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257844 tn?1191161144 took my first dose of suboxone. took 4 mg. after 24 hours off hydro. i was at the point where i was anxious and fatigued and felt like i was crawling out of my skin...not to mention wanting to hurt someone (j/k). i gotta say that is nasty having to disolve it under your tongue. that i did not like. i took the first dose at 12:30 and now at 2:00 p.m. i have NO withdrawal symptoms. i do feel a little like the room is spinning. i wonder if 4mg to start was too much.
Avatar f tn I took my first dose at home, I had some pamphlets on suboxone and a checklist of w/d symptoms I had to be in before taking my first dose. Make sure you talk with your doc about what your treatment plan will entail, mainly the length of time he/she thinks you need to be in sub treatment. Talk about additional support that you can get and if they offer any sort of aftercare, some require that you attend N/A weekly. I wish you the best of luck. Take Care!
Avatar n tn does anybody know a good dose to take the first time you take suboxone for detoxing. i am coming off 2 bundles a day and i never trust what the doctors tell me.
684726 tn?1228489221 it really depends on dose you took and how long you took suboxone. I was told from my doctor that since I was on the highest effective dose daily 32mgs for 8 months that I either needed to slowly taper it down or switch to shorter full agonist opiate-at the time i had broken, fractured, and separated my wrist so thats the only reason why he thought about going to a full opiate.
Avatar f tn As far as lethargic feeling I also have experience with that... My first dose each day is 16 mg and after that dose I feel very tired! Maybe your son could have the timing of his doses changed...that might help! Good luck to your son in his continued sobriety!!
Avatar f tn i took my first dose of sub but im feeling depressed... when will i feel better and how long will it take my mind to be happy again without norco?
Avatar n tn Why are you on Suboxone in a first place? lets start there...
Avatar m tn Absolutely! I had the exact same problem in the beginning, when I was on a higher dose (16 mg./day). I once laid in bed for 72 hours. No withdrawal, but no sleep either. Here's what helped me: 1. Lowering the dosage. The trick with Suboxone is to take just enough to avoid withdrawal, but no more or side effects can occur, such as insomnia. Everyone is different, each has to find his own "just enough" dosage. You can't achieve that in just two days. Just lowering my dose by 2 mg.
Avatar n tn my son started suboxone treatment yesterday... he was quiet at first... it made him feel better than he did while going through withdrawal..... but today he is aggitated, aggravated, and edgy.... he wants a pill really bad..... is this normal??? Does he need a larger dose of suboxone.... ??? Can he up his own dose safely???
Avatar f tn Okay I feel so sorry for you people who are reading all this bs and believing it.. First off I am a registered nurse and will tell you the truth about suboxone. First off suboxone is NOT an opiate, and will never come up as an opiate on a drug test.. Hello people the purpose is to get you off opiates not give you more.
Avatar m tn Is anyone else stuck on such a small dose of suboxone. It's probably smaller than a sesame a seed. Still withdraw symptoms. If I donnt take it 2 days I feel like I'm gonna jump out of my skin.
684726 tn?1228489221 I was taking 20-30 oxycodone pills a day and when I heard about suboxone I took advantage. I did not want to go to rehab. When I took the first sub, I had to go 18-24 hrs without any oxys. Doc gave me some tranqs to keep me somewhat calm. Then I took my first sub. 30 minutes later, I was STUNNED. ABSOLUTELY NO WITHDRAWLS. Felt like I never was on oxys. Been on subs for about 6 months and tapered down to a half a pill (2mg) a day. Finally finished the last one and I got the flu.
Avatar f tn *Help to suppress withdrawal from prescription pain medications, heroin, or similar full opioid agonists. *Help to decrease cravings for other opioids. *Reduce the effects of full opioid agonists. It is possible that you are one of those people who when taking this drug had no further side effects or withdrawal. Great for you! You were probably one of those people who got the dose correct right off the bat. But, most people have withdrawal symptoms somewhat while taking this drug.
621322 tn?1222142091 told me to start with 1/2 of a 2mg sub, and increase it to another half every two hours as needed. Today was my first day of sub therapy and it went pretty well. i only took 2mg, 1/2 in afternoon, and 1/2 in eve when i felt mild wds.. I don't feel 100 percent normal, but nothing that i can't handle. I hope i can stay at this dosage and then get off this sub as quick as possible. I really want to take it for no longer than 7 days, especially after reading all this stuff on detoxing from sub!
