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460591 tn?1207154399 Suboxone does not show up on a typical urine test. I think they would have to do a special test for it to show up.
Avatar f tn They are small now and usally only in the evening and durning the night I'm having problems sleeping. I thought to get on to suboxone when I got down to 30 or 20 milligrams. I'm on 39mill now. At this moment I'm going to try to just get off and not start taking the suboxone. Because the methadone has worked so well I figure if I don't make it out to the other side, I'll just go back on methadone. who knows. anyway way to go.
1909146 tn?1326509308 Hi guys, My friend gave me 12 days worth of Suboxone and told me how to use it. I took the first dose this morning and I am sooo sick! I thought that Suboxone was not suppose to get you high.. Just take the wothdrawals away but this stuff is so strong.. It's way stronger than OXY.. I am really nauseous, throwing up.. I cannot believe how sick it got me.. Anyone has an experience with it? Why am I so sick?
Avatar n tn Does anybody know a good way to get off of suboxone. I have been off of it for 3 yrs now. My doctor has me taking 8 1/2 milligrams a day. I was taking two 8mill a day before. Since I went down I am having some withdrawl. Is there any medication I can take (over the counter) to help with these symptoms? Should I quit cold turkey and just do it???
Avatar f tn I have been buying suboxone off the street and take one 8 mg strip a day. I am on day 8 of. Withdraws and took one percocet 10 milligrams because I feel like I am going to pass out. I can't stand without falling down puking can't eat diareha nausea. I did not want to take percocet but I have my son her who is little and I have to get out of bed today I have no help so any advice...
Avatar m tn I was recenetly on methadone at a clinic at 50 milligrams and i decided to switch to suboxone. So I went about 2 days with nothing. Man did I feel rough, but not as rough as it was going to get. I took 1/2 of a 8mg suboxone tablet and about 1/2 hour later I was sweating enormously, twitching, jerking, freezing and could not sit still. this made me 100x worse than what I originally was. It went on like this for 3-4 hours.
Avatar f tn The most common reported side effect of Subutex and Suboxone include: cold or flu-like symptoms headaches sweating sleeping difficulties nausea mood swings.
Avatar f tn Hi there, my fiancé was addicted to heroin and went to a 1 week inpatient detox facility. He has been off the heroin for 12 days. They put him on a suboxone taper which ended 6 days ago (they stopped him on 2 milligrams). He came home 4 days ago and he was doing fine at first other than being drained of energy. But today he started with the full blown withdrawal - constantly in the bathroom, can't regulate temperature, can't sleep for more than an hour at a time, restless legs, etc.
Avatar n tn We both have been tapering ourselves off for a month or so, and are down to about 1/2-1/4 milligrams of Suboxone a day, so hopefully that will help. So what are your thoughts on using alcohol or valium? I mean, we are so afraid of the withdrawal symptoms, anything we can do to ease them would help. We have been dealing with this for so long, and just want it to be over once and for all, as I'm sure you can understand. You made it this far, you should be proud of yourself:) You're almost done...
621290 tn?1226723861 wow i thought i was the only person to ever mix adderall and subs lol... i had an addiction to amphetamine in 9th-10th grade in highschool and for the past 2 years i have been going a little bit... over board with oxy 80s... ;-) lol to say the least. i dont do much oc these days (**** is waaaaay to expensive) but i'm still cleaning out my body completely of opiates.. so take a quarter of a sub here and there and i take adderall.. it's always struck me as a funny combonation..
Avatar n tn Just yesterday, I began taking suboxone (after having had my last and final dose of the MS ER 26 hours earlier). My doctor told me that I would feel better, but I didn't. In fact, I went home and went straight to bed. Although I didn't sleep very much, I just felt very flat and lethargic and tired. Today, I woke with a tad more energy, but seem to be ending the day feeling the same way - tired, flat, lethargic. Yesterday, I took 28 mg and I think today will be 28 mg too.
Avatar n tn I just saw a dr. in Houston that put me on 32 mg. of Suboxone the first time I met him. He talked to me for 45 minutes and then gave me a script for a mo. I was told to take the meds. for one mo. but I wasn't given any indication as to how to taper. I have spoken to him for 30 minutes since and was told not to cut my meds down from 32 mg. for awhile. I am a well adjusted 54 yr.
203003 tn?1210859507 I was recenetly on methadone at a clinic at 50 milligrams and i decided to switch to suboxone. So I went about 2 dats with nothing. Man did I feel rough, but not as rouas as it was going to get. I took 1/2 of a 8mg suboxone tablet and about 1/2 hour later I was sweating enormously, twitching, jerking, freezing and could not sit still. this made me 100x worse than what I was. It went on like this for 3-4 hours. I'm a pretty tough cookie when it comes to pain but this took me by suprise.
862936 tn?1239557170 I was just wondering from someone who really knows, A 8-2 mg tablet of suboxone compares to how many milligrams of methadone. I was told a 8-2 mg suboxone is equal to 30-40 milligrams od methadone. I really would like to know.
Avatar f tn I was taking 8 milligrams of Suboxone a day then I brought it down To 4 then I brought it down to 2 and then I brought it down to one. And now today i am takimg have a milligram. I have diearrea for 6 days now and last night a very high fever that i was able to calm with slightly cold shower and tylonol. I debating going to the er.and after i go i still feel like i have to go, im lost and im already so sick and i haven't. Even jumped off yet ivebeeen taking them for.
