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Avatar n tn not sure in your area but around here the meds run about 189-300 depending on dosaging, I think you can buy them online cheaper though good luck
Avatar n tn as for the suboxone, back in october, i did make up my mind (so I thought) and went online and researched detox. suboxone came up and some type of association that offered names of drs. in my area who only can prescribe it; something to do with the DEA. i can't remember exactly what association it was (you'll see it when you research suboxone online), i was able to make an appt. with a dr.
Avatar f tn For anyone interested in the Suboxone program: I am on day three. I realize that is not a long time, but I can say that is DOES take away any, and all, withdrawal nightmares. You have to be in withdrawal to take your first pill. I took 2-1/2 and after about an hour all symptoms were gone. My only problem is that I was addicted to Perc's and Vic's due to an accident. What I am finding out is that my pain is still with me, and it is intense.
Avatar f tn Is it legally possible to purchase suboxone online if you have a consultation with a doctor? If so, where could I find a site Please? I'm a mother of three without a car and the closest clinic is an hour and a half away... My mother-in-law was helping tremendously but she recently had a heartattck from the stress, I think... Someone please help, I live in Mountain City, Tn and have been a struggling addict for a minimum of fifteen Looong years.
Avatar n tn This time around I have found a Dr. that is putting me on suboxone. I understand that many people think this is a bad idea but I fear I don't have any other choice. For starters, cold turkey did not work for me. I have made it clear to my Dr that my intentions are to get off the drug as quickly as possible. Secondly, I obtain Oxy off the street and I am very happy to once again be operating within the law. My question is, before I start next week what questions should I ask my DR?
Avatar f tn I wanna have his baby one day, never like this. I need hope please. We looked into suboxone , he's taken before. If we ween off a little first, take lie doses of suboxone ge can give me lil doses ? I take half what he does ..
Avatar f tn Here's the problem with suboxone. It's harder to get off of than Oxy, by what I have read from EVERY SINGLE person I have seen on here! I think that if you take it for a week, you'll be fine. Even two weeks. But if it were ME, no one would talk me into taking that for several months or years. People on here have scared me to death about it! I took it for a very short time in a four month, residential treatment in Atlanta one time. I got clean. Graduated.
Avatar m tn This *****, Im in Pain and DR says t go back on meds.Im on Suboxone now for 3 weeks.Im down to 1 a day for 4 days now in 1/4s. My back is hurting. He says 24 to 36 Hrs after my last dose of Sub before i take any Pain Meds.Anyone that knows about this please reply.
610505 tn?1329607323 People's bad side effects with drugs (and, this is all drugs, not just Suboxone) is just like the bad restaurant. Your first reaction is to get online and tell everyone that will read it how much it screwed up their lives (and it very well may have...all drugs have their casualties). The problem is that people never seem to make a point of posting good experiences with a drug they've taken. Why? They're too busy living life and going forward.
Avatar n tn I just got a prescription filled for Suboxone and am wondering how much I have to be in withdrawals to begin taking Suboxone. I've read that if you are taking under 30mgs of Methandone, you can start Suboxone immediately but have also read that you must be in full withdrawals to begin. If I start the Suboxone now, what will happen? Will I be in worse withdrawals than if I just wait and take in a couple of days? I'm wondering which w/d's will be worse (Methadone or starting Suboxone).
702707 tn?1228707461 I'm not sure whether or not everyone knows this, but you can buy suboxone in parts. You can buy 1 days worth at a time if you want to. Most people find it easier to pay once a week or twice a month than a whole month's worth at once. If you buy a weeks worth though, you can't pick up more until they're all gone. You can't get them early. Some may allow a day or two early, but not most. Especially, not if you have insurance.
262764 tn?1189759435 I am so sorry to hear you are having such a horrible time with the suboxone and it scares me, as i start a program of suboxone a week from Monday. I was thinking of it as a GOD send to be accepted to this study and get on suboxone. Some people on here used the suboxone and had nothing but good results. Maybe you are cutting back too soon? It is all so scary.
691385 tn?1240076867 If you are hearing a constant ringing AND IT WONT GO AWAY. Man I would be at the suboxone doctors office immediately. That can be a sign of something seriously wrong. Good luck.
Avatar m tn when he doesn't have any to spare I buy them off the streets. I was previously perscribed the suboxone but haven't been sense 6weeks after my daughter was born which was march 8th of 2015. I know some amount of withdraw is inevitable but I need to make this bareable so I can still care for my daughter. If you dot mind me asking have you ever been through suboxone withdraw & how awful is it because from what I've read its a month or more of hell.
659957 tn?1224857787 I have been taking Suboxone for 3yrs and I am pregnant w/ my 2ND child while on suboxone. I also know of another girl who has had 2 babies while taking suboxone. My 1st child I had while taking suboxone is ABSOLUTELY perfect. He will be 2 in Dec. He weighed 7lbs. and 3 oz @ birth. When I had him, the hospital knew I was on this medication and monitored him just to make sure he was ok and he never showed any signs of WDs.
