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Avatar n tn I know that when I told my doctors that I used it as a bridge between times when I could get Oxy, they looked at me like I was nuts. I don't even know if a doctor would put you on suboxone for Ultram addiction. If I were you, I'd try a very slow taper. Maybe cutting a quarter pill per dose every 2 weeks. Ultram (tramadol is the generic name) has a very long half life, which seems to prolong withdrawals for people coming off of it.
Avatar n tn Could I take one ultram with a quater peice of suboxone to help with w/d's??? I am really hurting today!
Avatar f tn I was just wondering, if Ultram is not considered a narcotic, then do they not want to give you suboxone or something else? And would it help with withdrawals from Ultram? What exactly is it suppose to do? If it can really help then I was going to ask her about it tomorrow. Thanks for any info!
214607 tn?1287681159 In my experience, the ultram prolongs withdrawals and actually makes them last longer because of its longer half life. I'd stay away from it for detox.
Avatar f tn My question is more to do with ultram. I had some from an old script and found them to help the suboxone withdrawal. I took them for only 4 days, and I only had 11 to begin with. Is there any chance at all this whole "creepy, crawling in my skin thing" is from stopping those when I ran out? I never had this bad, if at all, of a feeling when I quit the subs the first time. Sooo, I'm asuming it is? I read a lot of peoples posts but nobody in the same prediciment. I Ned help.
Avatar n tn I am in the medical field and have had extensive experience with suboxone. This medication should only be used as a DETOX medication. This medication should be started to help get you off of a opioid (narcotic) type of drug addiction and then tapered down over 5-7 days. Some, actually only very few people should be on this medicine long term ( a few weeks max) for really long term addictions. It is not intended to be on more than that amount of time though.
397118 tn?1219765850 If your doc giving you the Sub is a good pain management doctor too, they should have alternatives to Ultram. Again, with your history, I would be very, very careful. I don't know the nature of your pain, so it's hard to say. But do all you can before you jump back on any pills... that's the only thing I can suggest, if your pain level can tolerate it. Again - this soon, it very well could seem worse as it may be rebound pain... which should soon get much, much better. Good luck sweety...
Avatar f tn keep in mind that suboxone is a long term treatment, it is not something you can walk away from without suffering great pain in my experience suboxone wd was harder than my actual drug of choice it actually took longer too but i wasnt ready to give up a chemical peace of mind, so it served its purpose, i am asuming you are on here for a family member, its really their choice how long they take the suboxone the problem i see with rehab doctors sending patients home with a suboxone prescription is
Avatar f tn I said this before I think you guys would be good candidates for suboxone exp. Tim You are worry free from pills, And if you do it short term you got it made in the shade!
217599 tn?1202854552 I was on percocet, vicodin, oxy's all kinds of pain pills for 3 years. I took 6 ultram the day before I went to the suboxone clinic for my fisrt dose, they gave me 8mg there. People have told me not to swallow the spit in your mouth until the pill is completly gone. My friend did and withdrawl hit her hard for about 15 mins. I didn't experience any withdrawl at all when I started suboxone or for the 2 years I was on it.
610505 tn?1329607323 Short term is definitely the way to go with suboxone and Ive heard many positive things from short term (for detox only) suboxone users. The least amount for the least amount of time to avoid getting hooked on suboxone.
307401 tn?1194835748 I didn't get a buzz on the percs other than pain relief, So it was back on with my life and suboxone. As I said suboxone is only a partial opioid antagonist.
Avatar n tn The one thing I DO NOT recommend is ultram with suboxone, it is TERRIBLE! I'll leave it at that. It does not do a thing and makes you feel like ****, not sick, just like ****, very hard to explain, but as I said, seriously try aspirin first, I don't recommend using the percocet since you are an addict, unless you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO!! If you just want to take it because they are giving it to you, you better check yourself, because that will take you right back out there, k....
Avatar f tn I'm not sure how to compare mg with ultram/suboxone and what should work... Are you still taking the suboxone for wds?
Avatar n tn My daughter is taking 10 50mg of ultram per day. She is taking them to get off of suboxone. How dangerous is this?