404171 tn?1206740545 I am 3 months clean with suboxone. I find that I am really tired a lot does anyone else have this issue on suboxone?
558096 tn?1255890602 What is the normal dose that most people start out on suboxone on? How does it help with the withdrawls, etc?
Avatar f tn the suboxone is a big help. How many suboxone do you have I could give you a plan on how to ween yourself down each day.
Avatar n tn I would suggest getting his dose lower... most people "feel better" on less than they do more... Higher doses produces alot more side effects.. He could do maintence at a lower dose and it will make it alot easier to come off of when he does.. Longer use of Sub can still produce wicked withdrawls and they last alot longer than withdrawl from vicodin... sometimes weeks..
917167 tn?1330259538 Reason I'm saying this is that as you mention you will be working and not stuck at home - I was given my first dose which turned out to be too high. And I found that I couldn't breathe very well! I'm not trying to scare you I'm only saying please try to take the lowest dose possible - you can always add more on if it's not effective after half an hour to an hour. But if you take too much then the drug is staying in your body for a long time so you'll have to 'wait it out' - not fun!
Avatar f tn I am now taking so many that I just don't see an end without serious intervention. I made an apt. for tomorrow at 845 am to get my first suboxone dose. I am very nervous because i know that they put you in an intensified withdrawal. Is that right suboxone experienced people? I wasn't supposed to take any vicodin after 1, but did at 6. I think that means i am going to have major symptoms tomorrow, so I am quite nervous, but just want to get it started.
Avatar m tn I originally started taking them after my first back surgery. Then two years later I had to have another one and thats ll it took I was hooked. Anyways to make a long story (and trust me its long) short I decided on December 3rd 2009 that enough was enough and I voluntarily checked myself into a detox facility. I am a loving husband of almost 10 years and a devoted father to two beautiful boys and knew that I had to stop. I was started on Suboxone 8mg.
Avatar f tn My doctor suggested that I find a doc. that can prescribe me Suboxone. So that is what I did. I have an appt. for Tues. I am very nervous and scared. I don't know what to expect. I feel like I have to convince this doctor to help me. Like he may say that I don't have a problem because I only take a few pills a day. But when I don't have any pills, I spend my whole day crying because I feel so depressed. I have to work full time and I don't know what Sub. is going to make me feel like.
285332 tn?1196558035 Are you buying Suboxone on the streets? Gotta ask. You do realize it is a program and should be followed. Buying it other than at the drug store..with a prescription is addict behavior. You not only have to put down the drugs, you have to get beyond that behavior. Good Luck.
Avatar m tn I have been on Suboxone 8mg twice a day. I am struggling with that dose. I know that I am supposed to take only 2 a day but I feel symptoms if I dont take 3. The 3 is perfect. I thought about telling my doctor that I do better with 3 but I dont want him getting angry! Well, since taking 3 at the better part of the month is what I do, I dont have any at the end of the month, then I am a mess! Should I ask the doctor for an increase or will he get mad? AFFRAID TO GET KICKED OUT OF DOC!!
Avatar f tn Although I have never done suboxone I have read a lot about it in my time here. You are on a high dose 16mgs is a lot. Have you tried tapering back to smaller amounts This alone might make you feel better. Have you spoken to your Dr. about your feelings ? What has he/she said too do ? We have had many members detox off they will be along shortly I just wanted to add my support.. I hope you stay around pick up support and get this behind you..
Avatar m tn Maybe you need to adjust your dose. Call you dr first thing in the am...he should be able to work you in if you tell them you are extremely ill.
Avatar f tn SOMEBODY READ Ive been on soboxone\subutex for about 5 years, Ive went up and down on my doses the entire time, always 8mg weather 1 a day or 3 or a quarter of a pill, until i got pregnant which is when i switched over to subutex and took the lowest dose which was like a crumb of an 8mg, after i had the baby i unintentionally went back up on my dose but remained on subutex, recently about 3 months ago i started tapering down and was only taking about an 8th of an 8mg, i completly stopped taking
Avatar n tn The material I have read suggests waiting at least 96 hrs from your last dose of dones before taking your first dose of Bupe, but that's exactly how long you waited...:-(. You don't mention when this happened to you. Do you mind me asking? As I write this, I have had no methadone since the 11th (10 days), have been on oxys and hydros the whole time, and it's been almost 12 hours since I've had anything. I'm giving serious consideration to trying a little Bup.