples are dey you shouldn't need to use anything. I'm not sure what it is with me, but with both pregnancies my nipples get this crust that comes off. I read it is dried colostrum that leaked. But I put my tummy butter that is all natural on after a shower and they don't get dry. Even when I got sore nipples from breastfeeding I never used any cream. Your milk is the best thing you can use on them to heal. I got sore, but they never cracked or bled.
Avatar f tn Hello again, I'm starting to get a little worried now. I posted a comment the other day about symptoms, whats been going on with my body, and all that. Today I noticed a clear-ish egg-white discharge, It doesn't smell, it doesn't itch, it's not stretchy at all. I am 7DPO. I keep in check with my cervical mucus. I've had very sore nipples last night and my breasts have seem to be swollen to me and I have been having mild cramps for about 5 days now.
Avatar f tn 5 weeks. Very swollen and sore breasts and for the fist time I have actual nipples that look like my husbands. Hahaha. Hes rather amused by how pleased I am by the change! Initially I had bad nausea with some vomiting but now its mostly just killer heartburn. Wierd craving of the week was pickles (cucumber chip type) with ranch. Ewww. Ate a whole bowl of them.
Avatar f tn I am 5 dpo and my breasts have been pretty sore and my nipples are VERY tender. Could this indicate pregnancy? Or is it too soon to have any symptoms?
Avatar f tn Hello, Hormonal imbalance can also cause soreness of breasts. The various causes of breast soreness are premenstrual syndrome, hormone therapy, pregnancy and breast feeding, fibrocystic disease, use of oral contraceptives and rarely a breast malignancy. To confirm the status of pregnancy get your serum HCG levels checked. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn But yes taking the bra off at end day hurts like heck esp if u have sore nipples too...felt better for me not to wear a bra but doesnt look too attractive! Lol pain does subside...I am 28 now and its been a few wks since the pain but they have their days where they are sensitive.
664732 tn?1296823050 so my nipples are cracked, my breasts are itching like crazy and i think they are swollen and they hurt ALL over, but i had spotting about 4 days bevore it started, any ideas what it could be? i see my doc next friday and would LOVE to read some things other woman think...
Avatar f tn I will be 6 weeks tomorrow and my breasts are super swollen and sore to the point that my bras are not even fitting
2179622 tn?1337657394 how many days after ovulation is normal for your breasts and nipples to be sore?
Avatar n tn It varies with every pregnancy. With my first son I had sore breasts at 6 weeks and with my pregnancy now I didn't get sore breasts until 8 weeks and now they are still pretty sensitive. Consider yourself lucky if they don't get sore!
Avatar f tn My breasts are sore and when i squeeze my nipples a discharge comes out of one of the nipples. It doesnt happen each time. It is like a yellowish tanish color. my last period was on May 26 and i havent had my period for june or july.What do u think is going on?
Avatar f tn sore breasts can indicate either you are pregnant or that your period is about to start
Avatar f tn Nipples are red, swollen wet and sticky ish. I'm only 9 weeks. Wtf is going on?
Avatar n tn I'm 17, I'm sexually active, but I'm also on birth control. I've taken 6 tests in the past two months and they've all said negative, not to mention that I've gotten my period every month, so I don't believe I'm pregnant. I'm experiencing really sore nipples though, and I'm worried about it. Could there be a chance I am? Because I've been told that that's a main symptom. Please help!
Avatar f tn They mostly help with inverted nipples though. If your breasts are also getting red in spots be wary of mastitis. Watch your temp and check for plugged ducts. Cooling pads and heat help. Also Cabbage leaves but you have to be careful with those because they can start to dry up your milk supply.