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Avatar n tn Given the fact that the sub was NOT prescribed by a doctor we really should not give out dosing instructions. None of us know the medical history of this person.
696149 tn?1314324559 Hold the it there and the saliva and don't swallow for at least 15 minutes. It should have dosing instructions on the pamphlets that came with your script. If you take it like this it should stop your withdrawals. It may take a few days to get it in your system but you should notice a difference right away.
Avatar f tn It is a shame. I know it seems talking about suboxone is taboo on this forum. All I know is that hearing other peoples experiences has helped me so much. It lets me know that others are struggling with similar issues. Because of my addictions I have isolated myself and do not have the friend network I once had. I really hope that people will continue to post the good, bad, and ugly. I mean no understands what we are going through better than other addicts.
1132270 tn?1260488633 Recently i decided that enough was enough, and started looking for treatment options. I decided to give Suboxone a shot, and made an appointment for next Wednesday, and my follow up apt Thursday morning (first dose). I am still using, Lortabs at the moment (because my H dealer is out of town), but I'm sick of it all...
Avatar m tn Hu, it is a violation of our guidelines to give you dosing instructions---you can imagine why. We are just a bunch of addicts, like you and not medically trained. We can only suggest thing to make you comfortable. The doctor didn't call you back? hhmmmm Take a nice hot bath or shower if you prefer, get on some comfortable clothes and watch a movie, or read a book or just relax in a chair. Try and get your mind off of this.
Avatar f tn So I have been on Suboxone for about 6 months now. My Dr., who has been my psychiatrist for years started me on it after some valid pain issues & surgeries left me addicted to opiates. I am a medical professional myself and decided to ask to try suboxone to stop feeling horrible due to opiate withdrwawals I was going through. He agreed... well, long story short, he ended up with a medical emergency & is not available to refill prescriptions.
15898092 tn?1443804734 I just quit taking suboxone, its day 2 without any at all, I don't feel real good but I know I don't feel normal. I was on a quarter a day and the quit. How long will the withdrawl's last? How long will I be sick for?
Avatar m tn Please know that there are guidelines for this community and one of the most important ones is that we do not give out dosing instructions or tapering information. This is for the benefit of the member asking the question as well as the community as a whole. There are no doctors here so it would be reckless of us to give out such information not knowing your complete medical history. That is why it is always recommended that you do a program such as this under a doctor's care.
13146300 tn?1428733353 Hi. So your dr told you to take 4mg of suboxone twice a day. That means to me 4mg every 12hrs. Instead you say you took 4mg then 2mg followed by another 2mg. So it sounds like you haven't taken it as directed. Previous posts said you wanted to take suboxone short term to withdraw from Oxycodone. Is this what you have planned with your dr? You need to make yourself clear, ask questions ect etc.
Avatar m tn Hi there I am scheduled to start Suboxone this Monday for a very extreme Oxy habit. We can please save the talk/comments about using Suboxone at all, I have thought long and hard and spoken at length with my GP, this is the way it is going to be for many reasons I can't begin to explain here. What I am looking for is help from someone who has gone in Suboxone maintenance therapy before.
Avatar n tn I was on suboxone for 4 years (about 8mg per day at first and tapered down to 1mg). Here comes the tricky part...under the supervision of my addiction specialist, I switched to oxycodone and think it will be easier to come off that that the dredded subox. Subox is 30 times mg per mg more powerful than oxycodone. And with its half life, it is like taking 30 mgs of percocet but never coming off of it for 24 to 36 hrs. That is a lot of percocet to fill those shoes.
Avatar m tn good luck on however you get off the oxy we will support you threw it with or without the sub we just cant give dosing instructions or taper instructions..........
Avatar n tn I have tried to start suboxone several times, but have either started too early (precipitated WD) or not lasted the 24-48 hours until the first pill. I took my "last" shot of H yesterday morning at 9 am and then took 16mg sub when I woke this morning, so ~24 hours. The subs did NOTHING, in fact after a couple hours my symptoms seemed to get progressively worse. Even though I was advised to muscle it out, the physicial pain was too much and I bought another bag of dope.
536882 tn?1225516459 I have had one patient (out of a couple hundred treated with Suboxone) who thought that he had leg edema from the Suboxone. We eventually changed to Subutex, then eventually stopped the Suboxone... and the edema persisted. I don't know if it was related to the Suboxone or not. In your case it started after several months... and I have just as hard a time deciding if there is a connection.
