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Avatar f tn Since you have pain where the stitches are, and you have proof they did not use dissolvable stitches, AND no one will touch the situation, you can most certainly take this up with the people who did the operation, that doc could remove the stitches probably as an outpatient in his office, depending on what else might be going on in that spot.
Avatar m tn I would consult the operating surgeon to see if he/she can give you some insight about the location of the non anastomotic clips in the abdomen. It is not uncommon to use surgical clips to control blood vessels during the operation. It would seem unlikely that the location of these clips would be contributing to your pain.
Avatar m tn Now he is surrering from heavy body edema except two arms and head. Local hospital can not do a surgical operation due to the location of aneurysm. Which hospital in the world can do the surgical operation? Is there any medicine can control further expanding of the aneurysm? Please give me help!
Avatar f tn I'm asking here because I have had high PTH even before my kidneys came close stage 4. And this being the only surgical procedure that could be responsible for the 7 or 8 surgical clips at the bottom of my neck (see AP view of chest, which has been described as being bent from medianastinal fullness. Could these clips have been used to help close an Emergency Airway? Or am I really reaching.
Avatar n tn Yes, there is a risk of serious complications with any surgical procedure but such risks, in an otherwise healthy woman, are small in comparison with the potential to achieve a cure by removal of a still-small lung cancer, in the early stages of growth. Further testing is unwarranted.
Avatar n tn I had ReStor Lenses inserted during cataract surgery (right - 04/01/10, left - 05/20/10). Also did limbar relaxing in both eyes to remove astigmatism. Right eye operation took "3 times as long as normal" according to surgeon (one of the best, in my opinion). He said there were anomalies in eye not visible with tests probably due to an earlier injury. I remember 15 years ago having "floaters" in right eye for about 6 months after car seat back hit me in the right eye.
Avatar f tn Answers follow your original questions.... What are the 3 pramary duties of a pedatric surgeon? -->Pediatric surgeons care for all general surgical (generally no brains, long-bones, or heart) needs for patients from before birth, until around 18 years of age. This includes doing the operations, caring for children in the ICU, and usually, trauma. Why did u decide to become a pedatric surgeon?? -->I found the surgical work to be very Zen: precise, deliberate, measured....
Avatar m tn Hi all, I am 19 years of age and for the past year I have been suffering from sudden onsets of scrotal ulceration, which almost always result in surgical debridement of the area affected. Since December 2010, I have been operated on three times to remove the affected skin. In early December 2010, I had my tonsils removed, following frequent bouts of tonsillitis.
Avatar m tn The danger of waiting too long presents a risk of heart muscle damage, the heart chamber enlarging and reduced cardiac output. A valve operation under those circumstances increases the risk of any operation, and the heart may never again pump normally or completely recover. Ask your doctor, it may in your best interest to modifying or limiting exercise. Those with severe heart valve disease need to avoid strenuous activities altogether.
716841 tn?1289951786 I'm 19 years old and have been pretty close with a guy friend of mine who is 10 years older. He is a surgical resident and has helped me a lot through my classes since I'm pre-med. My parents don't approve of me and him going out, though we aren't officially dating right now. He asked me to go to his birthday bash this next month which will be in his home state. I'd like to go, but my parents are afraid I'll get myself into a bad situation.
Avatar n tn V and at the last moment the anestisiologist once again said he did not feel comfortable doing surgery and would not do it for me once again! For the record.. I am dealing with a hospital here in Chicago ranked 15th in the nation.. not that that matters because it does'nt.. The opthamalogist keeps telling me he wants to help me.. Really?? Because absolutely nothing is being done to help me! So.. I am saddended and disgusted by all of this, scared I will hurt myself again..
285848 tn?1219095913 I got one that says I will be responsible for 1400$ because this was not covered. WHAT?! It was posted under SU - Surgical Fees. Well I paid 200$ when I went in and also paid my surgeon as well, who is my OB, exactly what they told me it would be. Well now I get this bill for some lady, I don't know who the heck she is. But it says RNFA by her name. I looked that up and it stands for Registered Nurse First Assistant. I called my OB and asked them who she was.
Avatar m tn There almost has to be an error to record 100% blockage of the Left Main as blood flows from LM into LCX and LAD and total blockage would be fatal unless there is a natural bypass with collateral vessels!?. If a surgical bypass is recommended it may be a need to be rerouting of blood flow rather than a bridge to bypass occlusions?. You should get a clarification from a surgeon before and if you decide on an operation....100% blockage of LM!?
12411 tn?1209407297 However, I am scheduled to be out of the country for a month beginning 14 May. I am concerned about the recovery time from this type of surgical biopsy. Can anyone help me get a better understanding of 1) the extent of the incision(s); 2) the typical recovery time for excisional biopsy; and 3) the post-operative restrictions to movement, exercise and/or painfulness?
Avatar n tn From This site is saying that, for carotid endarterectomy, you should look for a surgeon who does at least 100 of them per year. In other words, carotid endarterectomy is considered to be a procedure that a surgeon has to do lot of, and keep doing a lot of, to get good at it and stay good at it.
