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Avatar f tn Make sure you talk with your doc about what your treatment plan will entail, mainly the length of time he/she thinks you need to be in sub treatment. Talk about additional support that you can get and if they offer any sort of aftercare, some require that you attend N/A weekly. I wish you the best of luck. Take Care!
Avatar f tn I was thinking of talking about 1 8 mg sub in the morning first day(after 24 hours of with drawl) and 4 mg in the morning and 4 at nigh for the next day then 4 mg in the morning and 2 mg at night then then just stopping all together? so a total of 3 days of suboxone to get through the worst of the withdrawals.
Avatar f tn Has he talked to his doctor about the length of time he wants to be on the Sub? Or the length of time the doctor feels he should be on it? (Although lots of Dr's want you to be on it for long time...more money for them). It's about 15-21 days on Sub before getting addicted to it. So if he's gonna do a short term Sub, he should start to slowly taper til he's done.
Avatar n tn Generally, after each reduction I would allow atleast a week (I did a month, but that was just me, everyone has a different opinion of the length of time someone needs to be on suboxone). After 2mg, I went to 1.5 to 1 to 0.5 to 0.25 (crumb) then started skipping days. I think at the very end it really helped skipping days. Because of the long half-life, subs stay in your system so skipping days is slowly lowering the amount. Why suffer when you can take it slow.
Avatar f tn I was unwilling to use pain medication for any length of time due to fear so my dr. Prescribed suboxone that its perfect for people like me and that although there was narcotics in it i would feel nothing. Sounded perfect to me. A week later i looked it up and was horrified when i saw my dr. To discuss he asked me not to read the internet that the medication was perfect and if i continued reading internet i would only bring alot of fear to my head....
211417 tn?1189759422 Sure every drug passes through the liver but 4mg of suboxone is much easier on the body then tons of oxy's or the like every day. So you have to keep that in mind when people are on this long term.
480035 tn?1222369764 Suboxone can be a great tool to help people in their recovery, but it is not a cure all and comes with risks and side effects that people should be informed of before they start treatment. Hopefully more people will read this post and ask questions. Sarah - Depending on the length of time someone is on sub there can absolutely be wd symtoms after stopping or tapering.
Avatar f tn they alos ahve smaller tablets than the 8mg tabs he has, at first when is tarted i was only on 8mg for the frist week and i was prescribed 2mg pills, so overall to save time the pharmacy most likely puts the same directions on all the bottles.
1091982 tn?1256946113 i broke my contract with my pain doctor, and the solutions are either getting methadone or suboxone. i was scheduled for knee surgery today but i was in bad withdrawal from the 100mcg patches that the anesthesiologist wanted to re-schedule the surgery. i have tried methadone clinics-which are not really for pain management- and it is pretty much like being around a bunch of drug seeking people-unless you can afford the private clinic.
Avatar n tn In other words it should take about a year to get back to normal if you have been abusing opiates for any length of time. Sometimes an antidepressant is a very good help in situations like that. Just as an aside,..try cutting down on so much protein and eat some fresh veggies and fruit. regards..
Avatar f tn I think any longer then six months you are going to a good amount of withdrawal coming off of them .Also I have heard tapering all of the way down to a crumb when you do decide to jump off is the way to go ...You can do this Sub is a wonderful tool for getting drug free ,just keep in mind its only a tool .There still will be alot of work that you will have to do ...
Avatar m tn After several years of tramadol addiction (up to as many as 800-1000 mgs per day), I have consulted an addiction specialist and will begin treatment with suboxone next week. Anyone out there with some experience who can give me an idea of what to expect?
401095 tn?1351395370 [2] cold or flu-like symptoms headaches sweating sleeping difficulties nausea mood swings Those side effects do not sound too inviting, do they? I think these are primarily experienced during the induction period, as the body becomes accustomed to buprenorphine, rather than a full agonist.
Avatar n tn I'm talking about everything you've switched from, pills, methadone, heroin, etc...included in the length of time. It also depends on if you were taking methadone before suboxone or not. Could you give us a bit more information?
Avatar f tn I am also aware of the many research studies that demonstrate less-severe withdrawal from Suboxone compared to withdrawal from agonists in 'blinded' research trials. Finally, a number of treatment centers use Suboxone as a 'tapering agent' to help people get through opiate withdrawal. Again, I talk in greater detail on the blog, but one final comment: the withdrawal is unusual in several aspects from what people usually expect.
