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Avatar n tn s breasts are made up of fat, connective tissue, and thousands of tiny glands (known as lobules) which produce milk. If a woman has a baby, the milk is delivered to the nipple through tiny tubes called ducts, which allow her to breastfeed. Breast cancer usually shows as a lump or thickening in the breast tissue, although most breast lumps are not cancerous. There are several different types of breast cancer, which can develop in different parts of the breast.
Avatar n tn They are swollen because naturally when your pregnant they are getting ready to be filled with milk. They will get even bigger once you are closer to your due date. With my first child I was a B cup and gradually on my due date I was wearing a D cup so it varies. Just think "hormones.
Avatar f tn Sounds like swollen glands to me. Totally normal during pregnancy, May come and go. Gets worse once the baby comes right before your milk comes in. Mine have been sore the whole time and I've had two breast exams this pregnancy.
1985448 tn?1339821862 As far as it happening more when you get out of the shower its because the warm water relaxes your milk glands making it easier to flow. After giving birth if you choose to breastfeed and find it difficult or your glands get swollen, take a warm shower and let the water run on your cheat for a few minutes or warm up a towel in the.microwave for just a few seconds and put it on your breast and that'll help. So does massaging the nipples and breast.
Avatar f tn Is there a lump or just pain? Is it swollen? It could be a swollen lymph node or just pains from your milk glands. Your breast and armpit area will be sensitive sometimes!
Avatar f tn First of all, there is no way that you can see the milk ducts in the breast; they are inside the tissue and lead to the nipple. You are probably looking at the small bumps all around the base of the nipple which are Montgomery's Glands. It's possible that there could be some infection involving these glands which might be the cause of the enlargement of a lymph node in the axillary area. By the way these glands around the nipple also will enlarge during pregnancy.
752907 tn?1233549621 About a week after i had my first child my breast got so swollen because my daughter would not latch on i would pump the milk out but that was not enough i notice that i also had lumps in my underarms and i would leak milk from there too but after a temperature i dried out and the lumps went away now 9 mnths later i am pregnant again I am about 5 months and the lump in my right underarm came back again clear liquid comes out and if i put pressure on it hurts i am only a bit worried because this
5507867 tn?1371668404 Take a warm compress and gently massage your breast from the arm pit out. Try to excrete the milk if you can. Youll feel better in no time!
1881346 tn?1341924768 the actual milk wont come in till a few days after delivery but you can start producing colostrum... the size increase is most likely from swollen milk glands and additional fat as your body prepares... not so much filling up at this time...trust me when you do fill up after baby youll know lol but as of right now you can see colostrum anytime through the pregnancy but dont express it or try to stimulate it in any way as that can make it worse...
7249185 tn?1399663162 Common misconception. Milk is purely supply and demand. That's why it doesn't come in until after baby is born because it is the birthing hormones that send the signal to begin milk production. Prior to birth, breast changes occur that are preparing the breasts/body to produce but not actually producing (breast growth/tenderness/darker areolas/erect nipples etc).
Avatar n tn Since you can't get a vet until Friday, keep a very close eye on her. In fact, squeeze the nipples yourself and see what the milk looks like that comes out. As long as it's white, you're OK, but if there is any blood in the milk, take the puppies off her and start feeding them with a bottle. Blood in the milk is a sign of infection, and you don't want the puppies nursing from her if she has an infection bad enough to produce blood-streaked milk.
Avatar f tn Your breasts are preparing for colostrum and milk so your mammary glands are growing and probably swollen. My nipples feel like someone is holding a lit match to them most of the time especially when they harden. Theres not much you can do but light massage, maybe a warm shower.
303706 tn?1296876149 You should be seen for the lumps in your armpits. It could be swollen glands. I've never had lumps when I produced milk with my other three kiddos.
Avatar f tn Im 34 weeks & 3 days & my breast feel EXTREMELY weird, im not sure if it's my breast milk developing or if im making something out of nothing.....Help PLEASE!
