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Avatar f tn I seem to be having problems uploading pictures. Is this because I'm on an iPad?
1349676 tn?1277916049 has to have a Special License to prescribe Suboxone. Suboxone has Naltrexone in it, so if you do use other types of Opiates while on it, it's supposed to act as a "Block." Suboxone does have Withdrawals and most people are "Tapered Off." Suboxone is not a "Wonder Drug," although for some it seems like it. You feel fine, no cravings, and you can go on with your life. No more lies, go to work, be a better parent, whatever you want to do.
Avatar f tn hi i saw you posted on another thread. your son has been taking suboxone for 3 years, between 4 to 8 mgs? he doesn't go to a doctor he is dosing himself? why does his dose differ? he cant ct from suboxone at this dosage he will be very sick for a long time. he needs to taper down to almost crumbs. suboxone is used as a maintenance drug to prevent addicts from chasing their high. he is still using but it is maintained. what did he use before he started the suboxone?
306455 tn?1288865671 This question is for anyone who has been on Sub and gotten off it without going back to pain pills etc. After ther withdrawals from the Suboxone, did/do you find you have cravings for the Sub? Or are you back to having bad cravings for pain pills (or doc)? Or no cravings? Guess I'll do this as a poll. After you stopped Suboxone, do you.....
Avatar f tn I was reading a lot of the forums on here and came across a lot of women who are currently pregnant and on suboxone or struggling with substance abuse issues. I have been on suboxone for about 3 years and got pregnant accidentally but through discussing it with my fiance we chose to keep the baby... I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and have done everything by the book and then some. I was extremely hesitant to tell my OBGYN that I take suboxone.
441267 tn?1211690601 The difference with Suboxone, is after your on it for a long time, it takes that much more time before your receptors start working on their own again. This is what causes PAWS. If you need anything, please write me because I am going through this too, and since I joined this forum, I have not heard from anyone that has been on this for as long as I have, which troubles me in one way, but if I can help anyone else, I'm here... Hang in there...
13146300 tn?1428733353 Hi. So your dr told you to take 4mg of suboxone twice a day. That means to me 4mg every 12hrs. Instead you say you took 4mg then 2mg followed by another 2mg. So it sounds like you haven't taken it as directed. Previous posts said you wanted to take suboxone short term to withdraw from Oxycodone. Is this what you have planned with your dr? You need to make yourself clear, ask questions ect etc.
Avatar m tn Hi. I hope you are doing well. I am meeting with a lady from our church tonight for counseling. She used to be addicted to Oxy (up to 120mgs a day minimum) and went to detox. She has been off of it for over a year, but is now on Suboxone. She still doesn't "seem" or "feel" right. She is figity all the time, anxious, paranoid, tired, emotional, etc. What I'm wondering is, what does Suboxone do for her other than keep her from taking Oxy?
1510375 tn?1292938481 He had me insert some obstructions and draw some pictures. But, ultimately, he read what I told him like a code. A mind code based on words interpreting my emotions. He told me I was extremely angry. I had been in denial of that for years. He told me I have major trust issues and my intimate relationships suffer. In fact, I have such a hard time being intimate, he told me I have to pretend. Undeniably, I was floored.
Avatar m tn If they don't have any imprints on them they probably aren't suboxone or subutex. Like mentioned above, suboxone are orange with a N8 on them and are an orange or pinkish color. As of now there is not a generic version of Suboxone on the market yet. Generic subutex are white and do have some numbers imprinted on them. I don't think there are any prescription meds out there that do not have some sort of imprint on them. Sounds like he may be trying to pull a fast one on you.
Avatar m tn I got it from a friend a long long time ago because I was going through withdrawal from the hydrocodone I got from my dentist. Do you think they took pictures of the suboxone or something? I mean why would they give it back to me. There was 1 empty suboxone and there was one that only had 1mg inside of it.
229538 tn?1300381367 Hey Jimmy, yeah I'm up. My name's Lisa and I'm fairly new to the forum, but I like to get on and read and post comments... I'm currently taking suboxone trying to be "normal" again. So far, so good, I've gone from 8mgs a day to 2mgs. What's up with you?
Avatar m tn Got a refill on suboxone even after 2 weeks off , just couldnt handle the w/d , this time I will take only 1/2 a pill at a time , though its tempting to take a whole Ill have to remind myself how I felt the last few days.... Spent today with my grand daughter walking , swimming and taking pictures , 2 days ago I couldnt even get out of bed.
Avatar m tn It is small, round, white pill that he got from a friend. It is supposed to be suboxone but the pictures online I have found are pink and totally different. I am concerned and want to know if there is something that looks like this......maybe a different brand? Any help would be appreciated!