306867 tn?1299253309 who are always 'losing' their meds and asking for more, etc). As you mention, the original instructions for the use of Suboxone for opiate dependence included dosing only once per day; I am a real 'stickler' on that point and regret that this part of the instructions is so often ignored. That said, I struggle with this issue with the pain patients.
Avatar n tn Hi, There are no medical experts here and we cannot give you dosing instructions per our guidelines. I suggest that once you get back home you seek a doctor who is certified to prescribe Suboxone and get in the program if you feel that is the way to go. Just taking one now and again to prevent withdrawal is certainly not what they are prescribed for and if you go on the program you have a chance to get things in order and prevent a relapse.
1336365 tn?1276881935 Advice - work with your doctor and follow dosing instructions - be up front with him in how you are feeling and don't hesitate to ask questions. Part of sub treatment is also therapy or other form of support like NA. Don't blow that off -working on yourself is also a very important part of abstaining and remaining clean - no matter how the drugs got started. Keep posting - lots here to support you.
Avatar m tn i just had knee surgery and was put on percocet for acute pain 2 tabs every 4 hours. i had my last dose at 10pm last night. it is now 11am the next day. when can i resume suboxone again and should i start where i left off or start slow?
Avatar f tn About two weeks ago I started just taking a few very small crumbs that have broken off when I break the tabs. Three days ago after my routine of waking -toothbrushing then dosing suboxone I thought that the crumbs I was taking were so small that they couldn't possibly be doing too much for me anymore. So I decided not to dose. I went to work with a subox in my pocket (just in case) . Around 11oclock I started yawning uncontrollable and got weak and lethargic feeling.
Avatar f tn This young lady had a unique situation and that is the only reason why it is not considered a post asking for dosing instructions. Please be careful when giving advise if you don't have all the facts. People's lives are at stake here.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry hun but we cannot give dosing instructions here. You need to speak with your prescribing physician. Best of luck.
Avatar f tn Hi, You need to speak with your prescribing physician about dosing instructions with the Suboxone. Make certain you follow his instructions, especially going from Methadone to Suboxone. Let us know how you make out.
Avatar n tn If so, you need to follow the doctor's instructions. Suboxone is not just a pill to ward off withdrawal, it is a complete program which usually includes counseling, etc. If you are taking Suboxone which you purchased on the street, we cannot give you dosing advise. It is a violation of our guidelines. Sorry and I wish you the best.
Avatar m tn Welcome, It is a violation of our guidelines to give out dosing instructions for any drug and that includes Suboxone. Sorry about that. Suboxone is not just a magic pill that will take away withdrawal symptoms. If it were none of us would be sitting here. Trust me on that one. Suboxone is a complete program and should be followed under a doctor's care. It can be a useful tool if used properly. You can find a prescribing doctor in your area - please consider doing the complete program.
177036 tn?1192290235 is available, are not following FDA instructions with both Subutex and Suboxone. And some members are discounting the effect of Naloxone and its' power to block endorphin absorption by the body. This is all in contrast to the instructions of both the manufacturer and the FDA. Now, as we all know, Suboxone has two components: Bup. and Naloxone. As a partial opiate, yes, the Bup.
Avatar m tn The nalaxone isn't the opiate blocker in suboxone. The main ingredient is Buprenorphine which is in suboxone and subutex that is the blocker. The naloxone passes through this system orally. The only reason it is in there is to keep people from shooting it up. If the suboxone is used IV the nalaxone will then do its job. So really there is no difference in the suboxone and subutex unless someone tries to shoot it up.
628190 tn?1269022107 No one here can give you dosing instructions or tell you that your should adjust your dose. It is against our guidelines, besides we are not qualified to do that. It is dangerous. I did a Suboxone treatment program and again, that is why I am trying to get you to call your doctor. You will all the support in the world here but not with that particular question. I am sorry if you misunderstood what I was saying.
182493 tn?1348056515 Two weeks down.. off Sub for 14 days off of all other opiates for 24 days.. Feeling good.. my allergies are bothering me from a run in with some lilies but I am ok.. I know I have kinda become a bit of a "SUb nazi" but it is good intended.. I did LOTS of research before going on it and I really do feel that alot of people are under educated when it come to this.. even docs.. Heck even my doc was under educated.