Switching from toprol xl to lopressor

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Avatar n tn My medication was recently switched from Toprol XL to Lopressor due to unavailability through the mail order company mandated by my prescription insurance. I previously took 300mg each morning of the Toprol XL, and now am taking 300mg of Lopressor in the morning. After years of being well regulated, I am now experiencing tachycardia, arrthymias, shortness of breath, and palpitations. I feel as though my medication is not the correct dose and/or that I need additional medication.
1423357 tn?1511089042 Metropol [Lopressor, Lopressor HCT, Toprol XL] is a beta blocker. Beta-blockers are known to cause hyperglycemia. 2. Equal contains Dextrose, commonly called glucose, d-glucose, or blood sugar. Dextrose is made up of high carbohydrates which is known to raise glucose levels. Equal also contains Maltodextrin, which is made from cornstarch. It is a simple carbohydrate that is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, thus raising your glucose level.
Avatar n tn However, the side effects of depression feelings i can't stand due to my high energy positive nature. My doctor suggested switching to atenolol instead. I'm scared about all that i am reading with this new mediation. Is there something out there med wise that anyone has tried that may work with min side effects? There are days that pvc are less frequent and recently they are more often. Please advise.
Avatar n tn Then, the PVC's or PAC's just seemed to get to be a real problem for me b/c I would get sustained PVC's almost every day. I then decided to try Toprol XL but only 25mg and did not see any real improvements. I did not have side effects other than weight gain. I stayed on this for about a year and then a cardiologist wanted me to try a calcium channel blocker to see if I had a decrease in the number of episodes but the skips seemed to be worse.
Avatar n tn The insurance company wants to replace the tenormin with atenolol. Will I experience any side effects from switching from one to the other? Should the same dosage of atenolol be taken to replace the tenormin? Thank you. Debbie Bordonaro Dear Mark, thank you for your question. Unfortunately, insurance companies make medical decisions for financial reasons that are not correct.
21064 tn?1309312333 I have had great success with TOPROL XL 50 MG 1 time a day for PVC's, Bigeminy, Trigeminy, and Couplets. My pharmacy/insurance plan switched me to the generic in Dec 2007. I had a horrible 3 months on the generic Metoprolol Succinate ER (by Sandoz). In summary, these were the symptoms that I had, while on the generic.
Avatar f tn I've been online reading page after page after page about people who have taken this and the side effects at this dosage that they are reporting are scaring me to tears. Everything from hair thinning to huge weight gains (I'm somewhat overweight, so this is the last thing I need), sleeplessness, extreme exhaustion, depression, sweating, zero libido, worsened a-fib - it just goes on and on. Honestly, I'm so upset and frightened.
61536 tn?1340701763 I was on toprol xl at 50mg aday before the pvc complaint and now they lowered it to 25mg aday as I have bracardia down to 33pulse at sleep...seems to help with the lower dose of toprol xl 13. Do you have a non-cardiac condition that causes or irritates your PVCs (thyroid, hormone problems)? no 14. What have you found that HELPS your PVCs (symptoms/anxiety)? This can be meditation, vitamin supplements, anxiety medication, exercise - anything that helps you deal.