Avatar f tn But still the DEA doesnt want anyone who is not perscribed it taking it doesnt matter what reason. I see 1 of the 29 suboxone doctors that is on the board of the second tier of suboxone doctors in the country. Diversion is the one thing that may take suboxone away from us. Im not paranoid because Ive stock piled of 600 8 mg pills so Ill be fine.
Avatar f tn I am SO tired of taking them that I need to make a change. I have been calling around inquiring about suboxone. My insurance company will pay for the visits as well as the medication. Can someone please offer any advice? How many and how are the milligrams prescribed determined and how long will I have to take suboxone before I can wean off.
Avatar m tn Today is the 8th day since I finished my taper off Suboxone and I'm feeling fine. I had to move some stuff yesterday so by 9pm I was worn out and went to bed early. That kind of messed up my sleep pattern and I woke up about 12:30am, watched a movie, went back to bed about 3am and right to sleep. I had set the alarm for 8am and was still sleeping when it went off.
Avatar m tn I have read so many threads about waiting for 12 or 24 hours to start on suboxone but I have scored high enough on the COWS test to take it much sooner and have actually taken it after 6 hours with no problems and that's from taking almost 400 milligrams of oxycontin a day and a bunch of norcos. My body goes through opiates very fast. I would like to know if I am the only one that has been able to do this.
1428440 tn?1287393979 I came here just wanting some info on suboxone. I didn't expect to find doctors or trained therapist. I came here to find people like me to say what was on my mind, what my fears are, has anyone had feeling or effects form meds like I have. I wanted down to earth honest addicts to speak their wisdom on their experiences with their personal self. Most of us coming here know, that a doctor is usually always the best expert to ask. Yeah maybe a specific field of medicine.
Avatar f tn I have decided no more and I want off. I called a suboxone dr and scheduled an appointment which was yesterday after 24 hrs of detox. I took my first dose of suboxone yesterday and took a total of 16 mg. I still felt like crap but don’t want to take any more than I have to. Today I have only taken 8mg so far. I have been reading many posts saying how bad suboxine is for you and how bad it is getting off it. I read that withdrawals take weeks.
257844 tn?1191161144 but i think im read to start the suboxone. is it dangerous to take the valium with the suboxone? dr. told me to take the valium four times a day.
717440 tn?1292747342 I had some side effects (headaches every day, dizziness and nausea for the first two weeks) and yes it took any and all withdrawal pain away instantly. Eventually though I became desperately addicted to suboxone, loved suboxone, and needed it the same way I needed percocet/oxy/vicodin (whatever) until I began hating it (just like my drug(s) of choice). When I quit suboxone after being on it for 2 1/2 years, I experienced severe withdrawal.. Which I was told would never happen.
659957 tn?1224857787 I have been taking Suboxone for 3yrs and I am pregnant w/ my 2ND child while on suboxone. I also know of another girl who has had 2 babies while taking suboxone. My 1st child I had while taking suboxone is ABSOLUTELY perfect. He will be 2 in Dec. He weighed 7lbs. and 3 oz @ birth. When I had him, the hospital knew I was on this medication and monitored him just to make sure he was ok and he never showed any signs of WDs.
Avatar f tn I found that methadone had a pleasant opiate glow. Suboxone, not really at all. In fact, Suboxone really stunk in that regard. I couldn't get any of that glow at all. The subs prevented WDs and the lethargy but none of the glow. In the end this is probably what helped me achieve recovery. I went over a year without that glow. My brain started to forget what it was like. My reward center was starting to normalize. That's my case for switching to Suboxone.
Avatar n tn They were not happy. Last week he went to see a Suboxone doctor. He has been halfing is 80 mgs at the clinic again since Monday, and yesterday (Thursday) was able to get down to 1/4 dose (20mgs) without anyone noticing. Today (Friday)he saw the Sub doctor and started. Took his first pill at the office 11:00 a.m. He is now at home, the sweats have stopped, but now its the headache, backache, and general body aches. He has taken the pills the way the doctor has told him.
Avatar f tn hello everyone this is my first time posting something on this site so please bare with me ok I was addicted to prescription painkillers for 5 years I went to a rehab facility and when I came out I started suboxone my doctor weaned me off when I was pregnant and when I had my son I was given percocet for the pain of the c-section which afterwards I decided I needed to get back on suboxone some time went by and I lost my job therefore I lost my insurance while I was still taking 8 milligrams of S
Avatar m tn I have been clean since 08 and I did suboxone and methadone. so those two are the ones I know about.
303824 tn?1294875001 What is SUBOXONE and how it works SUBOXONE is a medicine used to treat opioid dependence in the privacy of a physician's office. Buprenorphine is the active ingredient in SUBOXONE. It has unique characteristics that may help reduce cravings and suppress withdrawal symptoms in order to reduce illicit opioid use and support staying in treatment. The way different opioids work can be explained using a lock and key example. Receptors are like a lock to a door.
Avatar m tn I don't feel high or really mortivated as I do usually when I take suboxone. Is it the suboxone still working? Or am I just not physically addicted. Thanks by the way for all the answers. I am certainly not messing with my body anymore like this. I'm done with all this pill stuff. I'll probably just stick it out.. just curious if I'll have to.