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Avatar m tn Is anyone else stuck on such a small dose of suboxone. It's probably smaller than a sesame a seed. Still withdraw symptoms. If I donnt take it 2 days I feel like I'm gonna jump out of my skin.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately, you should avoid using Suboxone if you are pregnant or want to become pregnant. In this situation, use Suboxone only if you can't reasonably choose a different treatment.  Methadone maintenance treatment is safe to use during pregnancy and is a good alternative to Suboxone.
Avatar f tn hi i saw you posted on another thread. your son has been taking suboxone for 3 years, between 4 to 8 mgs? he doesn't go to a doctor he is dosing himself? why does his dose differ? he cant ct from suboxone at this dosage he will be very sick for a long time. he needs to taper down to almost crumbs. suboxone is used as a maintenance drug to prevent addicts from chasing their high. he is still using but it is maintained. what did he use before he started the suboxone?
4823849 tn?1373661429 All that Suboxone must be out of my system by now. I'm finally eating again. Sleeping, eh - not so much. But whatever. Anxiety is still through the roof, but I probably get myself more riled up than I should about things. ******* panic attacks. The cravings are there, but the thought of going back on my taper - cheating on it in the slightest - makes me feel BEYOND GUILTY. So...
Avatar m tn the blue color is present day, and I feel little discomfort and tiredness, red is methd. and yellow is suboxone. When could I aspect to feel 95ok, I am now 85% from wh symptoms? pic is in attach or post..
Avatar n tn I know this is pretty obvious but you probably shouldn't be taking something if you don't know what it is. My guess is either methadone or suboxone. Neither of which, to the best of my knowledge helps with anxiety attacks. Someone tell me if I'm wrong here ok.... If it's methadone then you're supposed to be on a schedule and not just dropping a pill here and there. I would not take another one especially since you don't know what in the he11 they are.
569056 tn?1216834383 You already had a negative experience with rehab. There are always the old standby's....methadone or suboxone as maintenance or to assist in quiting. Some people have the discipline to gradually taper their habit and get off. Usually this is done with another trusted person to hold the pills. And there is cold turkey. Use the health discussion pages with links to many aspects of the disease. Read and use the Thomas Recipe and the Amino Acid Protocol.
5750245 tn?1374173522 I know that and I feel the same way you do I was just asking as I have no idea and I was just trying to figure out if that is alot. I know any amount is not ok and I am not trying to say it is I was just trying to figure out what it was. I don't know I just don't know alot about this and I am trying to figure out what it would look like.
Avatar f tn He stopped taking his medication for reasons unknown to me and (I believe) started self-medicating. His drug of choice is suboxone and route of choice is IV. It took me a while to figure it out and put all the pieces together that he was an addict. For a long time I didn't want to believe it. I have spent hours on here reading everyone's stories and they all sound like mine..
Avatar m tn about 10 months later with my help... we talked a lot and i hooked him up some of my meds... suboxone... btw Suboxone with verbal support saved me and I extended that to my friend n it saved him... H is a drug takes your life hostage.... the ransom is high and really you cant pay for it by yourself its ok to look for help.
Avatar n tn To be honest here, as opposed to the usual sluff/ruff/BS that I throw out, it rubs me wrong when someone doesn't understand recreational usage. It's ok to not understand something, but to comment on it, on an addiction board like this, sure as heck doesnt help. Doesn't help me. That, and comments about how much someone uses, or doesnt use.. Comments on consumption levels are moot. I made a smart ass comment here about someone's use of Nyquil, and later regretted it.
Avatar f tn Hi Jane I am so sorry for your heartache...I know it well. Most important right now, is take care of you. This has a way of wearing a parent down and quickly. I first posted here almost a year ago. I came here in total desperation. My 22 year old son, also a heroin addict, I Very ignorant. This forum was my life line, the members here, eased my tattered soul....they still do ( I read often) This Is a tough heartbreaking road.
Avatar f tn I wonder if length of time used has anything to do with this b/c I've read some people's w/d off of suboxone and they were like 10 days kind of thing and mine was 3/4 weeks!!! Which drove me crazy. Remember why your doing won't last forever, it can't, so keep that in mind. I remember writing that I felt like I was "dancing" with Satan during my w/ was hard and NO ONE here is going to tell you to suck it up b/c it's not easy...
Avatar m tn so what are you doing about it should i go see a doctor this thing has i think always been there its just getting worst iam getting older now 46 i am getting scared i dont want to lose my job or family i used pain kilers for a wile but i am now kleen just on suboxone to get better dont know if thay is doing it to me just need to know how to stop this or get a better hold on this thing any info would help mine is just like yours hearing the same song over and over agian and its just one part of
4810126 tn?1503946335 Since then, I've been experiencing incredibly powerful emotions, sensory images, musical 'associations', memories and a deeply physical pain in my guts. Visceral is the term. As I said to a friend: 'It's like trying to pass a large emotional Kidney stone or something'. I'm experiencing the deaths of all those friends who've passed that I never mourned because of the Heroin & Methadone. I mean, I 'felt' it at arm's length at the time but it was more like 'going through the motions'.
Avatar n tn Gina- I guess I'm hijacking this thread to tell you that, YES, you are in the right place to talk about meds, and Suboxone specifically. As Bmac said, from time to time, we get into fights, and we're actually just having fun with one another-- So don't let that get to you. Most of the "Fighting" is just a release for many of us, and is mostly good natured (even if it doesn't appear that way to a newcomer).
3119293 tn?1342054132 So they gave me 4 days worth of suboxone, clonidine, and a couple of other things to help. Well, for the 4 days with suboxone i was fine, i was in withdraw when i took it (make sure you ARE, or you will regret it), and i was able to cope. Then i took my last dose of it last wed morning. I was good until Friday when the dizzy, little aches, stomach issues started to rear their head. Then by Sat it was on, body aches, sweats, anxiety, miserable!
4522800 tn?1470329434 I think people who are just dependent need to be sure they're not being treated as if they have an addiction. Like,I personally strongly disagree with Suboxone being used for someone who is only dependent. ACTUALLY, Sub docs should NOT be treating them, as there is very specific criteria a patient has to meet in order to be accepted for sub treatment...and some of those criteria involve the addictive history and behaviors...which would not be present in a person who is only dependent.
Avatar n tn I saw the images and immediately began to cry. I was 34, a carpenter, and knew after seeing the extent of the damage that I would never work again, and possibly never WALK again. I underwent a fusion, ( L1 - L5) and had two rods and approx 12 screws implanted immediately following the second MRI.
Avatar n tn could be the drive-thru as the Walgreens here has a drive-thru so it brought up images of that store in my head. oh well, sorry, but you still should do all the things I said about reporting her. She is NOT the doctor, she had NO idea why that person was filling the oxycontin. Makes me so mad when I sit here with suicidal levels of pain and to think of being treated like I was selling them or abusing them by a pharmacist, when all i am trying to do is get a somewhat normal type of life back.
267243 tn?1189759435 But even he didn't know much about Suboxone. Now that I'm free, I realize how phony those dope-friends were. They were your best friend (when not noding off :) but in the end they didn't give a ****. So I don't think about them and I don't want to think about them nor hang with them.