Avatar m tn My legit pain made me go back to it, but I was honest with my Dr, so he gave me about 12 day worth per month, and a RX for ultram for the off days. AHHHHHH seemed like a miracle. No withdrawal, and all was fine. Well, now? i stopped taking the hydrocodone about 2 months ago and went solely on ultram for 2 months...... i put that down, thinking i am done with all this and im not hooked. Well, mentally im not.... have never craved them, etc... but physically i feel like im gonna die.
Avatar n tn You might want to try what minime has suggested and look for suboxone. If you live in Europe, it is available with any doctor. In the USA only licence doctors can prescribe it and usually only after jumping through some hoops.
323985 tn?1194538597 I have been on ultram for 4 years...prescribed the max dosage of 300 mg/day...because of severe recurring back pain following a gastric bypass in 2003 with a 185 lb weight loss. Whether that is the cause of my back problems or not...the pain is still there. I was sent to a local pain management clinic by my family MD- where, of course, I was increased to Ultram (300 mg/day) AND Loratab (30 mg/day) in addition to many other things.
Avatar f tn Now, I am terrified of of withdrawal. I have been through a w/d with Ultram before and it was horrid and lasted for days! Now, I'm in my 50s and I know it would kill me to go cold turkey. I don't know how you are even standing upright finishing off 180 in 3 days! Any more than 8, I become very ill. I have read about Suboxone, which will cause w/d to be much more manageable, but you must be in full withdrawal symptoms before you can take it. Even this frightens me terribly.
479459 tn?1246745619 I'm on ultrex (ultram with tylenol) 2 50mgs 2-4 times a day..I limit myself to 2x day...I don't get a high, I don't get a buzz and get only slight relief from it. I'm dreading having to go to the dentist tomorrow for a couple of withdrawls (in prep for dentures) and him saying " have ultram at don't need anything else because they just don't help much..but my PCP's practice (a large one) will not prescribe opitates any longer and they send you to a pain clinic.
Avatar f tn I cannot go through that again. The Ultram is first along with the booze. I am on and off with the booze, I just need to buckle down. It's mainly boredom when I drink, so I just need to keep busy even if I have to force myself. I am starting correspondance courses soon and that will take alot of my time besides keeping house, yard and 10 cats and 1 dog happy. Thanks for your concern and encouragement. Good luck to you on your Ultram withdraw as well. Take care and God bless, Chatahan.......
Avatar n tn I was wondering if I can take Vic's with Ultram yes. Why do you say there is no point in taking both? I dont want to go off the Vic's, but would like to cut down and was confused as to taking both and having WD symptoms. I havent taken any Vic's this morning,in place of them I took an Ultram 50mg and about 3 hours later took another. I want to take a Vic to get the "get up and go" feeling.
Avatar n tn Since ultram (tramadol) is non-narcotic can I use it to get off suboxone? I am down to 1.5 mg of sub per day but get withdrawals after 24 hrs. I know ultram can be addicting but if I use it for maybe 5 or 6 days to replace sub will I avoid sub withdrawals altogether. I figure if I quit sub c/t it will probably take about of week of withdrawals. Will ultram help avoid withdrawal altogether? anybody know??
Avatar m tn I take Suboxone for pain due to too many past problems with addiction. I'm wondering If I could take Trammadol at night, long after I have taken my last dose of Suboxone? Since Trammadol is NOT an opiate, would there be any adverse effects? I've read some questions and answers in this forum and people are talking about Trammadol as it is a Opioid, which it IS NOT! Anyone who is in the know on this question know any answers to this?
Avatar n tn I wasn't on Ultram, but was on several other pain meds with my last pregnancy - I can safely assure you that you're baby should be just FINE!! If if can get by with less that's even better, and means less or no w/d's for baby. My child didn't experience any w/d's at birth. Do you plan to breast-feed at all?? If so, and the baby did have w/d's, it would probably help baby get through the w/d's a little easier - just so long as your docs aren't already treating him/her with other stuff, too...
Avatar m tn What is the best way to wean down? Also I heard that suboxone helps with the withdrawals, Does anyone have any information on which drugs help? Please let me know, I am scared to death from everything I've heard.