Avatar f tn Have your doctor do a breast exam
Avatar f tn It's not milk supply. Your body doesn't store milk. It makes it on demand when baby is born. It is the glands waking up to prepare themselves to produce (not actually producing yet). If fabric on your nipples is an issue I recommend wearing Medela breast shells in your bra and also, the lansinoh soothies gel pads. They are amazing!
Avatar f tn The production of saliva increases as the salivary glands mature and mouthing the hands is a part of their development in getting to know their body and part of the oral stage of development. Actual swollen gums signal teething. If you notice that the gums are swollen, allow your son to chew on a cold (not frozen) washcloth, chilled (but also not frozen) teething ring, etc.
324372 tn?1222820202 there is milk glands that rub into the armpit... i would mention it mught be a lil bug too ..
Avatar f tn Im breastfeedinq my bby qurl and my right breast hursts cuz its full.of milk and Ive tried to qive the bby from that breast but my nipple hurts alot and bleed also .. ive tried some nipple cream and puttin warm water ..
Avatar f tn Yes, you can breast feed. Those small breasts you have are actually the milk glands you need to feed your baby. They get much bigger when you become pregnant. What you don't have is the extra layer of fat over the milk glands that most women have. That fat is there primarily to attract the opposite sex. If that's what you're worried about, then do as specialmom suggests and start using a padded bra.
Avatar n tn Since then, I complained for months about sore swollen breasts and nipples, test come back as lactating breasts . Since Jan/09, my doctor has had me on 4 difference strenghts of thyroid medication.. Now I am suffering from what they said might be a high libido, this is not sexual and it is very painful and driving me insane. My organs seem to have also swollen and I have little control over my bladder and the bowels are acting up. I also will vomit bile for no reason.
Avatar m tn There is very little HIV in breast milk, and the virus there often is inactive. Mammary glands are biologically very similar to salivary glands, and both are derived from sweat glands -- and there is no HIV in sweat and little or none in saliva.
Avatar f tn m going to get a pregnancy test tonight, and I am going to take one although I know it is too early to tell I just want some piece of mind until then, then when my expected period misses (if it does) which is in about 2 weeks, I will take another. Also my glands on my throat are swollen and it hurts to swallow. I also have no appetite, I know the swollen glands are from the sickness, but the lack of appetite may be from pregnancy? Someone please give me some good advice!!
Avatar m tn i think the best solution is to go to the doctor and have it checked out when you feel the breast do you feel your mammary glands i have swollen mammary glands and i get ugly pains from it i went and saw a doctor its just for the best this can also be caused by the type of bra you wear so just have it checked out.
Avatar f tn Do they go away after a few days without any sores? Does cortisone (or any anti itch cream) work on them? Any other symptoms like fever or swollen glands, sore throat, etc? Are they red and 'comma' shaped? Inspect your living area for insects like fleas or bedbugs...also consider, if no fever or visible bugs, maybe scabies...
Avatar m tn Hi, on september 5th 2014, i did it with a female CSW, was a vaginal insertion, i used condom and was just for a minute or less. I suck her nipples and i drank a little bit of breast milk. No kisses. I was drunk.
Avatar m tn It sounds to me like you may have a salivary gland issue. When we eat food, our glands (there are MANY MANY spit glands in our mouths) produce saliva, or spit. When a gland becomes plugged, it will swell and become tender. I have had this happen to my parotid gland, the large one that runs from below the ear, along the jawline and cheek and to the chin area. I had to "milk" the gland to get the infection out. After doing this for days...
Avatar f tn It is the sucking that stimulates the milk glands that produce milk so once you cease to put the baby to the breast, there is no sucking ocurring and milk goes away naturally, I suspect that is differant at differant times, it may be good it happened this way so do not concernyourself, that there is a problem, but always ask your Doctor if you have any health concern.