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Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me the difference between tylenol 3 and hydrocodone, I understand the hydrocodone is a synthetic of codeine, but as far a strength of tylenol 3 vs one 5mg vicodin? What is the addiction factor, what is worse codeine or hydrocodone? Just curious..
1222871 tn?1268843138 It seems to be replacing one drug with another. I do think I feel better on sub emotionally vs. norco. With norco; i am preoccupied with when i am taking my next dose or how many i have/can take in a day, etc.... And are subs healthier per se than norco??? I just want to be healthy again. This pic was me before the pain, before the norco. I look at this pic and see a happy shining soul, now I look in the mirror and I see a worried, guilty stressed out fatty.
403399 tn?1201836695 They don't give me the same high as HC or Vicodin, but I have heard they are still addictive. Any advice?
Avatar m tn I am interested in detoxing with Suboxone. Can anyone tell me how much money I will need to do this? I have been taking way to much for a short period of time but I know my W/W will be the worst I've ever felt before. I finished 400 Tramadol in about 30 days and have 200 left. Now they just make me feel normal. Sick also. There is no high left or me. I just want out of this ****. Thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn Suboxone contains buprenorphine, an opiate that is a partial agonist at the receptor and that has been around for over 30 years. If you read any 'goodman and gilman' (the bible of pharmacology) you will read that 'buprenorphine is less addictive than other opiates because of the partial agonist effects'. But for anyone addicted to opiates, even codeine is very addictive!
Avatar f tn And then if you are unsuccessful call a doctor for Suboxone. Suboxone is also an opiate so it also must be tapered and some people do have withdrawals with it. You may be able to just do this once by getting of the oxy by tapering, instead of starting another drug that you have to taper to get off of.. You see what I am saying?
Avatar f tn I am scared of the damage being done to my liver but because of a botched surgery five yrs ago I need opiates to stabilize my GI tract (long story) Problem is, I've developed musculo-skeletal pain issues that neccessitate the hydrocodone vs. just straight codeine. There is much reference to vitamins and supplements to take to help with w/d, but no specifics. Can anyone give a list of these?
Avatar n tn I have been taking hydrocodone for about 2 1/2 years at an increasing rate, ending up with the 7.5 strength and about 18-20 per day. I do have severe arthitis pain and am a 51 year old woman. I have to cut down and recently cut down to 10 a day and have experienced physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. I have some clonidine and don't know how much to take for withdrawal. What is the recommended dosage.
364605 tn?1200708575 Hey...would love to hear from some of you who have been on suboxone maintenance & your thoughts & feelings about it. I am currently on it for a oxycodone addiction. It is really helping me, but I sometimes feel as though I am replacing one drug for another, although I feel I can function in the world without constantly thinking about pills, swallowing them, worrying when I'm going to run out & how to get my next stash. What are some of your experiences good or bad on suboxone?
Avatar m tn I'm gonna be honest with you even at the 150mg a day hydrocodone I wouldn't suggest going to suboxone and I say that because suboxone is SO MUCH STRONGER than hydrocodone. No doubt suboxone saved my life but I was also taking 450-600 mg of oxy a day or 250-350 mg opana a day when I went on it. Switching from hydrocodone to suboxone in my personal opinion is only switching to a stronger drug.
434480 tn?1242659346 It is a bad idea to just take 1mg of suboxone when you feel shakey. I am on suboxone and Suboxone w/ds are worse than hydrocodone w/ds. So if you want to use the suboxone to stop the w/d's make a taper plan (that depends on how much you took) exsample 1mg every other day for a week, than 1mg every 3 days and so forth and so on. Be careful with the suboxone it can be very hard to get off of.
8265858 tn?1403382144 After about 9 months of daily hydro use, I went back to the prescribing doc and said I want off, knowing he would prescribe suboxone. I did 12 days on suboxone, stopped and then three days later, you guessed it, sick as a dog for two weeks. I relapsed a few times and am now back to no hydros. This time without suboxone. Hydro withdrawal can be very unpleasant and scary if you don't know what to expect, but 99% is mental.
