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Avatar m tn My buddy and I have said a million times that we'd rather put a little orange pill under our tongue each morning than to struggle with the other option; opiate addiction.
Avatar f tn ha, the higher dose you jump at the worse the withdrawls seem to be from suboxone i went down to 1/16th of an 8 mg pill every other day and then every three days before i jumped, my withdrawls were still pretty bad and lasted about 10 days, i was only on suboxone for almost 2 months tho, im told the longer your on it the longer the withdrawls, but rember everyone is differnt.
404171 tn?1206740545 I am 3 months clean with suboxone. I find that I am really tired a lot does anyone else have this issue on suboxone?
Avatar f tn Quick question to anyone and everyone who is on suboxone or been on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My bf went to dr yesterday and he put him on ( 3 ) 8 mg a day. So, a total of 24mg of suboxone a day. The bottle says TAKE ONE PILL 3 TIMES DAILY But, the insert from the pharmacy says IF U ARE TO TAKE MORE THAN ONE PILL A DAY, TAKE THEM ALL AT ONCE UNDER TONGUE, ETC..... If that is true, why wouldnt the bottle say "Take 3 pills ONCE a day" Im confused and no we didnt call the dr yet.
5417109 tn?1367641699 Ok weaver u just explained a lot, thanks. I have the orange suboxone 8mg tablets and a pill cutter I got free from the pharmacy. The first time I took the pill I did get a little lightheaded and racy heart, but it only lasted for a minute. That was sat nite. Now all day yesterday and now even worse today I feel very lethargic , no appetite and the worst thing is I feel like I'm having a long drawn out panic attack.
Avatar n tn I have been on methadone for about 4 years and I am thinking about taking suboxone to get off of it. Is suboxone hard to get off of? Will I crave methadone's warm and fuzzy feeling ? that is why I hesitate to start the suboxone because i am so addicted to methadone. I do about 150 mg. a day of methadone .Will it make me sick to just start taking the sub? Will I feel bad or will I be okay and be glad i took it ? Do you immediately start feeling better or do you feel sick?
Avatar n tn I understand that this could possibly cause withdrawl because of the naltrexone present in suboxone. Also, how long have you been on the suboxone and how high of a dose were you on of the buprenex? I'm thinking maybe you might be having slight withdrawl symptoms because you were used to getting the buprenex without the naltrexone. Just curious. Maybe we can work out a way to chat through some other means if your interested. Let me know. Take care all!
401095 tn?1351395370 What is Suboxone/Subutex? Suboxone®, manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser, is the first opioid substitution treatment available without the hassle involved with going to a methadone clinic everyday or even weekly. The two active ingredients in Suboxone® are buprenorphine hydrochloride, and naloxone hydrochloride dihydrate. Subutex® has only buprenorphine as an active ingredient.
Avatar f tn As far as I know, and IBKleen , maybe you can help me with this, but i have never heard of suboxone in a 40 mgm pill. I have only seen 2mgms and 8mgms. I have never heard of anyone being on that high of a dose. can you describe the pill?
Avatar f tn In there you create a support system of people who will inspire you and who you can call when you are weak. We won't always have the orange pill to help us so we must find ways while we're on it, to help in the future. If you are absolutely opposed to NA there is always 1 on 1 counseling but I think peer support is more helpful because you can get help at 2am and not when you're next meeting comes along. A counselor can help with life coping skills though.
7520275 tn?1391567041 okay im 23 been on orange subs for 3yrs to kick a nasty pain pill habit that I started to kick heroin my biggest fear is being sick so when I went to the Doc he gave me sub- witch I felt was a blessing no longer was I a scumbag druggy it gave me the courage to leave a very abusive relashionship I was cofadent in myself for the first time in a long time so I meet a really good man & got married I was honest about my past but the closest thing to a drug he's done is asprin anyway I desided in
870151 tn?1239681517 It's a big orange pill that you put under your tongue until it melts. I was in heavy withdrawl today and my dr. gave me a Rx for it. It is bitter as hell and takes about 10 mins. to disolve. It did take my withdrawls away almost immediately. I am just worried about getting addicted to this nasty tasting stuff. Have you asked your dr. for it?
Avatar f tn I am new to this forum, but have been reading it for a couple of days. I can tell you it has been so amazing to read all of your posts and know that I am not alone in my addiction hell!! My question is "has anyone here tried the suboxone?" I have been reading about the c/t and tapering methods but those never worked for me so I have been on the suboxone for 2 months now, I was taking 30-40 vics/day for about 5 years.
