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220965 tn?1189759423 I live in Delaware and was wondering if anybody could tell me how much a 10 day supply of Suboxone would cost? Or basically a 10 day detox program. I have no insurance but I think I can raise enough for this if it is within reason. Thanks So Much This forum is wonderful.
1222871 tn?1268843138 i am preoccupied with when i am taking my next dose or how many i have/can take in a day, etc.... And are subs healthier per se than norco??? I just want to be healthy again. This pic was me before the pain, before the norco. I look at this pic and see a happy shining soul, now I look in the mirror and I see a worried, guilty stressed out fatty. I want to shine again, I want to feel beautiful again, I want to be sober and happy at the same time, but it seems so impossible.
Avatar m tn Went on 8 per day for 1 week then 6 per day for 1 week, then last Friday 4 for the day, 1 every 4 hours, 6pm last friday did my last pill. Sat. and Sun were a little rough, but got better fast, felt human day 4-5 Today day 8. Yesterday I was superman worked out twice, felt great, today walked in St. Paddys day Parade feel great. I know going back to our drug of choice seems crazy,but it worked for me.
Avatar n tn By the way, how did you get your suboxone? how much did it cost? Did it keep the withdrawls 100% from happening or just a little help? I am VERY CURIOUS to this drug as well. I am too weak to quit cold turkey!
309618 tn?1193379313 I never had an addiction to anything before. Only took I Bo's when needed or midol during that time. hahaha But this pill got me and got me good. I tried going c/t, but I will tell you I was soo scared. I got sooo depressed and thought of my mother and cried and cried. The pain and the anxitey was so strong I couldn't handle it. I relapsed and continued the bad habit. Each day was different, I was not the wife or mother I use to be.
Avatar n tn The list goes on and on, but I think you understand my feelings on this drug. The cost is a lot with no insurance, like $7 a pop, but how much more can a pill addiction be anyway? Be as honest and upfront with your doc. They have heard it all before and it will help you to get your life straightened out. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Most doctors charge $200 - $300 monthly, per patient, for a five-minute check-up to renew a Suboxone prescription. Most places prescribing Suboxone maintenance do not offer any addiction treatment because the doctor is not trained in addiction medicine and because it is not time or cost effective to do so. Furthermore, the lucrative nature of Suboxone on a maintenance basis is a disincentive to tapering the drug and its income-generating potential.
480035 tn?1222369764 the meth clinic that I went to just pushed suboxone because it cost 150/wk rather than the $80 for methaodne..they promised (in their own brochures) that you will be free and clear in 12 weeks...another lie..because most everyone that posts about it is still on it and the very less than 1% have gotten off it..I just don't get it either... no hate mail please..just my opinion..I did my methadone time and suffered..
Avatar m tn 00 for the visit, and i pay cash for my sub, about$ 6.40 per pill, and $20.00 weekly for my therapy...i am still so fortunate. i hear horror stories of addicts getting raped by their doctors, it is so unfair to take advantage of someone in need, but know that there ARE doctors out there who TRULY care and want to help...
Avatar f tn Now - she prescribed me a prescription for Suboxone. I have heard that this is very expensive. I talked to her about going to a family help center (which is actually right next door to her office) which they put you on a 10 day program and gradually reduce the dosage. The cost is about $1000 which includes ALL of the office visits, ALL the medication and talking with a therapist.
Avatar f tn then when I get into the 16mg per day range I will drop down slowly per my pain managenent doc. for more info check the suboxone website www. suboxone, Are you on a quick detox whats your story, I hope they work out for you, If your having headaches they will go away.
Avatar n tn Hi Jenny, I detoxed with suboxone short term (20 days) back in May. My DOC was lortabs...6 to 10 per day for around 5 or 6 yrs.
Avatar n tn For anyone out there considering Suboxone as treatment. It is worth it for sure. I feel great. As far as cost, I live in TN. My First day of induction cost 250.00 and then I had to pay about 50.00 for 3 days worth of medication. I went back the next day and it cost me 250.00. I got a weeks prescription and returned the following friday morning. They only charged me 50 for that visit and a script for another week. I do not have to return for around a month.
Avatar n tn I just got a prescription filled for Suboxone and am wondering how much I have to be in withdrawals to begin taking Suboxone. I've read that if you are taking under 30mgs of Methandone, you can start Suboxone immediately but have also read that you must be in full withdrawals to begin. If I start the Suboxone now, what will happen? Will I be in worse withdrawals than if I just wait and take in a couple of days? I'm wondering which w/d's will be worse (Methadone or starting Suboxone).
464957 tn?1207010936 I never could taper with the perc's , but I'm having no trouble tapering with the suboxone. I'm down to 1 1/2mg per day. I have only good things to say about the sub. I really think alot has to do with ....what you are expecting the sub to do. It is not a miracle cure. There is still work to do. How much are you taking and for how long ?
