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908392 tn?1316522899 Random people have said I kinda kinda. look like Mariah Carey. This guy who sells my brother dress shirts always called me Mariah and at the mall one time, some weird guy kept yelling out "Hey Mariah!!" I just laughed. But I don't think I look like anyone, just myself? So do you all look like any celebrities?
Avatar f tn Baby Mine from Dumbo and Stay Awake from Mary Poppins.
Avatar f tn My tolerance is limited with my MIL this pregnancy. Just so annoyed.
6688440 tn?1389631705 I think it unisex name, Mariah Carey named her daughter monroe its pretty and different and uncommon (:
196469 tn?1365387975 The hourlong show also will include a performance of "Just Stand Up," a charity song featuring Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce, Rihanna, Fergie, Miley Cyrus, Underwood and others.
1310633 tn?1430224091 ” A city gets points for LGBT elected officials, the percentage of the population that are lesbian couple households, and whether it has bars listed in Out magazine’s 200 Best Bars list — as well as tongue-in-cheek points for concerts by Mariah Carey, Pink, Lady Gaga, or the Jonas Brothers. The points are then divided by the population, which gives a per capita LGBT quotient, according to The Advocate.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have a 4 yr old daughter named mariah and a 15 month old daughter named aleena and mariah is constantly pushing aleena around mariah hits her yells at her and does not want to share toys with her when i see this i try to redirect aleena and give her another toy but they always want what the other has and mariah fights cuase she is bigger and knows she can take it away they can hardly ever be alone and not fight what do i do?
116881 tn?1189755823 carey how long have you had them and have you had a heart montor, i have had them for 24 years now and mine come and go, i had them pac for 10 weeks straight last year they were really bad all day long had over 3000-5000 a day recorded, but my cardio said not to worry they not going kill you , so i increased my meds and it helped but did not take them away , now when they left last march i have had a few here and there but nothing bad, so hoping they not happen like that again , but try and rela
1065941 tn?1265059099 I lost my baby angel Mariah a week and a half ago.....she was born three months early and only survived less than 2 hours.....I am so lost......All I do is sleep (thanks to meds.) and cry......
415867 tn?1323365503 I've done my scrapbook (and some 3D u/s announcements) with the lyrics from Bruno Mars "Just the way you are". Except the one line about the sexy laugh, I just LOVE this song and think it's appropriate for MY miaracle daughter that is about to arrive in 6 weeks!
Avatar f tn I Like Emma Or Mariah
1065941 tn?1265059099 Baby Mariah Grace was born pre-term at 22 weeks last Friday night.......while she was delivered at home and very unexpectedly.....she was the most beautiful baby ever born......she lived for just over two hours.....but they were the best two hours of my life...... and she will be greatly missed..... Thank you to all of you who gave support to me throughout my pregnancy, and who prayed for her when we first found out there might be complications with her development last week......
Avatar f tn / ahah i use to watch it along time ago like the first few seasons nd then i got bored.... but i heard today bout the thing with mariah nd nicki nd made me want to watch it tonight.... but im still not sure wat they were arguin or watever about...
116881 tn?1189755823 Carey, Carey , Carey i'm about to make your day. You seriously need to relax a little bit. I know it is hard to listen to other people but try to remember that many of us have gone thru what you have and alot of us are success cases. Itdood was right on the mark......because you have PVC's in most cases that it and thats all no progressive disease sneaking in or any of that. Where i am going to make your day is this......
Avatar f tn He/she can point you in the right direction to a good therapist. Therapy and perhaps some medicine might be the right combination.... adding a healthy exercise program and a good diet cannot hurt either, but start with your doctor! Good luck!
Avatar f tn girl- Mariah Christina. N boy- Romeo n well decide a middle name later. Wat cha think.of da name?