536882 tn?1225516459 I just wanted to make it clear that Sub DOES have a place in addiction treatment. The important thing to emphasize is that you can't just get rid of addiction by taking a pill. It requires a lifelong commitment to recovery care and that takes alot of work. Sub is merely a stepping stone for you to get embedded into recovery, THEN focus on tapering off the sub.
Avatar f tn Depending on your opiate addiction I think there is individual differences of who should or shouldnt take suboxone, and also the length of time it should be used. Like with any drug the less time you have to take it the better, I just know I wouldnt have had such a good experience had I tried a 21 day detox, but for some that is all that is needed.
218451 tn?1274998152 , after using it for 15 days it took you 25 days of wd before you felt somewhat better so i vote no with the sub for detox purposes unless you are going into a facility i am a big fan of using short acting opiates for detox, but i am still on the fence about the at home detox, i see both sides of that arguement its hard for an addict to taper themselves off pills, some people can taper at home but others fail miserably also the return to use after detox can be a problem when you dont have some k
558096 tn?1255890602 I posted that question out of desperation to hear of some success stories using suboxone, but all I got was a slap in the face. I only went to sub b/c I was spending up to $600/month on vics and after many many many failed attempts to stop them, went on sub. By the time I got on subs I had just quit a 15-20 10mg/day, sometimes adding 4-5 7.5 hydro's in the mix. I will just have to get through this taper on my own.
Avatar n tn What other drug would be better than ultram. methadone, subutex, suboxone, narcan,etc. ultram is better option than any of these. really think about it. Thats not near as bad as opiate withdrawal. It just depends on the person. you can get very high on ultram, but if you take it right and at tyhe right dose, it should be alot better than these other opiates. im sure you feel the same way. Again think about it. What would be a better option. There isnt one!
401095 tn?1351395370 Many patients and their doctors find that treatment for opioid dependence works best when medical treatment with Suboxone is combined with counseling. How Long Will I Stay on Suboxone? The length of therapy will depend on your needs, and is up to you, your doctor, and possibly your counselor. Some patients need Suboxone for as little as a few weeks, while others may need it for months or even years. Combining Suboxone treatment with counseling may increase your chances of success.
Avatar m tn I think the subs will get you high at that dose. You are at 80mg of hydros now, that's about 1.5mg of suboxone or buprenorphine. I was on 200mg of methadone and 8mg of subs completely took away my withdrawal. Definitely educate yourself before using subs. Subs have a withdrawal much, much longer than hydros. Read the suboxone/subutex FAQs in the health pages at the bottom of this page. There's a lot of good info on short and long term use of subs. I would do a fast taper, if it where me.
Avatar n tn I've been on Suboxone for 6 days. tonight i took 90 mg of morphine. Am i screwed or should i just skip my Sub dose tonight and start again in the morning? Please help, i want to get back on schedule but am afraid if i take the Sub i will have crazy withdrawals. Please help.
Avatar n tn I am not so sure it was the transitions to the Suboxone or just the length of time you are on opiates. We see quite a few women that we treat will the Waismann Method of rapid detox , that right after treatment get their period for weeks after years without it.
Avatar f tn I would love it if you could keep us informed on how the suboxone treatment is going. I've been wondering if suboxone could be used to help with withdrawals from methadone - the plan being to start the suboxone and immediately start tapering down with the goal of being off all drugs in a few months.
Avatar n tn Personally, I've gotten no type of pain relief from the sub at all, in fact I've had the opposite effect but everyone is different and length of treatment plays a part I'm sure.
Avatar m tn If you are on 18mgs of Suboxone, you should not be feeling any secondary withdrawal from the oxy.. Suboxone, namely Bupenorphine which is the opiate in suboxone, is much stronger than oxy and 18mgs is a lot. Are you taking the subx via a subxone doctor? He/she should be able to help you with a taper.. everyone has an opinion on suboxone but from my experience - the shorter the time on sub and the lower the dosage you jump from equals the least amount of withdrawal..
454951 tn?1207490467 I'm nervous and excited at the same time!!! I'm thinking that the length of time i was on the meds will possibly make my sub treatment not have to be for very long, but at the same time im not sure if the amount of percs i was taking will affect that. I was also wondering if because i built up a tolerance so quick, would that make a difference??? any feedback is aprreciated, and sorry for the long post!!! p.s. i havent taken anything since yesterday at 4pm, to get ready for the sub....
Avatar f tn Only doctors with special training and a DEA number with an X at the beginning can write for Suboxone for withdrawal/addiction treatment. And while there are lots of clinical trials happening right now, the drug was approved by the FDA in 2002 for the treatment of addiction. Too bad they didn't do a better job of fact checking before airing the story.