Sudden knee pain after vaccinations

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Avatar f tn Torn meniscus cartilage, 2 knee scopes (arthroscopic surgeries), and finally a total knee replacement. If your knee is swelling, especially in the morning after sleeping, it may be a torn meniscus cartilage. The older we get, the more brittle our cartilage becomes and the more prone it is to damage from impact, etc... I have had lots of injuries over the years but the knee had the worst pain of all.
Avatar n tn Hi, about three weeks ago i developed sudden joint pain in my left knee and left elbow. the joints became swollen and hot to the touch.The joints were stiff espiecially in the morning, but through taking celebrex once a day i was able to regain a full range of motion. Initially the doctor took fluid from the knee joint because his feeling was that it may be gout.
Avatar m tn sudden knee pain during pt and continued pain interior medial aspect. medic took xrays - all ok. Soft tissue issues. therapist can feel the popping of (muscle, ligament, tendon???) during flexion and extension. It feels like something has to pop over something else for leg to straighten. It hurts when it does. Occurs during weight-beating and non weight bearing. Therapist says muscle may be increasing in bulk but not stretching out causing other soft tissues??? to have to pop over them.
2137220 tn?1340741325 My son passed away 7 days after getting his 2 month vaccinations. We joined a group of same parents. We were in shock to see so any with the same outcome. Wait . Let his immune system get stronger.
Avatar f tn m 56 but in good health, except the knee. After surgery, I have a lot of pain still in knee that runs up the back of my leg to lower back. I also have joint pain in both legs, both shoulders, even my fingers are stiff if still very long. I can barely stand up after being still for long. I went through my physical therapy. Actually, twice. Both said I was doing great. Yet, the more I do, the worse I hurt. My regular dr, not my orthopedic surgeon, blows it off. Well, I can't blow it off.
Avatar m tn I had knee pain in outer side of knee while playing soccer. I took serratiopeptidase + diclofenac potassium capsule by doctors advice. I took rest for 2 weeks but when I started playing it started again. Please advice.
942127 tn?1276949209 Is there any reason why my right foot would have pain in relation to the left knee injury? I can walk (sort of) on my toes, but cannot walk with my foot flat to the floor. The pain is from the inside across the bottom arch area to the outside closer to the heel. It hurts a little up into my leg.
Avatar f tn About 5 days ago I started having pain in my upper hip that would shot pain down the side of my leg to my knee. It would also wake me up during the night with the same pain and the pain would not go away until I took pain meds. The next couple of days the pain started hurting in front upper part of my leg. Today the pain is still there but it is now hurting on my right side also. Does anyone have any information to give. I know I need to see the doctor but they cost so much..
Avatar m tn Yesterday, I went to sit on the couch like I usually sit and when I twisted my right leg to the right to sit, I felt a sudden sharp pain in my knee. I sat for a while and the pain went away but every time I bend my knee I feel the pain again and feel discomfort in my kneecap. I went to bed, hoping the pain would go away but it still hurts when I bend my knee. What could this be? I will probably be visiting the doctor soon but for now what do you suggest?
Avatar f tn I have sudden knee pain and it's freaking me out, because I haven't done anything (knowingly) to injure it. The pain is below my knee cap where it meets the shin bone. It only hurts when in motion...walking or using stairs, or anytime I have my weight on it. I have to limp because the pain hurts so much. Some days are worse than others; some times there is very little pain. When sitting down there is no pain, and I can move my leg around with no pain while sitting.
Avatar m tn The Ortho I went to told me I have a little bit of pre-OA going on so that could very well be it but he is running a c-scan Wednesday to see exactly what is causing all the pain in my knee. Actually the pain has subsided and taveled a bit. Now, instead of just sharp pain in my knee, it is a rather dull constant ache that goes all the way from my knee up into the left side of my groin around my left testicle. It's very strange. Thank you for your input.
427382 tn?1298209586 Okay ladies, Mady is almost about to go for her 2 month check up, which includes shots. I have a few people telling me to not give vaccinations or be careful of what I put together. I am planning on vaccinating her but wondering about seperating shots. DId anyone else do this, or just follow the dc's plan?
Avatar n tn During my senior season I hurt my knee during practice twice in a day first by falling and landing directly on it and then by twisting it. What resulted was an intense pain on the inside of my right knee that usually came after climbing stairs or having to keep my knees in the same position for an extended period of time (e.g. at a movie, or during a car ride). Eventually I went to a doctor who referred me to a physical therapist.
Avatar f tn I have experienced the same thing, sudden onset joint pain first in my right knee then to my left knee then to both elbows and wrists all over the course of a few days. The doctor said I was neg. for gout, rhum. arthritis or anything else. I started taking motrin 3 times a day to cope. Then I read where Yoga can relieve arthritis symtoms, so I started doing Yoga. The benefits have been stellar! Ive regained motion and dont need nearly as many pain killers as before.
Avatar m tn Knee replaced 11-13-09. Finally felt I've been making some progress until yesterday. During therapy, performing lateral steps over 6" hurdles, I felt a sudden pain and kind of a pop on the interior medial aspect, a little toward the back of the knee. During the course of the day, I would experience sudden pain causing me to yell out, even when non-weight bearing. My wife appreciates this.
Avatar n tn What type of pain is this that hits the right knee abruptly even like lightning so swift, and travels from the knee straight through the thigh nerve and/or tissues, shooting straight to the joint of the thigh and groins that lasts at least one to two minutes. Sometime the pain is so severe even after it has left I can still feel the pressure it leaves behind.
Avatar f tn Through out the day I would feel the pain every 15-30 minutes just the same quick dull pain then gone. The pain though began to feel like it was in my lower abdominal about 5 inches above my right testical. When it would happen I would touch the testical and it was sensitive but when the pain went away it no longer hurt to the touch. I began to freak out a little bit reading about causes.
Avatar n tn A week ago I went to my doctor because I was having pain in my left foot,.lateral foot pain. It's been going on for about 6 weeks. It would dull ache most of the time with sudden bouts of extreme pain in which it felt like a knife was digging in my foot. He did an xray and said it wasn't broken and prescribed anti-inflammatory medication. A week later and now I can't bend my left knee back and it's hurting to put pain on my knee.
Avatar n tn Double Knee sudden Pain Onset - I usually acquire gout after I splurge on Oysters on the Half Shell (can't resist ordering more)... BUT, I've had no Gout inducing foods Since I returned (Nov. 16) from a Philippines Vacation. I noted in the above message... Xrays could show Gout? Really? Well, I'll receive the results of my Xrays on Monday from the VA. The pain was horrible to extent of not being able to stand from a sitting position.
Avatar m tn I recently woke up in the middle of the night with a sudden knee pain. It was like a big growing pain, with tons of pressure. 2 days later, i went to the Dr. and was referred to a Orthopedic. The orthopaedic and my Dr. diagnosed me with Degenerative Disc Disease. After a total of 3 days go by, the pain spread to my right foot, right ankle, femur and tibia. The next day to my left ankle, right elbow, left knee.
Avatar f tn I have a call into our vet and am awaiting a call back, I have also been offering fresh water to fend off dehydration. He also doesnt appear to be in pain which seems wierd to me but I am grateful. Does anyone else have any suggestions while I await the vet?
1244180 tn?1325899111 I was just wondering if everyone has been giing their babies their vaccinations? Ezra has only gotten a tetnus shot and i only gave that to him cause of his accident... i will be giving him his vaccinations eventually but i just want to wait untill he is past the whole autism age which is 18-24 months... i want to see him talking and playing properly and proper social development at that age befor i start giving it to him...