Sudden knee pain no trauma

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Avatar f tn knee swelling with no pain,.no trauma till now,.used aceclofinac nd paracetamol ,.swelling reduce but reoccurring thrice,.tests done xray,cbp,esr are normal but crp is 12mg/L,.no pain only swelling unable to bend knee backside due to swelling,.
Avatar n tn from Alice71 ---Hello Doctor, 20 days ago I injured myself playing tennis. I was running to my right and turned abruptly to the left to hit the ball. I couldn't walk. The pain was extremely painful below my right front knee (approximately 6-7 inches below knee). Felt like a severe spasm. After icing leg with elevation for several hours I was able to walk normally without pain. This same severe spasm has occured four times since I injured myself. I am 81 years of age (young)!
Avatar n tn Subject had no prior history of knee pain or knee injuries. Subject is 66 year old man, 5' 11" 290lbs in good health. He stated has always liked to walk, ski, dance, and was otherwise active. On August 24, 2008, after about 4 miles walk subject reported he woke up, next morning, with pain in BOTH knees. Subject also reported being in the Middle East in June 2008, and having had a short affair with an attractive woman in her 40s. STD. lyme, other blood tests were negative.
Avatar f tn I started having unexplainable severe knee pain. No idea how or why. No injury, no swelling, no bruising. I had my knee examined, Xrays done, and everything looked great. I decided to change the sneakers I was using to exercise and actually use sneakers when using the eliptical at home and as God is my witness - problem solved!!!!!!!! No more knee pain. I hope my story helps someone.
Avatar n tn um i woke up a few day ago and also had very bad knee pain and wrist pain on the right side. i could hardly stand.but there was no swelling . I am already on a steroid for another medical issue. right now i am being tested for a muscular disease and do not have the results yet. i also have a pinching, tearing, sorta pain in my left lower abdomen alot and the doctors still dont know what that is etheir.
Avatar f tn When sitting down there is no pain, and I can move my leg around with no pain while sitting. My knee pops occasionally but nothing new. I'm in the military, and I don't want to go to the doctor unless I have to so I don't lose a deployment coming up. Any advice is appreciated.
Avatar m tn When you are, then you could figure out the perfect suitable treatment method by just going through adequate knee joint prognosis. Knee pain can be due to various situations and might result in serious soreness inside the knee if not treated. The soreness won't only have an effect on your body, but it might also affect your way of life. Knee pain is caused by many reasons, including the aging process, pain through a car crash, and intensive athletic activities.
Avatar f tn Since then, his head is no longer tender to touch and no more bump, but when he goes outside into the heat, he has severe, sudden sharp, throbbing pain. It lasts for various amounts of time. Also when he is active at all, he gets this pain. e.g. he went up & down stairs twice yesterday. He can't run even short distances. He is healthy otherwise -- no smoking, alcohol, or drugs, and is normally very active. This pain is localized and does not radiate into other areas of his head.
Avatar n tn I have a pain in the back of my right knee. I can sit for about 5 or 10 min and when I get up I feel like I am going to fall. When I lay in bed it aches. Its just the back of my right knee and I can feel that it is swollen. Can anyone help me with this pain. I have tried icy hot cream and bengay hot towels.
Avatar n tn Ever since then I cannot knee on a certain part of that knee. If I do I get a sharp, burning, stinging pain that quickly subsides once off the knee. I can walk and run on it fine, and have not experienced any swelling or other problems. I cannot feel any abnormalities on the outside. The pain is on top of the knee. Even pushing on a certain area it is is sensitive. What do you think?
Avatar f tn Since high school, after running track for 4 yrs, (7 yrs ago) I hav had knee pain. In the last couple of years it has gotten worse, radiating to my hip. It happens when I've been standing or walking too long, or if I'm cold. Could this be a trauma induced osteoarthritis?
Avatar f tn About 5 days ago I started having pain in my upper hip that would shot pain down the side of my leg to my knee. It would also wake me up during the night with the same pain and the pain would not go away until I took pain meds. The next couple of days the pain started hurting in front upper part of my leg. Today the pain is still there but it is now hurting on my right side also. Does anyone have any information to give. I know I need to see the doctor but they cost so much..
Avatar m tn I had knee pain in outer side of knee while playing soccer. I took serratiopeptidase + diclofenac potassium capsule by doctors advice. I took rest for 2 weeks but when I started playing it started again. Please advice.
Avatar n tn t been able to give me any information about what I could have done to my knee. I have been focusing on rehab and losing weight but so far, no improvement. Anyone still think I tore my ACL or reinjured in some form or another?
Avatar m tn Yesterday, I went to sit on the couch like I usually sit and when I twisted my right leg to the right to sit, I felt a sudden sharp pain in my knee. I sat for a while and the pain went away but every time I bend my knee I feel the pain again and feel discomfort in my kneecap. I went to bed, hoping the pain would go away but it still hurts when I bend my knee. What could this be? I will probably be visiting the doctor soon but for now what do you suggest?
Avatar n tn The episodes do not occur with drinking from what I can tell. The pain is not localized in one specific area of my knee either it is my entire knee. I experience extreme swelling with very little motion allowed if any at all. I hope that helps.
Avatar f tn Ive had both knees replaced, both hips replaced and will have both my left shoulder replaced this year. All the replacements feel good no pain at all except for my right knee ever since i came out of this bilateral replacement done two years ago it hasnt been "right". It took longer to have motion after surgery and now their is a significant pain across the front lower portion of my knee. It's caused me to go back to using my walker.
Avatar n tn Other factors that can contribute to developing knee arthritis include trauma to the knee, meniscus tears or ligament damage, and fractures to the bone around the joint. I think, it is the trauma and ligament tear, that have contributed to arthritis in your case. If the arthritis in your case is rheumatic or due to any other cause that should be treated first to prevent all these symptoms.