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Avatar f tn looking for doctor for suboxone program in wisconsin arond fonddulac or milwaukee
Avatar f tn Well I start the suboxone program friday. They said no oipates for 24 to 30 hours piror to app. How well does this program work? And will it takes all my withrdrawls and cravings away? And what can I expect from this progarm? Anyone know?
257844 tn?1191161144 i found a suboxone program in my area. i went to see the doctor last thursday. i was very impressed with him. he was very up front and put it out there. i left there with scripts for suboxone, clonopin (? spelling the blood pressure med) and 10 mg of valium. i could not start the sub right away as i was not at the peek of my withdrawal as i had gone back to using my hydro after going to the methadone clinic.
Avatar n tn I would have been dropped from the program for pot. Are you planning on using suboxone?
Avatar f tn My friend has been taking 16000 mg a day of actiq and 100mg of oxycotin, he has decided to get help and go a rehab program. He said they are going to give him suboxone. What should someone expect from this treatment and can the person be free of prescriptions drugs once given suboxone ?
1626629 tn?1329425929 I'm in day 2 of suboxone program. I know that everyone here is so much more accepting of a CT but I have my reasons. My husband lost his job last year therefore I am the only one bringing in income. For me to take off work is impossible...yes I'm one of those who takes care of my self last probably why it was so easy for me to get myself into this mess to begin witH. I chose this program in hopes that it will push me in the right direction.
Avatar n tn Hey, I have been on Suboxone for 9 months and now im thinking about getting off them. I was on methodone before and the withdraws were horrible. Does anyone know if subuxone withdraws are as bad? Im scared to go thru that agian!
Avatar f tn both are equally not healthy but working in a substance abuse field and running a program, people tend to find it easier to come off of suboxone. I would strongly suggest that whatever you choose, you get yourself into a rehab program and find other ways to stop using besides taking a med that is exactly like using.
Avatar n tn YES There is help This program provides brand name medications at no or low cost.
1355259 tn?1324223584 Personally, I was put on a waiting list for 9 months before I was accepted into the program and now I have been on the program for almost 3 years. It literally saved my life. First I would make sure that your doctor is legally allowed to prescribe subuxone. Not all doctors can do it. They have to go through a year course in order to be able to handle it. Second, many, many doctor require that you have to have been to rehab. They want to make sure that you have tried on your own to quit.
Avatar n tn just be honest and tell the chc that u are addicted to drugs and want to get on a suboxone program. then after you get your referral call the montana center after about 3 days and then every day after that until you get an appointment. if you smoke cigarrettes DO NOT tell them that you do or they will make you quit or take your suboxone away. it costs $200.00 for the first visit and $48.00 every visit after that. the bad thing is that every time they **** test you it costs $390.
Avatar n tn is anyone else tappering off suboxone and can someone give me some support and tips on how they did it because i want to stop and it is a lot harder then i thought it was going to be so if any one is out there that can help please feel free do so
Avatar n tn Check out the programs in your community - see if the college has a tuition reimbursement program or scholarship program for those 'recovering' and apply when your son has successfully gone through withdrawal.
Avatar f tn If detox is not an option at this point, talk with a suboxone doc in Canada - if that is your only option. Don't you have suboxone on Bermuda as an option? Shrimpman - way to go, I was wondering how you were doing. Congrats on your 14 days clean time!
1355259 tn?1324223584 I was very badly addicted to pain pills but have been off them for quite some time because i have been buying suboxone off the street but i have pain and have never had a pain doctor.I need to know what to tell my doctor tomarrow so she can refer me to a sub doctor and i dont know what to say since i never had a pain doctor before also because i dont have any pain pills in my system?
Avatar n tn first time on line, need help with a program to finish my total in depedency . from 20mgs to 2 mgs getty real hard now. the 3rd. day gets to tuff for me. this the 4th time i have tried. the cramping muscles is the big hurdle for me at this stage help please. treament centers much money and do they really work? there is so ******** to deal with . can you really detox without going into a treament center?????
