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404171 tn?1206740545 I am 3 months clean with suboxone. I find that I am really tired a lot does anyone else have this issue on suboxone?
Avatar n tn my son started suboxone treatment yesterday... he was quiet at first... it made him feel better than he did while going through withdrawal..... but today he is aggitated, aggravated, and edgy.... he wants a pill really bad..... is this normal??? Does he need a larger dose of suboxone.... ??? Can he up his own dose safely???
220965 tn?1189759423 I am looking for a doctor that provides suboxone in Chicago that is not very expensive. Does anyone know of a doctor in or around Chicago that I could go to.
Avatar m tn I never even heard of this stuff til I moved to the mountains of east kentucky. Are the doctors as scared to prescribe the other meds in other places of the country as they are here?Heck I consider myself lucky to get the norco 10/325 here..
199177 tn?1490502134 Yes, thanks Avis. ochooked, I feel the exact same way, but you know what, I don't care.. If I can prevent one preson from going through it, then Ill say it over and over. After a 9 year addiction to anything painkiller, I ended up on suboxone. Was taking anywhere from 20-30 10mg percocet or 7.5mg vicoprofen a day and I needed to quit. I started to research detox facilities because I knew the wd would be bad, had done it many times before and didn't want to go through it alone again.
575529 tn?1217659394 I am seeking suboxone treatment in ohio. I went to and they had 3 doctors email me. I have insurance and they all want at least 450.00 to see me. Is there ANYWHERE in ohio kentucky or indiana I can get treatment using my insurance?
Avatar m tn I've called every treatment center in my area that treats opiod dependence with suboxone. When I say I need treatment for tramadol dependecy they tell me tramadol is not an opiate and they don't treat for it. I reallu need to find some help. I've been tapering off but I know I'm gonna need some extra help. Does anyone know if there is another route I can go to get suboxone?
12923487 tn?1427805766 Your in my thoughts and prayers. Look into suboxone clinics. I would not recommend methadone. People tend to stay on it for ever because they are actually still getting high from the medication. Suboxone like I said. Saved my life when I hit my bottom lost all friends family and isolated using. Now I back in reality. Got my friends and family back and same job last year and a half.
Avatar n tn great family support went cold turkey after 35 days of blackmarket suboxone .thought i had it beat only to detox from suboxone . think i would do things differnt maybe taper off would have been better. thank GOD for HIS grace and mercy . I thought i was in controle at first then guess what glad i made the decision can't wait till summer.
597547 tn?1251040364 Coleman to detox after being on Suboxone for nearly 4 years. It works. I see you are at UofA. He has a couple of offices in Las Vegas as well.
Avatar f tn If so, Is it bad like the heroine withdrawls? Should I switch to suboxone in a few days? Which is better to take when getting off heroin, suboxone or methadone? Please post and let me know what to expect. I need help.
Avatar n tn And if you need specifics, we will need the treatment in central Kentucky or near Gainesville, Florida. I would really appreciate any ideas or advice you have. Thanks so much!
Avatar n tn said Robert Walker, a researcher at the University of Kentucky Center on Drug and Alcohol Research. The world of pain extends beyond big cities and involves more than oxycodone. In Appalachia, retail sales of hydrocodone sold mostly as Vicodin are the highest in the nation. Nine of the 10 areas with the highest per-capita sales are in mostly rural parts of West Virginia, Kentucky or Tennessee. Dr.
Avatar n tn My name is Cortney, I'm 20 years old, and from the eastern kentucky area. If you didn't know, oxycodone runs rampid in this area, i mean people go to florida left and right to hit up those pain clinics. Anyways, I'm addicted to this horrible drug, and its hell. I mean, even when I'm high off of them, i don't really even enjoy it.
Avatar n tn These so called addiction specialists are often regular doctors who took a weekend course to perscribe suboxone. I don't think that's a good option for him because he doesn't sound like an addict and sub isn't that good for pain. He sounds like a sick man who is depressed and takes narcotics for pain.
Avatar f tn I was off of vics and somas for 2 months or so and my cravings drew me back in. I have decided I cannot do this alone anymore. I go to suboxone clinic tomorrow, I cannot do this on my own. Hell and I am 51 yrs old. I never dreamed I would be this bad of an addict. Good luck .
Avatar f tn Honestly the best way to detox is Suboxone. Tried everything from methadone, cold turkey, rehabs in and out patient, xanax and more. If you have never done xanax and can get some for a FEW DAYS it helps. My advice: NO METHADONE EVER, I cant stop cold turkey, Xanax very sparingly, its a killer to quit and lasts longer. If you have access to suboxone take it, its a miracle. Just make sure you NEVER take it if you have other opiates in your system.
Avatar n tn All you do is start off by taking a whole one for a few days, then you break them in half, then you break them in quarters, and then your off!!
Avatar n tn I read an article today in the Philadelphia daily news today about a group of people in Kentucky sueing Perdue Pharma. The lawsuit was over the fact that Perdue failed to properly inform the public over the fact that even if Oxycontin is taken properly you will become addicted. The article goes further in depth than I am willing to type but you get the general idea. I was considering contacting an attorney to see if I could possibly enter in a case. You never know?