Avatar f tn if that were the case, everyone would be drug addicts and someone would be VERY rich! this person selling this online is just gaining off peoples desperate state when they're in WDs.... I personally take 5-HTP, L Tyrosine, Vit-B 6, Fish Oil (Omega 3-6-9) and a multi-vitamin with minerals...spread out throughout the day ofcourse. Everyone's body chemistry is different and some things may work, some may not...patience is the key, no "one thing" is going to make this all go away...
Avatar f tn She has gone to numerous inpatient programs and have done what I could for her to become drug free. My question is she is now on Suboxone which I have found information on the internet about but feel she is abusing it & sharing the pills. She started on the Suboxone 4 weeks ago. First prescription 7 pills & doctor wanted her to come back in a week. First couple day's she took the pill one each day under tongue. 3rd day she went out & did not take pill before leaving.
Avatar f tn I want to try Suboxone. I have an appt on Tues to get a script. I am currently on 50mg Norco, 150-300mg Tramadol (usually 150) and 1-2mg Xanax per day. I was on 450mg Tramadol for 10 yrs (150mg day previous five years). Norco escalated up but daily last two years (sporadic before that) hence why I dropped down Tramadol. Xanax for 3-4 years. So..with those meds will the doctor give me Suboxone? Will he take me off both Norco and Tram at same time (my hope)? Also..
Avatar f tn hello all, i still can't get my head around the Sub thing. first let me share my experience with people i know who are being prescribed Sub by a doctor. first off, all of the doctors in my area who prescribe the Sub charge like 250$ per visit and they make you see at least once a month just for them to say "yes, you are an addict. here's a script for sub.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have been on 16mg of Suboxone for over 5 years after abusing Oxycontin for less than 2 years. My mood is content, but I am a shell of a person. I do not work and I never leave my home. I get up in the afternoon and go on my laptop until I go to bed around 4am, and then I repeat the same thing the next day. I am extremely constipated and have no energy. I know I need to get off Suboxone, but I don't feel strong enough to and the more time that goes by, the weaker I get.
7474434 tn?1391194108 Long story short, I went from pills to heroin... then to get off that I went on suboxone which took away any thoughts/cravings I had twords my addiction. I thought I found something no one else new about. I stayed on Suboxone for 3 years until 2 weeks ago. my dosage varied from 16mg - 4mg. Knowing that I was gunna give it my best shot I went straight down to about 3mg a day for a month. then 2 weeks ago I took my last dose and went to a 6 day in patient detox..
296875 tn?1217463223 Does anyone know the difference between suboxone and methodone? I have a friend that has been taking vics for a long time now, for good reason, she has endometriosis. But for some reason her dr. gave her methodone, she says he gave them to her for the pain but wouldnt you think he gave them to her to try to get off the vics?? I have another friend that took methadone and xanax together ( i dont know how many) and she died. Im scared of the methodone now for that reason.
Avatar m tn After tossing and turning all night getting hot and cold skin crawling restless legs etc, I had a my sister get me a 8 mg suboxone strip from a friend at her work. I cut it in three pieces so it's a lil over 2.5 mg a piece. I took a dose of this at 5 am. When should I take my next dose of this ? How long does it last ?
1895503 tn?1332376974 To me Suboxone definitely has mood-altering affects. Why would people that have never had it, buy it on the streets and get hooked on it, if it didn't have mood-altering affects. Some may use it to treat pain, but I have seem people post that don't have pain and got addicted to it.......Oh, I have to turn the computer off.
616659 tn?1221530015 I have been on Suboxone for months and months now. It works great at keeping me away from my DOC, oxycontin, and it helps me live a normal, productive life; I just can't stop taking it. Should I quit cold turkey? Cut myself down? I don't know what to do. My doc. started me out at 16mg a day and it took almost 8 months for him to cut me down to 14mg. I have the feeling he just wants me to keep coming to keep paying him. I am interested in stopping all together.
Avatar m tn If they don't have any imprints on them they probably aren't suboxone or subutex. Like mentioned above, suboxone are orange with a N8 on them and are an orange or pinkish color. As of now there is not a generic version of Suboxone on the market yet. Generic subutex are white and do have some numbers imprinted on them. I don't think there are any prescription meds out there that do not have some sort of imprint on them. Sounds like he may be trying to pull a fast one on you.
Avatar n tn kind of like quitting smoking, also take lots of vitamin(s) B-complex, C, E, and a regular dose of calcium with magnesium doesn't hurt. Also try something called 5-HTP. it deals like buy 1 get 1 free and buy 2 get 3 free on most items (see puritans pride site for this.) Other supplements you can try are selenium, vitamins K,and D. Also drink lots of CLEAR liquids, Teas, cranberry, etc. No Dairy. This will help shorten withdrawal symptoms and lessen pain and depression. Hope you feel better.
781880 tn?1238114088 So I am on day 1 of "zero" Suboxone and have a few Q'S. I have been weening off for a few weeks and finally am "weened off." I took 1/4 yesterday at 1pm when I awoke and that was it. I am pumping my old car rotors (they work pretty good, 11-lbs each) and doin' some workouts in my room, haha: I sound like such a kid.