175688 tn?1297560247 If you have insurance it can be cost effective, but if not, it's very expensive, 50-100 dollars per doctor visit and 7 dollars a pill at the pharmacy.
Avatar f tn What justifies the cost per pill. Both chemicals have been around for decades. What research had to be done? What was invented? What is the rational for the price of Suboxone other than pure greed! This company is making money off the American people in absurd amounts for something that was developed decades ago and is holding us US citizens hostage.
192332 tn?1189759428 you cant get high on suboxone and it cant be abused, it has a ceiling effect...yes it is very costly about $8.00 per pill,,yes suboxone is very addictive, dose depends on the person and also previous drug used... i was taking methadone,,,when iswitched to sub i was taking 4, 8mg pills a day, i am now down to 10 mgs a day, people are saying the lower the dose the better and the shorter the time the better...i have been on it for 11 weeks now... it does work.
351342 tn?1197588360 Each person is different and I urge you to go at your own pace. Luke ps. I have insurance for my Suboxone and it is $25 per 30/mo supply and my doc visits are $110.
Avatar n tn Since March i have been taking a half of pill(4mg) per day. I feel like i am ready to give up. I feel sick everyday and my depression and anxiety is a nightmare!!!! I dont know what to do anymore. Is this last half that i take causing me to feel this way? If i would have known more about this nasty drug when i started it, i would have never ever even considered it. Does anyone know of anything i can do to feel better? ANYTHING?
Avatar m tn Make a long story short, I tapered my methadone with the aid of an addiction specialist down to 30mgs and switched to suboxone(8mg)/day. My opinion with suboxone is to start on the lowest dose possible that makes you comfortable, plain and simple. Preferably a shorter 21 day regimen of suboxone is ideal for alot of people, I myself was not aware of this when I started over 2 1/2 months ago. Im taking 2-3mgs a day and hopefully planning of being off within next 40days or so.
702707 tn?1228707461 I've read a BUNCH of blogs, posts, and forums about the cost of suboxone. This is what I have found out. There is no generic version of suboxone and there will not be until the patent runs out, which isn't for another year or maybe more. There is a free program that the manufacturer's of Suboxone have where they will let 2 patients of every doctor get their medicine for free every month. If the doctor has more than 60 patients then they can have 3 patients in the program.
222369 tn?1274478235 if science 'cured' addiction with a pill, would people be in favor it it? Suboxone is pretty darn close to perfect-- people who take it properly know what I am saying-- it makes a person 'normal'. Yes, there is some diversion; yes, there are treatment failures-- although many times the patients who fail didn't follow instructions closely, instead trying to 'treat themselves'-- which doesn't work with this medication.
Avatar n tn I was on suboxone for 4 years (about 8mg per day at first and tapered down to 1mg). Here comes the tricky part...under the supervision of my addiction specialist, I switched to oxycodone and think it will be easier to come off that that the dredded subox. Subox is 30 times mg per mg more powerful than oxycodone. And with its half life, it is like taking 30 mgs of percocet but never coming off of it for 24 to 36 hrs. That is a lot of percocet to fill those shoes.
Avatar m tn I also spend tons of money on meds even when I was getting them through a DR script i was spengind over $200.00 per month, but without it is more like 500-600 each month.. Suboxone can be used in different ways for different people, for different reasons, and goals! What you see alot of on here is people using it as a quick acting detox tool, but when they stay on it too long or take too much then they get withdrawl from it, and it seems to be just exchanging one drug to another right?
1200909 tn?1306818681 holy crap! wds from suboxone? im going to c doc tomorroww to get on from vicodin addiction. so its one addiction to the other?
Avatar m tn Good morning, this question is from a fellow who posted below, can tx be successful when on suboxone? Nygirl ,I read where your on this drug and without a doubt your tx so far is working great. His handle is pauly boy.
7163794 tn?1457370413 I go to N/A everyday and work a program to try and get my life back. It's my understanding that we should NEVER have gone on the subs for pill addiction. Pill addiction w/d would have taken like 5/7 days, the subs took me a little over 3 weeks. I wish I'd never had found the subs b/c they only prolonged what I was trying to avoid, which was w/d. Sort of like when you read posts on here about people trying to w/d using clonopin, xanex, etc..... whats the point?
538697 tn?1218415082 But as of right now, I feel like this drug, Suboxone, is in fact the miracle pill. Another strange thing for me, when I put things into perspective is the fact that just ONE of my lortab pills has MORE of the opiate in it than the THREE pills I took yesterday. Lortab has 7.5 mg of the opiate and the Sub has 2 mg per pill. I realize that there is a difference in the two drugs and their chemical make ups, but when I realized that fact, much of feelings of well being didn't really make sense.
1058304 tn?1257045915 i stopped ct from takin that amt in jan. relapsed after a few wks and went right back up to about25 es per day. friday will be my quit day. good luck and if u can jus stop all together sleep will come back. if not, try benadryl or somethung mild like that. may i ask u...have u ever ct wd from that amount of vic before?