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Avatar n tn How long does suboxone stay in your system? Will 1 pill effect a urine screen? Can it be detected in the urine? If so, how long till 1 pill wears off?
Avatar f tn I really need advice. I started suboxone 2 1/2 weeks ago I take urine tests every Tuesday. My doctor wrote me a 2 week script. My problem is I over used my meds and have run out about 6 days early. My concern is that one I will eventually get withdrawals in the next 3 days and when I test this Tuesday my levels will be off. I'm obviously still early in my recovery and I am focused in getting clean. I have not used doc at all since starting suboxone.
Avatar m tn Lowering the dosage. The trick with Suboxone is to take just enough to avoid withdrawal, but no more or side effects can occur, such as insomnia. Everyone is different, each has to find his own "just enough" dosage. You can't achieve that in just two days. Just lowering my dose by 2 mg. helped a lot. 2. Be patient. Give your body a chance to become accustomed to this new drug. 3. I took sleep aids. I needed a Benzo at first, but be careful, you don't want to create a new problem.
Avatar n tn I would like to ask any one that is taking suboxone if they have had any trouble with thier urine test showing they have no suboxone in them. I have been on suboxone 2yrs and 2months, 7days. I started out with 16mg a day, to 12mg, to 8mg, to 6mg then 3months ago to 4mg. i just started today taking 2mg. when I went down to 4mg a day my urine test came back that I had no suboxone in my body. this has been going on for 3months.
Avatar m tn How do you get off suboxone??? Ive been an addict for 12yrs. clean for 5 of which Ive been on suboxone the entire time. Well now it seems that I cant come off no matter how hard i try.
Avatar f tn The sub doctor needs to be informed of this. They should be testing his urine to check the levels of suboxone to make sure he is taking it properly. I would suppose they aren't doing that. Does your daughter in law attend church? Does she have a pastor she can confide in? I know the longer the dark, dirty secret is hiding the darker life Becomes for all involved. He needs to be exposed.
Avatar f tn I've been clean since starting suboxone. I know honestly is best, but if there's a way I can either skip my urine till the week after,since I did submit a sample this past Tuesday after group and it will be 2 weeks Wednesday when I see him again. So maybe because of my sample this past week I may be able to do a urine test in 1 week? Not sure if it will work. Or I am not a deceiving person at all,but I do have a friend that takes it.
1200909 tn?1306818681 I have been on Suboxone for 28 days now and my urine is VERY dark and has a strong smell to it. Anybody ever have that happen while taking Suboxone? Thanks for replies!
Avatar n tn I know someone who is currently taking Suboxone and is telling his wife that he needs to have a "dirty" urine once in a while so he can keep getting the Suboxone. It is my understanding that Suboxone is used to help an addict get off of prescription pills, so why would a doctor say this? He is trying to get Vicodin from someone, saying he needs to have a urine test and it has to come up that he is using in order for him to get the Suboxone.
Avatar n tn Are they including the urine drug test in that? You might be able to get it alittle cheaper if you shop around. Also shop around for the pharmacy for the suboxone, you'll find a big difference in them.
Avatar f tn can someone give me a precise amount of time that suboxone stays in your system based on daily use of approx. 8 mgs.....
Avatar f tn I did so well with it. But, there is always a but.... My urine tests were coming back as using benzo's which I stopped doing. One day it would be negative and the very next day it would show as positive. What is up with that? Now I have been removed from suboxon and going to get it anyway. Help!!!
Avatar f tn I have doctor prescibed valium for another problem. Should I get more subutex? Will it show in my urine. I was trying to stop it before the urine test. I am waking with a big knot in my stomach and the subutex makes it go away. I dont know if I should get more or try to ride it out. I have been a substance abuser for 15 years, every drug you can name. But at this point have brought it down to the occasional bag of smack.
Avatar m tn You're already on methadone and you really can't begin SUBOXONE until you're down to at least 30mg per day of methadone; last I knew. When you see the doctor tomorrow, tell him you prefer to taper the methadone...if that's what you truly want. But as I said, you need to taper down to 30 mg anyway and that's well documented.
Avatar m tn is the suboxone prescribed from a doctor or is he self-medicating?? suboxone can cause a dark urine color. if your fiance is taking suboxone he should also be working a recovery program. the subs are meant to help stop the cycle of active addiction and to help them work a recovery program and eventually come off the subs and live opiate free. has he gone to any na or aa meetings? has he been to counseling? i am the wife of a recovering addict.
Avatar n tn I am in the health adm field. I know little about Suboxone - except I have a family member on it for two years and he got sick of the Doctor charging $200/mth and quit abruptly. He is very sick. We are watching him closely. Should he see the Doctor again to taper off or how long will these withdrawals last.