Avatar n tn Can I stop taking the suboxone and use vicodin to ease any w/d symptoms? Suboxone is such a strong med-even if it does not get you high that I would think the vic would help and clear out of my system within 24 hours. That way I can either dramatically reduce my dose (I'm on 12 mg daily) and buy me some time to figure this mess out maybe I'll be able to stop altogether. by the way----you do not go into wd from taking an opiate AFTER you take suboxone.
Avatar f tn i would wake up in the morning and feel my body going into w/d's, so i'd have to get that nasty orange pill under my tongue sucked! Sub is only supposed to be used short-term, but there are SO many greedy docs out there(like mine was), that they want u to be on it 4ever! My insurance didnt cover Sub, and so in 2 yrs, i spent like $12,000 on the dr and the med. Then last Oct, i was laid off from my job, which actually was ok, b/c i knew i wanted to get off the Sub.
Avatar m tn But if you do and want some information about Suboxone, I'll tell you. If the pill is a Orange round tablet with a 8 and a N on the back, it is a 8mg pill. Suboxone only works by being dissolved under your tounge. Now this is the IMPORTANT PART! Suboxone is Buprenorphine which is a Opiate, then Naltroxone which is an opiate blocker.
Avatar f tn Is it normal to feel tired from the suboxone? When I started taking this almost a week ago I noticed that I got a severe headache and very jittery. I asked the doctor about it and she said that it was "normal" and it would go away, but of course it has not. I keep taking lots of Advil which helps a little but then it comes back full force.
8323481 tn?1405709254 “People come in with endocrine problems—thyroid dysfunction, low testosterone,” which kills sex drive, “and hair loss. Tooth loss with Suboxone,” which is orange-flavored and is usually dissolved under the tongue. Scanlan’s big concern: bupe’s 37-hour half-life, which makes the drug build up in the body when dosed every day. “Look at it this way,” he says. “If I maintained you on oxycodone, and every day I gave you one milligram more, you’d never complain, right?
Avatar m tn Hear, hear!!! I sometimes beat myself up for being on the suboxone as a maintenance drug. I literally dole out all kinds of opiates in my job & doing it without sub is just not an option for now. I agree with you, & for me it has given me my life back, has given me hope & a way out of the private hell I was in addicted to painkillers. So for now, I do not have a plan as to when to taper off of this drug...
Avatar m tn I have been taking Suboxone for a few weeks (about 8-12mg daily) and it was wonderful for coming off Herion, but now I am ready to take the plunge and taper off the Sub. Does anyone have any experience with this? I want to drop my dose slowly untill I get down to taking 1/4 of an 8mg pill a day, and then hopefully stop all togather. Is this the best method, or could I just stop taking the Sub. all at once?
717440 tn?1292747342 I had some side effects (headaches every day, dizziness and nausea for the first two weeks) and yes it took any and all withdrawal pain away instantly. Eventually though I became desperately addicted to suboxone, loved suboxone, and needed it the same way I needed percocet/oxy/vicodin (whatever) until I began hating it (just like my drug(s) of choice). When I quit suboxone after being on it for 2 1/2 years, I experienced severe withdrawal.. Which I was told would never happen.
Avatar m tn that is just another big step you passed, give yourself a pat on the back.
621290 tn?1226723861 So Some may know that my babysitter stole 26 of my Suboxone pills...... Im trying to figure it out still--- WHY? Is this a HOT DRUG now ? Why would someone wanna buy this? Whats the deal?
Avatar f tn BY the way- I swear that my teeth all went to the dogs when I started on the Suboxone- at the time I was on 2 of 8/?? mg (the orange stop signed buggas).Now I am on 3 of the 2 mg film which I used to hate - cuz they were DIFFERENT-but am very used to them now & when I go back on them I plan on reducing them to 2 of them a day.
781880 tn?1238114088 over 33hrs since my last half pill dose. I feel a little better than the first night on suboxone. I think this will be the day I can say I am drug free. I feel pretty good. I think If I stay busy I can beat it. Wish me Luck.......
Avatar f tn My 24 year old has been on Heroin (injecting) for about 3 years. Also, just about any other thing from pills to cocaine etc. She has gone to numerous inpatient programs and have done what I could for her to become drug free. My question is she is now on Suboxone which I have found information on the internet about but feel she is abusing it & sharing the pills. She started on the Suboxone 4 weeks ago. First prescription 7 pills & doctor wanted her to come back in a week.
Avatar m tn So the months went by, I tapered, I got counseled...but first before I did that...I got high everyday on a 6-sided orange pill. Was I really accomplishing anything? 31 days ago, we (mainly me, realizing I was just addicted to another pain med) decided to go off at 1-2mg/day. I went through the same exact withdrawals I did with other opiates for about 7 days. Thought I was getting better as the physical pain went away, but then was hit with horrible anxiety, depression, and exhustion.