975183 tn?1251817072 I'm new to this site, found it while trying to find help for opiate withdrawals. I've been taking hydrocodone for about 2 years. I took my last one yesterday evening (more because I'm out rather than a noble decision on my part to quit.... although I do want to quit). The withdrawals are horrible, and I am at work going absolutely crazy. I tried to call in sick, but somehow here I am. I can get my medicine refilled this thursday... I'm trying to decide what to do.
Avatar f tn Dont get me wrong Suboxone got me out of hell but how do I get off of suboxone? Im still being controlled. I dont need it anymore. Im ready to be me again on my own without this dependency. Just thinking of pain pills makes me wanna throw up. Thats how much I wanted off of it. So help me god I will never again touch a pain pill.. Now I want to say that about Suboxone. Can anyone help me?
Avatar n tn And I've heard a lot of mad things about methadone, and good things about suboxone. I have goverment insurance and I'm really having a hard time tryin to find a doctor that will take my insurance it's really expensive.
538697 tn?1218415082 We discussed the fact that it seems the longer you are taking the suboxone, the worse the detox is...... if I could actually ween off the Suboxone in a week to 10 days, my detox program will be over within hopefully 14 days. But even if it takes 21 days, that means that I'll be weening off the meds for over a week, not actually taking it for 21 days before stopping it. Gosh, I hope that makes sense. While it's a little discouraging that my husband has doubts right now..
Avatar f tn in my opinion is certain criteria for one considering suboxone..first of all suboxone stays in your system alot longer than hydros..are you considering suboxone..your friend..
Avatar m tn I know someone who is taking suboxone and swears by it. Also though, it's 2nd or 3rd time quitting for him. Each time he had the suboxone. I'm also dependant on Cymbalta ( anti-depressant) I started taking this to combat the withdrawl symptoms. Is suboxone going to be another dependancy? Do you have to take it forever?
Avatar n tn I know the ER here in my town would never even think of giving a patient Percocet, the strongest thing they would send you home with would be an RX for 10 mg hydrocodone. Good Luck friend. Please keep posting and if you do not get the replies you need by mid morning, please post again.
Avatar n tn I am not asking for medical advice, I am looking for more experience advice. I also don't know how the suboxone works vs the methadone. I know the methadone needs to leave your system before you take the suboxone. Is it even worth it for him to take the suboxone or should he just muscle through it?
5298012 tn?1366233919 My question is, did you guys experience any weight fluctuations while on hydrocodone? I have always struggled to keep weight on, but noticed I lost weight I really couldn't stand to lose while on these pills. I'm 6'6", 185 lbs normally, which is still a bit on the thin side, but after a 10 month bender I am down to around 172, which is way too thin for my height. What has been your experiences with weight loss/gain while taking these pills?
Avatar f tn was able to take me off all that **** after my surgury was done with the drugs called subutex for induction and suboxone for maintenace. Not all doctors have the priveledge to subscribe suboxone detox and treatment, None of the medication is cheap except the norco. I just received a drug summary from my insurance co that they have spent as of 9/2007 just under $10,000.00. Buy the end of the year it be about $12,600.00. A months worth of suboxone is $755.00.
Avatar f tn I have been reading the member experiences concerning Suboxone, as I just began taking this medication 2 days ago (today is my 3rd). I think the dose my physician prescribed is extremely high due to what I've read on various sites and I am at this moment wondering if I've opened a proverbial Pandora's Box. I've had an addiction to prescription pain med.'s for approx. 25 yrs. and have tried everything. I really thought the Sub.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend is going through withdrawal following a decision to stop using suboxone- it has been a gradual tapering over the past two years until a few days ago he jumped to zero from a fraction of a fraction of a microgram. We are apart whilst he goes through this and are to be reunited in a month's time. I don't understand why when this is all I want for us and he is finally showing such courage that I feel so tense, nervous as hell and so anxious about our future.
230262 tn?1316649534 Ohio, I don't have experience with Methadone - although I was prescribed it in a very low dose for pain along with hydrocodone - and it worked great. I used suboxone for nearly 4 years and avisg is right, it does have some pain benefit, it was used for pain before it was used for addiction. Henry said it perfectly, I could not give better advice that the info he has given - nice job Henry.