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591616 tn?1225462048 Is anyone on this forum besides me that is on suboxone for opiod withdrawls???
Avatar m tn the naloxone in the suboxone is simply to deter IV has no effect orally, other than perhaps some nasty side effects including headache , nausea, and edema. With a proper recovery program, ppl on suboxone can concentrate on what is important in getting their lives sorted out, with out the highs and cravings of other drugs. It should be viewed as a stepping stone to recovery. Depending on usage, the person, under a doctors care , when ready, can slowly lower the dose.
Avatar f tn Iv been on methadone for over 15 years and have started on suboxone. I was on 50 mls methadone and have been put on 16mg suboxone. Im really struggling and am going back to work tomorrow. I have no energy and still feel Wd symptoms. How long will this last?
Avatar n tn anyway I've been hearing alot of talk about subutex and suboxone. I'm wondering what's the difference besides one having a blocker and one not. and also I've seen it sujusted people are'nt using it the way it's ment to be used. and so how is it ment to be used? I've been working on my taper for awhile and was looking forward to living w/o any narcodits but, my clinic is pushing for me to get on suboxone.
Avatar f tn I can appreciate your reference to Suboxone above and what you state is true for Suboxone. Subutex(buprenorphine) is different in that it doesn't contain Narcan. While on this subject, BuTrans IS delivered in mcg. That's true. But,it's mcgs. per HOUR.
Avatar f tn However, if I recall, it is typically used in a very low dose and also as IV, or injection. If your current dose of suboxone and the ibuprofen are working, then stick with it. If you feel you need more pain relief, check with your doctor, he may be able to advise you there. Hang in there.
307401 tn?1194835748 I also went through oral surgery while on 32ms of suboxone, My pain management dr and the oral surgeon agreed that I could undergo the procedure. I was told to stop then suboxone 12hrs before the appointment, Suboxone is a partial opiate agonist it does not fill your receptors completely. What is is best know for is producing less euphoria and physical dependence. When compared to full opiate agonist such as Oxycontin, vicodin and heroin.
Avatar f tn I have been on suboxone for 4 years. I completely got over IV heroin addiction, I do not crave in the slightest. I was able to get a good job, get my own place, and do great in life. Problem starts when its time to let go of suboxone. Right now I am on 5th day of detox and its hell. So from personal experience, subuxone will save you from 1 addiction only to throw you into another.
Avatar f tn Patients with a clinical need for analgesia should not be transferred to a SUBOXONE regimen. SUBOXONE is not indicated for pain management. Why aren't these websites telling the TRUTH!! Momscares This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/719970'>What kind of pain does Suboxone help?</a>.
Avatar f tn Quick question to anyone and everyone who is on suboxone or been on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My bf went to dr yesterday and he put him on ( 3 ) 8 mg a day. So, a total of 24mg of suboxone a day. The bottle says TAKE ONE PILL 3 TIMES DAILY But, the insert from the pharmacy says IF U ARE TO TAKE MORE THAN ONE PILL A DAY, TAKE THEM ALL AT ONCE UNDER TONGUE, ETC..... If that is true, why wouldnt the bottle say "Take 3 pills ONCE a day" Im confused and no we didnt call the dr yet.
Avatar f tn I am familiar with suboxone withdrawal, but I am wondering if there is anyone else who uses suboxone via IV, and if the withdrawal differs at all? Also, my fourth day of withdrawal (today), I was feeling like CRAP at work (bartending nonetheless, ugh) and took a few sips of a friends liquid oxycodone. Did I just completely set myself back in the withdrawal process? Does this mean I am starting back at day one? If you have any words of wisdom, input, anything at all is much appreciated!
Avatar m tn The flare was so bad they had to remove my colon. I was given Diluadid IV. I have been taking Diluadid IV for 4 months now, about 50mg a day. I decided it was time to stop so this week I started to ween myself off. I am on Day 2 of no Diluadid and feel terrible. What can I do to help with the withdrawals? How long till I feel normal again?
Avatar f tn So my last suboxone was 730 saturday morning and its 843 on monday night. I can so do this. Every smell is making me sick lol. My legs hurt but nothing even approaching previous symptoms. I have been reading all day. This forum and other things. Anyway I feel compelled to write and hope to God that maybe I could help someone else through this. I used suboxone as a way to keep myself honest while I took stock of what I wanted out of myself and my life. I was an iv oxy and heroin user.
Avatar n tn Our 25 yr old daughter had multiple knee surgeries and became addicted to Vicodine and Soma. Started Suboxone almost a week ago. Could keep nothing down and vomitted all day for day and a half before doc prescribed anti nuesea med. Developed high fever 102 - 104 for a few days after and hallucinations. Doc who prescribed now won't see her anymore! Took her to ER last night to medically check fever.