366557 tn?1259103224 Suboxone or Xanax, he just couldn't do both anymore. I chose Xanax, and still take it. I can't help but think of the DEA as "Big Brother." When they reluctantly approved Suboxone for addiction treatment, I wonder if they said "well, okay, we'll let the dirty, low-life junkies have their Suboxone, but we can't have them being TOO comfortable. They have to suffer a little, don't they? So no Benzo'o!, even if it's indicated!
Avatar f tn Do any of you know if Suboxone is addictive? Does it help with the depressed/irritated/tired feeling a lot of us feel after quitting narcotic drugs? How does Suboxone make you feel? I've read posts claiming that some people like the way it makes them feel. Does Suboxone have opiates in them? I am really trying to find out exact information on this drug to help delete the withdrawals. Thanks to all of you!
Avatar m tn Hi there, i am posting this is because i want to say that yesterday was my first day taking suboxone 8mg but before that i was hooked on perks, i was taking between 50 to 60 perks 20mg a day.
Avatar f tn / As far as I know, he was on that for about 2 months and then switched to Suboxone. Which he sniffed as well. then he began getting the strips and i started to feel less un-attracted to him. We have spoken to a doctor and are currently trying to get him into an outpatient program. He has perc 5's on him and never took them. I asked him for them the next day and they were still there.
Avatar f tn Now - she prescribed me a prescription for Suboxone. I have heard that this is very expensive. I talked to her about going to a family help center (which is actually right next door to her office) which they put you on a 10 day program and gradually reduce the dosage. The cost is about $1000 which includes ALL of the office visits, ALL the medication and talking with a therapist.
237500 tn?1189759431 so you're thinking about suboxone? thats good .. suboxone does have an opiate in it, but the other drug prevents your from getting that 'high' feeling. When you called around, what prices did they give you for the office visits? Do you have rx covg? if so, more than likely you'll only have to pay your copay. i pay only $10 .. I pay $70/mo for the dr. visit and a drug screen urine test. Which is alot cheaper than some of the offices were charging.
1349676 tn?1277916049 has to have a Special License to prescribe Suboxone. Suboxone has Naltrexone in it, so if you do use other types of Opiates while on it, it's supposed to act as a "Block." Suboxone does have Withdrawals and most people are "Tapered Off." Suboxone is not a "Wonder Drug," although for some it seems like it. You feel fine, no cravings, and you can go on with your life. No more lies, go to work, be a better parent, whatever you want to do.
Avatar f tn It's surprising to me that there's so many people on this site who say they have experienced extreme withdrawal symptoms after they stop taking suboxone (even while completely following a doctor's plan). I've been on suboxone for almost 2 months now, but I've now started taking the suboxone sporadically. (Just an FYI, my dosage is supposed to be 16mg/day). I have gone two full days without taking any suboxone a couple of times now.
Avatar m tn I'm gonna be honest with you even at the 150mg a day hydrocodone I wouldn't suggest going to suboxone and I say that because suboxone is SO MUCH STRONGER than hydrocodone. No doubt suboxone saved my life but I was also taking 450-600 mg of oxy a day or 250-350 mg opana a day when I went on it. Switching from hydrocodone to suboxone in my personal opinion is only switching to a stronger drug.
Avatar f tn I am taking 16mg of suboxone a day, how long will the subs last in my urine? I have been taking subs for about 3 months and i would have like a day or two break in between taking it sometimes. how long will the subs give me a hot urine for??? will it still be 72hrs to clean out of my system or will it take longer since i have been taking it for 3 months.?
1381087 tn?1279226927 I don't know if the name of the drug you were looking for is Suboxone or not. Ppl on Suboxone have had many different experiences. Suboxone was never intended to be used for pain management. However in some cases physicians are using in in that manner. Suboxone sites continue to say this: "Patients with a clinical need for pain management should not be transferred to a suboxone regimen, even if they are physically dependent on opioids.
Avatar f tn I am afraid you will be dropped from the clinic and have a very hard time finding a new doctor. I don't understand why someone would give you a Suboxone and tell you it was Ibuprofen. Am I missing something? I am sorry your in this situation. You really have to be diligent about taking only what is prescibed by your PM doctor. I am not sure if your aware of the implications of what you have done. It is a crime for one to get narcotics from several doctors, it is called fraud.
401095 tn?1351395370 When you do see your doctor, he or she may request urine samples to see how well Suboxone is working for you. Tell your doctor if you experience withdrawal symptoms, since this could mean you need to have your dose adjusted. During the maintenance phase, you and your doctor may want to talk about counseling options. Many patients and their doctors find that treatment for opioid dependence works best when medical treatment with Suboxone is combined with counseling.