233488 tn?1310696703 a physician Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy that has been to medical school, medical-surgical residency and in many cases taken a special surgical fellowship. Ophthalmologists provide a complete range of medical and surgical services. Eye MDs must be distinguished from non-physician optometrists (OD) and opticians). This discussion is not meant to be encyclopedic nor to give you “the answer.” As stated previous “the correct” answer will be different for different people.
Avatar f tn My biggest fear is that it's a research/teaching hospital and a resident in training will be assisting in the operation. Has any one had pituitary tumor removal from NIH and can shed some light on their experience?
10940180 tn?1413987351 I also stated to her PA, that this should not be going on, I should not have to have a 2nd operation if she did what we all wanted, he was there at the 1st meeting also. I was so distraught and crying and my anxiety was thru the roof, not to mention depressed. Had the 2nd surgery this past Thursday, 10/16/2014, Right before going into the Or, she states in front of my family members, that I had broke the hospital record in staying in longer then anyone else with a thyroid surgery.
Avatar m tn Do you think it worth anything trying to find out whether a presurgical CT record still exists from my valve replacement operation on 2000? I had that operation in London by the surgeon of whom I was followed by until then. However after my operation, until now, I am being followed by a different surgeon here in my country. So, do you think it would help if I knew what was going on at that time? Now, there’s another thing. Besides my 4,8 root I have also a mid-ascending aortic aneurysm.
Avatar n tn If I was in your shoes, I would ask your GP to request a copy of the surgical notes. Then you can go through these with your GP. What concerns me is why would they need to regularly check him after the surgery? they must have known there was a problem. If they KNEW there were serious problems and let your Father go home without informing him and giving him advice, I believe they have been truly negligent. You should be informed of ANY problems found which seriously affect your health.
Avatar n tn Am I alone in wanting minimally invasive surgery and a valve that does not require coumadine. How can I find out a surgeons track record on the types of procedures they use. I s the human valve a good option for me ? If one is not available for me what is my second option? I am having my surgery done in Salt Lake City are there any good surgeons that do valve repair in my area? PLease help.I board and rescue horses and dogs.
Avatar f tn A YAG laser capsulotomy is a surgical procedure, however, the risks of a serious complication resulting from this procedure are about 1/100th of the risks associated with a regular cataract operation." - Thank you very much for sharing your experience!
Avatar n tn Yes. Follow your instincts. I really think that YOU have figured out part of the causes of the pulmonary embolism! I did a little web "surfing" and found the following factors (among others) that can lead to PE, mentioned: --damage to blood vessels due to the knee surgery (You already knew this) --fracture of knee bones, later (some time after knee surgery) due to various TRAUMAS.(Have you been checked to see if this is "You"??
950954 tn?1271214487 Those results also came out positive...Even though I was scared that they would not b/c at the age of 2, I was performed a surgical operation to remove my appendix and my GYN told me that I might have scar tissue around my tubes, as a result. Fortunately for me, the test confirmed that my tubes are open and okay....So I was really happy to hear this at least!
Avatar m tn Surgeons seem to not have reached a consensus yet on whether measurements during the operation are the yet up to the task,though it seems to make sense for a surgeon to take it as one data point if they have it available and are aware of its potential flaws.
Avatar n tn There are also apparent stenoses within both proximal external carotid arteries. Depending on the patient's clinical status and if she is a surgical candidate, consider better anatomic delineation with eith CR angiography of the carotid arteries or catheter angiography." Circle of Willis: unremarkable. Now, for my dilemma. Take a deep breath, this will take a minute! On 11/28, the day of waking up with this "dead arm" episode, my mom had a previously scheduled appt.
694885 tn?1232653548 I wonder how I would find out her track record on just how many thyroid tumors she has removed without insulting her. I mean I do not want to get off on the wrong foot with her but I was hoping for a Doctor that has been doing this for more than one year. They said that she is the only doctor who does the type of surgery that I need so I guess I have no choice but what happen to all of the old, experienced doctors that we all love so much.
Avatar n tn One man's experience for those considering surgical ASD/PFO closure. I was an otherwise healthy, moderately fit 52 year old when I had the surprise of a lifetime...a small stroke. During the course of a one week hospital stay it was revealed that I had a PFO and atrial septal aneurism which possibley allowed a clot to find its way to the right middle cerebral artery. I was discharged with the typical pharmaceutical course of warfarin plus asparin.
Avatar n tn Well I had my lap done last Friday-good news was they did not have to take the ovary and I only had two incisions.....The bad news, well I still am in shock......after the operation, while in recovery waiting with my sister in law, the Dr. comes in and says "You are beautiful on the inside".
Avatar n tn You do need a second professional opinion, and perhaps a third. For the record, such a procedure was recommended to me decades ago, and I elected not to have the operation, and my right arm and hand became temporarily paralyzed. I was scared out of my mind, but found another physician who prescribed alternative therapy, which was successful. You may have more damage than I had, and I would not want to push you into a decision one way or the other.