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Avatar f tn i have been taking suboxone for months now and my Pdr. has been trying differnt Bi-polar meds on me and after many trial and errors he has put me on oxcarbazepine, after all the bad affects I have been through mixing other meds with the suboxone I am scared to go trough it all agin does anyone know if these two meds mix ok? I am on 8mg subs 3Xs aday. any help would be great!
717440 tn?1292747342 alot of people have great success getting over opiates using suboxone. my boyfriend is highly addicted to them and suboxone helps him big time. but, if u dont have insurance.........o wait, u all have insurance so to speak up there, right? socialized medicine??
Avatar f tn In England, they are allowed to prescribe Subutex (Suboxone without the Naloxone) and Suboxone for pain. It's true that you can't take opiates for pain and Suboxone for pain at the same time. It's true that if you needed opiates for surgery, you would have to wait a bit for the Suboxone to leave your receptors. It wouldn't take all that long, I wouldn't think. It stays in the body for 37 hours, is what I've heard.
538697 tn?1218415082 We discussed the fact that it seems the longer you are taking the suboxone, the worse the detox is...... if I could actually ween off the Suboxone in a week to 10 days, my detox program will be over within hopefully 14 days. But even if it takes 21 days, that means that I'll be weening off the meds for over a week, not actually taking it for 21 days before stopping it. Gosh, I hope that makes sense. While it's a little discouraging that my husband has doubts right now..
Avatar f tn what dose they were taking before. Suboxone is what is known as a 'partial agonist'. Methadone is a 'full agonist'. They are both powerful synthetic opiates. Although Suboxone binds to endorphin receptor sites more powerfully than any other opiate, it's efficacy as a pain killer is limited as it has a 'ceiling dose'. It's kind of like an elevator that only goes to the third floor where full agonists go up to the tenth floor. This is what makes Suboxone abuse less likely than Methadone abuse.
1405767 tn?1282638198 With suboxone on board and lack of withdrawal symptoms, the idea is that the patient can turn his attention to making the necessary life and behavior changes to avoid relapse when the suboxone is gone. I'm personally not convinced that suboxone is a good choice for chronic pain patients. If you have a medical emergency and require surgery, you have to wait until enough of the suboxone is out of your system to avoid withdrawal.
Avatar m tn I tried quitin b4 many of times but the withdraw was unbearable to do. I started going 2 a suboxone dr 4 months ago. I quit goin an ran out of my subs afew days ago.the withdraw is killin me an feels worst then the opiate withdraws I have went thru b4. its been 5 days since I had a whole sub an 2days ago I took a half. I want to b done with it all but cant go thru the withdraw without wantin to just die.
Avatar n tn Eventually, he suggested using a very low dose of Suboxone. That although it is primarily a medication used to treat drug addiction, it is also shown to be a useful anti-depressant. At this point I had lost 20 lbs, was not eating, working out, not talking to anyone, incredibily physically ill everyday..specifically in the morning....I was willing to try anything. He prescribed me 1mg per day. It is a 2mg pill that I break in half and dissolve under my tounge.
Avatar n tn I know Suboxone is a tense subject to some, but as someone who has made it all the way through Suboxone treatment, and is 168 days clean from any opioid, I feel a responsibility to offer my honest experience. The doctors definitely weren't completely honest about its efficacy, and I wish I had completely honest input before I went on it.(Note, I am not saying doctor's are purposefully dishonest. I think many are misinformed by Rickett and its "data." That being said...
Avatar n tn If he is getting any respite from his withdrawals via illicit suboxone,i would be questioning the validity and/or efficacy of the naltrexone implant. It obviously isnt working properly. Naltrexone implants are supposed to short circuit the bodies ability to metabolise exogenous opioids. For your son to feel the effects of suboxone, this short circuit process has been compromised or isnt workng efficiently.
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Avatar n tn My husband got prescribed to take Subutex right after he finished with suboxone. He tried to get off suboxone but he started having mental cravings and body aches. He went to see a doctor and the doctor prescribed him subutex and that it should be easier for him to get off this way. Both drugs are quite different but I dont understand why he wasn't given the subutex in the beginning. The problem he had was he used to take hydrocodene pills like 15 a day for a year.
666151 tn?1311117976 By now almost every opiate addict has heard of Suboxone, the relatively new medication for opiate dependence. I initially had mixed feelings about Suboxone, my opinion likely influenced by my own experiences as an addict in traditional recovery. But my opinion has changed over the past two years, because of what I have seen and heard while treating well over 100 patients with buprenorphine in my clinical practice.
224049 tn?1204594715 I checked with the suboxone board, and they confirmed that nalexone is specifically used with suboxone to keep suboxone users from misusing it. They're claiming it only affects suboxone; in other words, try to inject suboxone, it will not work. (I believe it will then cause instant withdrawal). It's not to be confused with naltrexone. I don't quite see how that works, but there you go...
