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Avatar f tn what is used to detox from percocet and how long does it take with drugs or cold turkey?
Avatar m tn If my girl finds out about this she is gone, she has dealt with this before with me and it was really really hard for her, and now i have done it again. I am so selfish and i hate myself for this. so my question is, should i tell my doctor everything (even that i have been obtaining them illegally)? Will I be able to obtain a doctors note that doesn't say im dealling with addiction?!
Avatar f tn I just tapered off of 10 to 12 (or more) Vicodin 7.5 mixed with 10/325 Norco per can do it. How much do you take and for how long?
Avatar f tn I have been trying to get off percocet. It started out bu just taking it here and there. But now I am up to 8-10 a day and Its all I think about. I buy off the strret. My doctor doesn't even know. I spend about 500 a month. I want to stop but just don't know where to begin. i feel so depressed that Ive let myself get addicted and I just wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions?
Avatar n tn Hello everybody, I am new to this board and want to voice my concerns. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. Here is the situation: I have been taking Percocet's constantly for a year and a half now. Typically, I take four 500mg's a day (2000 mg total of Oxycodone) My dear friend started with Percocet & Vicodin and moved on to Oxycontin, recently taking up to 200mgs a day. The both of us are very close and are the only ones who know about one another's troubles.
Avatar m tn Yes, you took that Sub too soon after the Percocet. Generally, you must be in moderate wd's before you take suboxone. I'm not sure why you did this and I don't recommend taking anymore sub. You'll just have to struggle through while the sub wears off and it may be several more hours from now. It has a longer half life than most opiates other than methadone. Also, if you decide to take some more Percocet, you may not feel any effect because the sub will block it.
Avatar f tn suboxone is good as long as you dont just switch from the pain meds over to it and just stay on it so i would suggest you start tapering your dose of suboxone down as soon as possible because since you are 10 days clean of the pain meds you are past the time you would have been in physical withdrawal from them so you can start to come off of the suboxone so tapering off of it would be your best bet and im not sure if im allowed to say a taper method on here without getting in trouble but if you
Avatar n tn Hello everybody, I am new to this board and want to voice my concerns. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. Here is the situation: I have been taking Percocet's constantly for a year and a half now. Typically, I take four 500mg's a day (2000 mg total of Oxycodone) My dear friend started with Percocet & Vicodin and moved on to Oxycontin, recently taking up to 200mgs a day. The both of us are very close and are the only ones who know about one another's troubles.
893913 tn?1245514493 Hi there!!! Ok....first of all. I am so proud of you. I am on the same thing!!! I was taking 7 pills.....4 to 5 times a DAY. Thst's 28 to 35 pills a day. How many are you taking in a day???? I have tried sooooooo many times to get OFF this ****. I couldn't.....because I couldn't take how I was feeling. So you are sooooo much more stronger then I am. Nobody knew I was on these. Not even my husband and 4 kids. I drained our bank accounts. We are in soooo much debt.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you know that I am fighting the battle with oc's yet again. No DR in my area messes around with Suboxone and I could not go through this again CT. So a friend of mine gave my husband and I a few suboxone. I'm on day 2 and feeling ok, not great, but ok. I've only been talking a quater to a half of an 8mg tablet and just that little bit works wonders. I know I shouldnt be taking other people's meds but I was desperate.
Avatar f tn Has anyone on here had any experience with suboxone? Or personally know anything about it?
Avatar f tn Hey Michelle, I agree with avisg, leave the Percs. behind. I have good news and bad news for you......The good news is that the volume of your Suboxone Dependency is not high. The bad news is that you can be sick up to 5-6 weeks getting off Sub. It's the gift that keeps giving. I was, and on a larger amount than you..... I'm now clean after going through HELL. If you really want this, You can do it.............. We are here to support you.
Avatar n tn I suggest you check out suboxone .com or discuss it with a doctor Sarah is right we don't have any here and sub really need to be monitored by a doctor.
Avatar f tn Am I a candidate for suboxone if I take ten percocet tens a day and use coricidin on a regular basis?
Avatar n tn I am in the medical field and have had extensive experience with suboxone. This medication should only be used as a DETOX medication. This medication should be started to help get you off of a opioid (narcotic) type of drug addiction and then tapered down over 5-7 days. Some, actually only very few people should be on this medicine long term ( a few weeks max) for really long term addictions. It is not intended to be on more than that amount of time though.