Avatar f tn Suboxone is very strong and long acting. It will typically take 10 days plus to withdrawal from sub. I doubt that you would be able to go cold turkey off the large dose that you are taking now. When I stopped taking suboxone, I was only taking 2mg and i had to go through a medically assisted detox to finally get off. Tapering is a must and pitbullmom is correct, you must get down to the smallest dose possible before quitting or you will be miserable.
1370323 tn?1309997746 I don't know anything about suboxone, but I wanted to say that its really good to see you back here jewlz. Ive been wondering how you've been.
1253584 tn?1332881554 I'd like hear of succesful stories of people who have tappered off suboxone and what mg did u start noticing wd symptoms? Iv tappered from 12 mgs to 8mgs within the last month but b4 that I was on methadone for almost 2 yrs and tappered from 90mgs to 20mgs then Went on suboxone. I'd like to hear positive stories they kinda give me hope and motivate me..
4826010 tn?1361624525 I started taking suboxone about 2 years ago but i did not have a prescription for them, i was buying them on the street which forced me to start off at only 2 mg per day (quarter pill). I continued this dose until about 3 months ago when i broke down and started to take double the amout stressing about personal problems. Towards the end i dropped back down to 2mg for about 2 weeks.
7416717 tn?1390773498 I have been on suboxone for a year jan-2014. My dr has decided that i need to go into a rehab because i also take adderall. He knew this & now after a year it has become a problem with him. My dr that gives me add says i need to take it. I have been on it for 19 years. My suboxone dr will not prescribe me anymore & i cant find another dr.Since nov, 2013 i still had 29 suboxone strips. I have cut the pieces so small & tapered down. Will i still have bad withdrawels?
Avatar f tn I have to take Excedrin before I take my Suboxone in the morning because if I don't my headache will be unbearable at some point during the day. I always get a headache from them, no matter how much I take. Maybe you don't tolerate them well like me. My headache will start as soon as the Suboxone kicks in and most of the time it can be kept at a tolerable level with Excedrin throughout the day.
Avatar m tn Hello, I've been on Suboxone for 4 years, and oxi-contin for 2 years before that, 10 days ago i decided it was time to get off of the suboxone. I started a catapres patch the second day, and the withdrawals were still bad, but tolerable. I took the patch off on the 7th day and on the 8th day I started to come back into intense withdrawal. The doctor gave me 4 patches but only becuase it comes 4 to a pack I guess? Can I put another patch on now and be fine?
Avatar n tn The naloxone for one less than 2% of the medication gets into the system sublingualy. If you were to crush the suboxone and use it by IV your right you would go into withdrawal. If you need proof go to,.Before the aqtic I was getting #90norco as a rescue medication.
Avatar m tn FLaddict recently told me in a message that nobody take 32 mgs of Suboxone and not by W/Ds and yet there are now two of us here who have..........
Avatar n tn Each time I relapsed and went back to opiates, then went through the same withdrawals getting back on suboxone. My doctors original plan for opiate dependency was suboxone maintenance for years, since less then 10% of suboxone quitters stay clean within a year. I switched doctors hoping to quit. Just like my previous attempts it was easy to go from 16mg to 8mg to 4mg to 2mg per day. I had always relapsed after tapering further. This time I stuck to 2mg/per day for three months.
1428440 tn?1287393979 ) I used suboxone for my oxy addiction and i can honestly say it saved me and helped me get my life back because without it i really dont think i could have done it and my addiction was farther along than you i was at 250-350 mg oxy a day so i am so happy to see that you have not went to oxy from hydro because it turns worse a lot faster from there but the suboxone will help you as long as you do it the right way and when you talk to your doc my suggestion would be ask him about a 30 day suboxon
5417109 tn?1367641699 I had to change Doctors (long story) and yesterday went to my new Doctor. He prescribed me suboxone instead of subutex and I'm not really sure why he doesn't prescribe subutex, but now I'm scared b/c I've been stable for so long. He also told me to be in mild WD's from the subutex b4 I take the suboxone b/c it has a narcotic reversal drug naloxone included in it. I took my last dose of subutex 4mg this morning so I'm completely out. I'm about to go p;ick up the suboxone now.
Avatar m tn Bear with me and read this, I truly think I can help. As a former RN, recovering IV fentanyl addict, and a suboxone user currently weaning off, I have interesting advice on how to make it through this. Please do not dismiss this information as fluffy, idealistic, psycho babble. It cant be, because I am proof it is working. It is the only thing in my life I believe in without doubt, fear, or hesitation (Besides God LOL).
Avatar n tn I have seen two different doctors, the first one was a complete religious fanatic, but she did help me right away after coming off of about 15, 10 dollar bags of iv herion a day. My current doctor practices internal medicine and is from Pakistan. The suboxone works if you are willing to cut out all use of other opiates. I have had horrible withdrawels much like the ones described above.