Avatar f tn Along with Suboxone you should be getting counseling and/or going to meetings. Suboxone is a program, not just a drug. Please do this properly or you will find yourself in trouble down the road. I hope you will take this advise seriously and the advise of others here. I pray that you get to the other side and it all works out for you. Let us know how you are.
Avatar n tn If he got clean, there are other ways to stay clean. He will need to withdrawal from the Suboxone when he finishes the program and then where will he be? I hope you talk with us, or he talks with us, before making the decision.
1336057 tn?1276962096 He probably was on it because he wasn't ready to come off it yet. Suboxone is a treatment program. You just don't take a pill and thats it. You must attend some kind of support groups like NA meetings and counseling . You have to work at staying clean. It takes some people years before they feel they are ready to leave the sub program. There are some on it for life. It does have a higher success rate than methadone. I've been on it for 11 months and it has saved my life.
Avatar n tn suboxone can be a good tool for withdrawals especially if u have to can become a drug of choice...r u looking for a narcotic to take emotional pain away? meetings are great...using is something we have to quit using as a coping mechanism...sub can also be a long term tool if u feel u relapse over and is a strong narcotic and very adictiong...u can compare it with drugs in my journal for potency...
454281 tn?1218213861 and no follow up support, except a phone number to an outpatient faciliity that is not covered by my insurance. I feel very uneducated about suboxone and am worried that I am just getting into something worse. I am glad to have stumbled upon some information on here but would like more if anyone can help. Oh and I should also say.... I have not been taking the Suboxone 3 x's a day, since I have read the some info on here.
Avatar m tn it has no effect orally, other than perhaps some nasty side effects including headache , nausea, and edema. With a proper recovery program, ppl on suboxone can concentrate on what is important in getting their lives sorted out, with out the highs and cravings of other drugs. It should be viewed as a stepping stone to recovery. Depending on usage, the person, under a doctors care , when ready, can slowly lower the dose. This is typically quite painless down to around 2 mg.
Avatar f tn well the only way to quit doing something is to quit, not change to doing something that is really the same thing methadone and suboxone are not that metabolically different and they both have the same stigma there is only one program that Promises freedom from active addiction and it aint the suboxone program now if you are serious about getting clean the clinic has no right to delay your dose adjustment when you talk to your clinic theripist what did they say to you, did they refuse a decrease
Avatar f tn I live in a 20,000 population town and we have one. They are doing a suboxone study and everything is free. I told them, heck i'd pay and be glad to get help. They are awesome people. From the Dr, to the counselor. They told me this study is going on nationwide. Good luck.
1141221 tn?1261007302 Today is the 1st time I'm taking Suboxone! i've been on pills for the past 2 1/2 years, & i decide it was time to Stop ruining my life & others!! My question is.. how long do you have to be on suboxone?? my goal is once the bottle is done, so i'm I!! is it poss. to get clean from one script?? I don't even like the fact that i'm taking one pill to replace all the other ones!! i just don't want to get addicted to the subs. either!! i don't even know who i am!! anymore!!
Avatar n tn com or if you do a general search online. Depending on what type of suboxone program you get into will determine what the requirements are for you. With some doctors you are required to do nothing, with others NA meetings, counseling and support groups are required. As stated above - suboxone is not a cure. Knowledge of this medication in the medical community is low, and many doctors prescribe suboxone with no background in addiction whatsoever.
Avatar n tn My husband is addicted to opiates & we have been separated for 2 months, i found out through his brother that he is now on suboxone again & his family thinks he is doing just fine now & he is "clean'.
Avatar f tn I was very addicted to opiates( pills) I found a med called suboxone which has helped me het my life back. However my husband does nor know I have been taking the med neither does my dr. What are the risks to my pregnancy & how should I tell my dr?
Avatar m tn Welcome, If you want to do this correctly I need to suggest that you see a doctor, discuss your options and, if you choose Suboxone then do it correctly. Suboxone is NOT a means to avoid withdrawal. It is a complete program. If you follow the program correctly you can have success with your recovery. But I have to tell you, if you continue to self-medicate, you risk relapse. So what I am saying is if you are going to do this, do it right. I hope you consider seeing a doctor.