Avatar f tn I got clean and started suboxone treatment within the end of the first year my teeth began rotting away. I didn't have insurance or money to go to the dentist to catch it before it was to late. Now I need dentures. Besides being embarrassed for not having any teeth on a daily basis but it has also caused me to lose several decent job opportunities because I don't look very professional with decaying teeth. If anyone can please help me I am desperate for answers.
1336313 tn?1275693118 from what i understand the only difference between suboxone and subutex is that suboxone contains naloxone, an opiod-receptor antagonist. i was also very worried about not snorting or smoking every day (i wasnt a chewer) but you can beat that. the mental part of this can be so hard...just be strong. subs can definitely help if you use them correctly!!! good luck to you!
666151 tn?1311117976 By now almost every opiate addict has heard of Suboxone, the relatively new medication for opiate dependence. I initially had mixed feelings about Suboxone, my opinion likely influenced by my own experiences as an addict in traditional recovery. But my opinion has changed over the past two years, because of what I have seen and heard while treating well over 100 patients with buprenorphine in my clinical practice.
Avatar f tn ). I want you to take some pictures to post. Goal setting is so important and when that goal is reached, set another one for yourself. You can never have to many goals! My goal is to get off these pills for good! You have accomplished that goal and should be mighty proud of yourself.
Avatar n tn If you go to that web site I left for you, it shows 3 pictures of how your opiate receptors work, and Suboxone is like a key that fits into your receptor and blocks anything, even heroin, from letting your brain even register it. The Suboxone was designed that way to make sure people weren't using the Suboxone at the same time they were using opiates.
Avatar f tn You're taking the first step in the right direction by asking about and for help! Good for you! I take Suboxone, I don't know if you have heard of it but is a mixture of buprenorphine (an opiate) and nalaxone (an opiate blocker). You take it sublinguially (under your tongue), and it keeps you level and keeps your cravings at bay-all while making it worthless to use other drugs because the opiate blocker covers the receptors after the buprenorphine has taken effect.
Avatar f tn How do you deal with s--- like a straight person? When he left i cried and wanted pills. that old stupid thinking I take suboxone so i'm protected there... it won't let narcotics inso no chase, no waste. A little blessing in discuise in that there little pill.Thanks for listening to me ent. your all sooo special, and i love ya for it. I hope you all are doing well. habe a blessed Sunday...
Avatar n tn I know this is pretty obvious but you probably shouldn't be taking something if you don't know what it is. My guess is either methadone or suboxone. Neither of which, to the best of my knowledge helps with anxiety attacks. Someone tell me if I'm wrong here ok.... If it's methadone then you're supposed to be on a schedule and not just dropping a pill here and there. I would not take another one especially since you don't know what in the he11 they are.
1303537 tn?1317804341 We've all said and felt it - when we stop taking drugs or drinking it feels as though we've lost a friend. That chemical crutch, chemical happiness that we all loved once. That mourning is enough to make you relapse, no doubt. Next time you begin to mourn over your chemical friend, think about who you were before drugs. At one point we were all happy, we didn't need anything - remember that natural "high" you would get when you had a great day or laughed like a lunatic?
Avatar f tn The suboxone withdrawls are just as bad as vicodin. Now almost done with the suboxone, and having tapering down to almost nothing, im so unhappy. I have no desire to have friends, im always snappy to my family, recently broke it off with my bf bc of my temper, a depressed feeling. Ive tried anti depressants but all they do is make me into a zombie.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the advice--In response to the first post, I am only able to stop a couple days if I take suboxone and as for tapering. I was advised this about a month ago and tried it but failed. If I have more I always do it. I was thinking about using suboxone just in the beginning to get through the first two weeks, do you think that will work?
1481358 tn?1288298691 What I meant by pills is methadone and suboxone. I think most of us agree after reading the horror stories of both of these drugs mostly methadone, these arent the alternative to our problem. I think most of us agree that comming of suboxone is very similar to comming off stronger forms of opiates. Yes, please go get help and see if you do have chemical imbalance. I personnally have a bit of a sore spot for some doctors. They know what they are doing. They know.
Avatar m tn It had two or three very important pictures on it!!! I hate to think someone would take it from my car but I think it was in there last!!!!
662972 tn?1270169901 I am just got lvl 2 tax prep and have been busy doing taxes. Picked back up taking pictures a past time that I use to love but when I was using forgot all about it. Here is question I know that you all are not doctors just wondering if maybe anyone is going through it or has been there. I am diabetes i take methformin 500mg day and just found out that I have a thyroid problem and they put me on meds for that.
3100005 tn?1508295401 Been on oxy for about a few months now, on/off for probably 4 years. Trying a short term suboxone detox this time... This detox feels so different....I feel completely pathetic. My families disapointment in me is overwhelming..... every time i think of it, I get so depressed, its such a trigger. The never ending cycle of a drug addict.