Avatar m tn or should i do what i feel and discontinue it after the percs are out of my system. Does anyone have experience with using suboxone for a long period of time? if so i'd appreciate any insight i can get on this. How you reacted to it, tapering off of it. This is a very important decision for me and i would hate to become dependent on something else, that would be counterproductive to my goals.
Avatar m tn My recovery plan was based on the long term strategy coupled with a year-long out-patient treatment plan. Suboxone allowed me to work on recovery skills BEFORE I had to deal with WDs. Because it's a partial opiate agonist it also allowed my brain's reward system to recover. What a partial opiate agonist means is that Suboxone attaches to and stimulates opiate receptors in the brain. As the name implies, this stimulation is only 'partial'.
591616 tn?1225462048 From watching my daughter detox off Suboxone for the last 15 days, I would not recommend moving to Suboxone either. I definitely am not a doctor, but I would hope there is something you can take that will be easier to come off. She is still struggling. I'm hoping this weekend will be a big turn around for her.
Avatar f tn I definitely wouldn't go with suboxone, it's stronger and a longer detox than what you've been taking. It would probably make you high and/or give you headaches. The easiest, least painful way is a slow taper. We can't give taper schedules on the forum, we're not doctors, but it's just like it sounds. Take a little bit less and stabilize, then drop a little more. For example, you say 2-3 Percocet, stop doing the occasional 3rd, even if you want it. The lower you get the less you want to drop.
Avatar n tn So Im not surehow this works yet,however beware with suboxone there are repacussions as everything else awford in lfe these days.careful sweetie,the concept of suboxone is fighting a pitbull with a pitbull its very serious bussiness,if-IF your addiction justifyes the use of suboxone its a wonderful thing.but if it doesent you could be jumping out of the pan in the fire.When I first took suboxone was shocked at the capbulities of this med and it scared the **** out of me!
Avatar f tn I have read that some use suboxone to help with the withdrawals from pain meds. Also have read that suboxone keeps you from getting the high from pain meds. My husband asked me what exactly is suboxone. I realized that I don't really know the whole answer. What is Suboxone, and what does it do to help you get off pain meds? Is there anyone who can tell me?
Avatar n tn I do want to caution you and him that Suboxone in also an opiate. Let me tell you about it. Suboxone is the brand name for a medication consisting of buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is a thebaine derivative with powerful analgesia approximately 20-40x more potent than morphine.
Avatar n tn Be careful with subs, i went from heroin to suboxone never could taper off sucessfully was on 12mg for 3yrs best thing i did was to quit cold turkey i reccomend a quick taper
217599 tn?1202854552 I got on Suboxone in 2007 and it saved my life! I was on percocet, vicodin, oxy's all kinds of pain pills for 3 years. I took 6 ultram the day before I went to the suboxone clinic for my fisrt dose, they gave me 8mg there. People have told me not to swallow the spit in your mouth until the pill is completly gone. My friend did and withdrawl hit her hard for about 15 mins. I didn't experience any withdrawl at all when I started suboxone or for the 2 years I was on it.
Avatar f tn dad has since passed, my world still spinning but am back to wanting off of these things. I have an appt with doctor to put me on suboxone since I can't seem to get over these things, petrified yet again...don't remember what nor who I am without them, grieving is difficult, shrink thinks this is best solution to get me over the hump of withdrawals and cravings, which are huge for me even at such a small amount compared to other posts here...would appreciate any input, I feel so alone...
307401 tn?1194835748 I didn't get a buzz on the percs other than pain relief, So it was back on with my life and suboxone. As I said suboxone is only a partial opioid antagonist.
Avatar f tn She could have some severe reactions from it and has you know the manufacturer states that Appropriate use of SUBOXONE Do not use SUBOXONE or SUBUTEX for conditions for which they were not prescribed. Patients with a clinical need for analgesia should not be transferred to a SUBOXONE regimen. SUBOXONE is not indicated for pain management. Why aren't these websites telling the TRUTH!!
Avatar m tn Hello and Welcome to the Pain Mangement Forum. It takes several days to allow the Suboxone to completely leave your system. You should consult with the prescribing physician to determine when you should actually begin the Percocet. Sorry I cannot provide you with a specific time. Usually each physician had there own criteria when switching from one medication to another. Best of luck and please feel free to post again.