Avatar m tn for some suboxone or subutex(just buprenorphine) really helps with pain management and carries a little less abuse potential than oxycontin or heroin. you still need to slowly taper off and the lower the dose the greater pain relief you get as opposed to full opiate agonists like heroin, methadone, or oxycontin,etc..
Avatar m tn I am a recovering heroin addict. Have been on subutex(suboxone) for almost 3 years. Doing well. Well a little over 2 months ago I started having this weird tight feeling in my chest along with a racing heart and high blood pressure. I went to a doctor and was prescribed xanax and a beta blocker. After taking the xanax I found it took away those feelings, and never took the beta blocker. So being an addict I was originally prescribed 90 .5mg 3x a day, with one refill.
Avatar n tn Anyways the responses are Suboxone , suboxone 2 and suboxone 3. That may help and I will post more when I return. Good luck and Keep your chin up - This will work - if its the right thing for you.
1226082 tn?1308712214 Tired of the changes, the ups and downs - 30 days of hell every time I try a new drug after the efficacy wears off. Still have hell for 30 days regardless whether it's stronger or not as strong.
990521 tn?1311909908 I am 76 days clean after being on Suboxone for nearly 4 years nd vicodin before that. I went through an 8 day medically assisted detox in June and on the last day of the detox, I received a Naltrexone Implant to help with relapse prevention and cravings and had a very negative experience with it. I was interested in finding out if anyone else has had any experience with Naltrexone, good or bad. I started to experience extreme anxiety and could not sleep.
Avatar f tn find a highly reputable suboxone doctor and bare your soul. I've heard (and read) that suboxone, given in high enough doses, will do two things: 1.) do a GREAT job at stopping pain (it's an EXCELLENT pain reliever, maybe even better than your oxys!) and 2.) Completely take away your cravings!
303824 tn?1294875001 Prognosis It can take up to two months for the brain's opioid receptors to return to their normal efficacy to endogenous opioids, meaning depression and anxiety can linger for this time period.
Avatar f tn I am scared as to what he is going to do. do you think he will cut me off cold turkey or put me on something like methadone of suboxone? I know I am going to need something because I will not make it thru another withdrawal session.
Avatar f tn Your not, and the WDS are torture. Suboxone should only be used on a short term taper ( 10-20 days ) Myself the Suboxone worked OK for 4 months, but then started making me sick and always tired. I wanted my life back not a new addiction. I went back on Norco to get off Suboxone then beat Norco with a taper and much torture. Good Luck you'll need it.......
Avatar f tn Now don't quote me on this but I do believe that naltrexone is the other ingredient in Suboxone and that is what makes wds from suboxone alot harder than as if you were withdrawing from subutex which is a sister drug of suboxone but minus the naltrexone. If any of that makes any sense to ya. But anyhow I would do alot more research on it prior to jumping into taking it. Obviously doctors don't mind giving out scripts for stuff or none of us would be here. Catch my drift???
Avatar f tn Any pharmacy can order Subutex or Suboxone. If you call 1-800-444-7599, it will put you through to a rep for Renkitt Benckiser. I am not sure which rep it is, but it is one of them. I have called it before and just as recently as three days ago to verify Subutex being released. It was as of early April, by the way. I am sure they can give you any info you might need.
Avatar n tn Since I didn't feel that telling doctors I had a very high tolerance to opiates from heroin addiction would result in adequate doses of pain meds I instead decided to try suboxone. I was on suboxone for about three or four months, at first it was managing my pain very well (and even getting me a bit high) but in time its efficacy waned.
Avatar f tn I just started yoga to help strengthen and stretch my poor muscles -- it is awesome! and I might explore acupuncture too. I think the basis of it's efficacy is sound. blessings....
Avatar f tn Is there anything I can do to make this easier, I have been on opiates everyday for 12 years never missing a day, but I feel ridiculous because when I go through thiswithdrawal every month I keep asking myself why don't you just quit this sh*t and just go through it one time for real and be done instead of suffering every month. I am just so unhappy, I was considering going on suboxone but truthfully that is still another substitute, I want to be me again.
Avatar f tn so i said i would stick it out one more day and find some kind of money for the suboxone tommorow. well after last night of having diareah, throwing up, naseauted and in severe pain, jittery , restlesss legs and arms that was it! well i woke up today (tuesday) out of pain and just exusted and very weak. i passed out this morning going to the bathroom. i haven't eaten since wed. i am drinking my gatorade and something is seriously wrong with my taste buds , b/c everything tastes like ****.
Avatar n tn trying to achieve SVR now, not just measuring safety? Now is testing full efficacy that includes svr not just viral clearance? are you one of the first ones to end tx? are any of the subjects going longer or less? much luck in this try to you!