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477740 tn?1207949374 Has anyone heard of, or gone through such a rapid taper protocol and what were the results? I have to do something quick or I will lose my job.
1176246 tn?1415015517 due to complications with insurance there is a strong chance I will not have the option to slowly taper off of this stuff. I have to plan for a quick taper I'm in a recovery program but can't quite afford one that I find stimulating enough to be a part of. I did AA/NA for about 3 years and it was great. I just need to use the tools and not make excuses. thanks for all your help.
480035 tn?1222369764 sorry you are disappointed. can you maybe to a quick taper? avis is really good with taper schedules. send her a note and see if she can help you. it may take a little longer than you thought. but it will happen. hang in there and dont give up. you are about to be on the ROAD TO RECOVERY.
5125965 tn?1363972668 I absolutely agree with atthebeach - slow taper is in order here. A rapid taper is rough, rough, rough. I know, I've done it! Also, although 'rapid detox', as mista mista mentioned, can work well for heroin and pills - it can be a different story w/ Methadone and Suboxone because they store in your bones and tissues and it takes months to get them out and your receptors sites need to mend. That's why a slow taper is probably your safest bet.This site is a powerful asset and has helped so many.
Avatar m tn I'ts worth it if used properly, for a short period of time with a quick taper. I was in your shoes 8 months ago, and now i'm full blown addicted to suboxone! Make sure you do some serious research before you do decide to do it. I wish I was properly informed before I did. The empty shell feeling will go away, just try and eat high protein foods, fruits, and veggies, and take the right vitamins.
Avatar f tn I take a lot of vicodin and just can't seem to taper. I called a doctor about using suboxone and it is kind of expensive but it is worth it and much cheaper than my addiction.
Avatar f tn If you're tried coming off Hydrocodone and the withdrawals are too much for you to stand, you'll be in for much worse if you have to go CT off Suboxone, and not everybody can work a taper successfully. I would not stay on it for a full week, much less two. That's too long IMO. That said, I was on Suboxone a total of 4 years and tapered myself off with no trouble at all over a period of a few months. It gave me time to get my life straight and my mind right and was a very good thing for me.
621322 tn?1222142091 I hope i can stay at this dosage and then get off this sub as quick as possible. I really want to take it for no longer than 7 days, especially after reading all this stuff on detoxing from sub! what a nightmare. The purpose of sub was to relieve wd's. Once that is done i hope that i will stay off everything, but with therapy of course....i deal with sick people and honestly think i take dugs to numb them out, but thats another story....we shall see.
Avatar f tn Rapid detox from suboxone. there no question about it.people say everybody is different nothing could more true. but opiates effect everyone exactly the same way,every know someone to stop taking them after long term use and just walk away feeling great no way!!! so when it comes to opiates.and stopping the use of them we are all the same. just go to a detox program with 50 different people who are different in every way.
Avatar f tn maintenance is a very low-profit part of medicine, and in maintenance, the biggest profit is gained by inducting people onto medication and doing a quick taper, which, repeated studies have shown ( - PM me) has less than a ONE PERCENT lifetime success rate at preventing relapse. If you truly want to stay clean, you want to stay on the suboxone. If you want to get high again, cut the BS and quit for three days and go back on the vics. A Vic addiction is NOTHING.
Avatar n tn Be careful with subs, i went from heroin to suboxone never could taper off sucessfully was on 12mg for 3yrs best thing i did was to quit cold turkey i reccomend a quick taper
1055085 tn?1254110582 hello, i been on suboxone for 2 years.i take 16 mg a day. im afraid if i get off that i will use again. does suboxone have a negative effect if used over a long period if time? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/962021'>Suboxone Withdrawal</a>.
Avatar f tn I am hoping that with the 3 week quick taper I can achieve that. Now that I have seen the other side( I now know what it is like to feel normal again) I hope to never go back again. If this does not work then I will have to face the w/ds anyway but as Tom said I will have learned how to live without the addictive behavior. I have been on some other forums and read peoples experience with sub. Some good some bad.
