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Avatar f tn ?? Does anyone know the Half life of SUBOXONE - Beprenorphine.? I HEARD it was 70 hours, but that's what I heard....unsure if that is even accurate?
459155 tn?1264011742 ok plz if I am explaining this wrong (anyone feel free to correct me if I am ) The 36 hour half life mean half of the dosage is still active at 36 hours ??
Avatar f tn What is the half life of suboxone? More specifically..............if suboxone blocks the effects of other long does it block it for? A day? 2 days? What?
Avatar n tn And you are now experiencing withdrawal? If makes no sense. Suboxone has a half-life of 24 to 36 hours, so you would have experienced withdrawal weeks ago. Something else is happening. Maybe expand on this and you get some help.
6298176 tn?1380138059 It has a very long half life, though I can't give you specifics. The dose and how long you were on it does factor in. Your doctor should be able to help you with your questions on this.
Avatar n tn Wikipedia says the half-life is 20-73 hours. That means half the dose could still be there in 3 days..geez..didn't know it was that slow to metabolize. Anyway, FLaddict will probaly have the best answer for ya..By the way..Wiki is Hawaiian for "quick". Found that out on my honeymoon..
Avatar f tn Subs are HIGHLY addictive and tough to kick due to their half -life. Go to the addiction substance abuse forums. Plenty of posts on their for ya. Hope I helped.
Avatar n tn The half life is long at 37 hours. It takes a special test to detect it and regular drug screens to not come up positive for drugs.
Avatar n tn I would like to know once you wein off suboxone and stop taking it how long does it usually take before you start feeling normal again
Avatar n tn The withdrawal from 8 mg will be severe and will last weeks because of the long half life. Please talk with your doctor for a good taper plan if you have that option. Good luck.
1122748 tn?1306243364 But the problem is that, after three months or so, they have terrible difficulties quitting Suboxone because of its sheer strength in binding to opiate receptors, its long half-life, and the fact that it’s a partial-agonist binding to receptors built for full agonists. most people, including physicians, do not comprehend the strength and effects of buprenorphine.
Avatar m tn Thanks so much for any and all input. I have to admit my life is becoming manageable because half of my day is not consumed by looking for drugs but am I just postponing the inevitable?
Avatar f tn Suboxone is meant for weaning off opiates not for pain and it's not safe for pregnancy. It has a long half life so I'm not sure if it will be there or not. They say anything after 20 weeks stays in the meconium.
558096 tn?1255890602 Forgot to say the next day the doc started me on 2 and a half a day after that "Test" half. Dont ask me why because I dont even know! By the way are you ready to quit whatever youre doing? Id like to help as alot of people on this site would too.
Avatar n tn Something else that I have heard that works - if you are taking once dose in the morning each day, try dosing every other day - that will get the medication out of your system quicker because of the long half life. Once you get down to about 1/4mg, you should be able to stop. If you have only taken for a month or two - it should not be too bad. Hang in there.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you know that I am fighting the battle with oc's yet again. No DR in my area messes around with Suboxone and I could not go through this again CT. So a friend of mine gave my husband and I a few suboxone. I'm on day 2 and feeling ok, not great, but ok. I've only been talking a quater to a half of an 8mg tablet and just that little bit works wonders. I know I shouldnt be taking other people's meds but I was desperate.
Avatar f tn A 1mg every week 1/2 or more. Sub has a very long half life thus it really takes almost 3 days to feel the effect of coming down off the Sub. Also, I would go to believe its org, google it) and check out the message board the deals with Sub. There are a LOT of very knowledgable people there that have lots of experience getting off Sub. For a lot of us it is very hard! Hope the best for you. The bottom line is that there is NO easy way out of a opiate addiction.
591616 tn?1225462048 If you took 16mg today, in an hour and a half, the Naloxone would be gone from your system. But the Buprenorphine has a half life of 37.5 hours. Meaning, in 37.5 hours, you would still have 8mg of Buprenorphine in your body. 37.5 hours later, you would have 4mg in your body. 37.5 hours later, you would have 3mg left. 37.5 hours later, you'd have 1.5 mg left. 37.5 hours later, you'd have .75mg. HOWEVER! And this is the weird part!!
451870 tn?1209949094 Took 4 mg.s (half) of a 8 mg pill of suboxone and my w/d were gone/pain was gone/ and no craving for narcotics whatsoever....all within half hour of taking the sub. I knew this was a magic drug, and knew it must be addictive too. So I only take about half a day, and now I'm down to taking a quarter a day, went 3 days without it, forgot it while out of town. Didn't feel good but it was nothing like OC. GO FOR IT> because OC will not work when you take this drug.
Avatar m tn Methadone as a full agonist will still invite cravings, just not as often due to its long half life. This is where suboxone differs, used properly there is no high as its partial agonist feature and its affinity for the mu receptor is quite low, however it binds to all receptors very tightly which prevents other opiates from working in combination whether its suboxone or subutex...the naloxone in the suboxone is simply to deter IV use..
Avatar n tn I am also disabled and do not have to work so I merely try and get by in life as drama free as I can look for the smles in life am thankful for so many blessings.And my only ambition in life now is to walk closer with Jesus christ as I am older and things that used to matter to me are really in material.
Avatar m tn its will power. Suboxone is a half opiate thats settles on thoses recepters in your brain where hydros, oxy, and ect. just keeps flowing through your recepers giving you the narcotic high. while you take suboxone u basically wouldnt feel the effects of opiates in short you dont get high. suboxone doesnt get you high but at a high dose you can experience methodone effects being for me not high just about to crash I havent slept for 3 days.
Avatar m tn And because of the moleculer structure its a harder fall. Also the half life is super long. Up to 72hrs so when you stop taking the meds you may feel fine for a day or so. Then the h e l l begins. I went to see a addiction specialist when I was detoxing and he tried to sell me on its therory. I'm glad I didn't fall for it. It's a personal choice. I'm in no way bashing subs. Some people lay need it. But please please please do your reaserch first.
480035 tn?1222369764 i called a dr. yesterday that was listed on the suboxone website. he told me i had to taper down to 100 something mgs from 400-500 mgs of oxy before he can see me, I can wait anymore i want off this stuff.
Avatar n tn They have a toll free number that will answer your question. I called and they told me the half life was 371/2 hours. So, I would IMHO, think that after 3 to 4 days you should be fine, just some w/d from the subs that aren't too pretty so I hear, I am a subber too. good luck. You are on a very low dose though so maybe it wont be too bad! :)Dental work and being on sub has been a fear of mine so I know how you feel.
Avatar f tn Here is a post I found that might be helpful . Jimmy > ..Okay I feel so sorry for you people who are reading all this bs and believing it.. First off I am a registered nurse and will tell you the truth about suboxone. First off suboxone is NOT an opiate, and will never come up as an opiate on a drug test.. Hello people the purpose is to get you off opiates not give you more.
Avatar m tn The drops down shouldn't affect you greatly, other than some mild aches, it's the jump off that is problematic for most people. That's because of the long half life. As long as you're still dosing, you don't typically feel the drop too much. Be sure you are getting an after care plan in place....hopefully if you're at a sub clinic, that is part of the process for you. Take your time, there is no hurry. A typical sub program is 6-12 months.