211417 tn?1189759422 Why are people's doctors putting them on suboxone for so long, and why are they taking it daily. Just curious, because my doctor said you could become addicted to the suboxone after using it for awhile, so they get people off of it before two months pass. I was clean off of hydrocodone, by using suboxone for about 6-8 weeks tops. And towards the end, I used it every other day, and then every two day, and then so on until I was done.
Avatar f tn We are planning a pretty quick taper so as to not trade addictions. Please let me know if you have any questions. I can't believe how alike we are and I am sooooo sorry for you. I know exactly where you are.
314128 tn?1226861220 Suboxone and subutex both come in 2 & 8mg pills... suboxone says N2 or N8, subutex says B2 or B8. Are you sure it's 3 mgs? Since you just started taking it you could be feeling tired because your body is adjusting to the med. How much oxy were you taking before? Are you feeling any wds at all? There are many different side effects and everyone reacts differently. It's very helpful in the beginning, but it's best used short term.
1909146 tn?1326509308 Hi guys, My friend gave me 12 days worth of Suboxone and told me how to use it. I took the first dose this morning and I am sooo sick! I thought that Suboxone was not suppose to get you high.. Just take the wothdrawals away but this stuff is so strong.. It's way stronger than OXY.. I am really nauseous, throwing up.. I cannot believe how sick it got me.. Anyone has an experience with it? Why am I so sick?
Avatar f tn It depends on what your goal is. Suboxone is not a cure all. It has it's own side effects and is also very difficult to come off of. How long have you been on the methadone? And why would do you want to come off of it?
Avatar n tn of methadone and did not take any for 4 days after the 4th day i started to take suboxone i ook a total of 8mgs.I thought i was going to die.My upper part of my body was seemed to be burning on the insides.I had the chills, i felt like things were crawling on me. I never felt like that, even when i went c/t. Can any one tell me why? Should i try subtex? Please help.
Avatar f tn Quick question to anyone and everyone who is on suboxone or been on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My bf went to dr yesterday and he put him on ( 3 ) 8 mg a day. So, a total of 24mg of suboxone a day. The bottle says TAKE ONE PILL 3 TIMES DAILY But, the insert from the pharmacy says IF U ARE TO TAKE MORE THAN ONE PILL A DAY, TAKE THEM ALL AT ONCE UNDER TONGUE, ETC..... If that is true, why wouldnt the bottle say "Take 3 pills ONCE a day" Im confused and no we didnt call the dr yet.
Avatar m tn So, I have been reading a little bit about peoples sub experience on this site, and I must say, mine was a bit different I went through a 21 day inpatient detox, 3 days oxycontin withdrawal, followed by a 12 day suboxone taper, my stabilization dose was 6mg, the dose was cut 1mg every 3 days.
803266 tn?1237914456 So you can drop fairly quick til you get to 4 mgs. Talk to your doc about a taper plan. Best to drop about 1/2 mg every 1-2 weeks. Wait til your body adjusts to the lower dose before dropping again. When you get down to 1/2 mg daily, then you drop to a crumb, then a crumb every other day. Take your time with the taper. Slow and low is best. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I have several questions - 1) should the clonidine and klonopin be reserved only for when I finally stop my taper or used as part of the taper? 2) is there some magic order in which you should take these combinations of drugs to keep all the withdrawal symptoms at bay? 3) are slow tapers better? What would a reasonable taper schedule look like to keep withdrawal symptoms at a minimum?
Avatar m tn Hi, Good for you wanting to get off. I just wanted to say that it is a quick taper and you need to be careful. You are aware that it has a long half-life. I just wanted to acknowledge your post. Others will be along a bit later who have a lot more experience with it. Best of luck and keep posting!!
Avatar n tn I have tapered down to 3 pills a day and am staying there till after my wedding then i will decide to either taper further or go on a quick Suboxone taper. Earlier this year I had tapered down to just 5mgs a day.. then I broke my toes.. went back up to 6pills a day to manage pain while working. Now I am back down to 3. Do you need to take 20 pills to not go into WD?? Was the 25-30 getting you high??