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1222871 tn?1268843138 Yes. Safer, doesn't damage your body, and it's a personal program w/ you and your Dr. It's actually CHEAPER in the long run... The medication may be expensive, but think about what you spend a day on your other habit... The subs come where you can brek them in quarters... Your Dr. will adjust your dose, but if you start on, say for example, one 8 mg a day, say half in the am, maybe a half or a quarter at night, that's still the cost of one sub a day.
Avatar f tn But of course the doctors are never wrong. In (07) I went for a full Gastric Bypass to GAIN WEIGHT and at this time 5 years laster stuck on pain killers and the surgery I lost teeth Vitamin deff. Body all screwed up etc(thank god im in the dental industry) But havent worked) ALL I WANT IS MY HEALTH. NOW IM ADDICTED TO PAIN MEDS the DOC who prescribed said u would be deppended but not addidted< I said whats the difference.
Avatar m tn In November of 2009 the doc changed him over to buprenophine, the subutex generic, since then he has lost a lot of weight, I never see him each much, and always says that he stopped at McDonalds or something. Is the buprenophine causing the weight loss?
Avatar f tn my appetite didn't come back for weeks and weeks. So the Suboxone might just be restoring your normal appetite-- and the weight loss while off them was the effects of no appetite from opiate withdrawal. As for the 'just screw it' comment, and as a psychiatrist, I urge you to take a good look at that thought, because those sorts of thoughts are what lead to people destroying themselves.
Avatar m tn Has anyone had hair loss on suboxone and it grew back after getting off suboxone? And by hair loss, I mean, receding hair line, thinning. Not just because you had a couple hairs on your hand in the shower. Any help?
Avatar m tn HI WELCOME to the forum the weight thing is a methadone thing for most people I went from 6'1 185 to 245 but I had a sweet tooth that was non stop once I came off the stuff got down in the 60 s and below I lost my sweet tooth and the weight came off im at 180 now 2yrs after detox my advise is keep lowering your dose eventually the weight will start to come off and overall you will be much better off both physically and mentally off the crap I feel greaat thes days cant say I ever felt great on m
Avatar f tn I believe the problem is in your taking Tramadol together with Suboxone. Tramadol is an opiate and by taking Suboxone with it you are causing a withdrawal reaction. You should be off off all opiates including Tramadol for at least 24 to 36 hours before starting Suboxone, then its opiate properties will be apparent. Let me discuss your fibromyalgia, if you indulge me.
Avatar m tn The only thing that I'm thinking about doing is switching to Suboxone, which I know is not easy and comes with a brand-new set of problems and issues. Any suggestions, advice or help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!!
1845558 tn?1318954203 nausea and vomiting, drowsiness, dizziness, headache, perspiration, itchiness, dry mouth, low blood pressure, decreased libido and urinary retention. You do not have to be an addict. You do not have to be branded one either. We make people clean and keep them clean without the use of other opiates all the time. Just look at our website Read my blogs by clicking on my name, then blogs. I talk a lot about options available. 2. Anxiety is your other over whelming issue.
Avatar f tn Before subs my pain dr had me on 90 oc @month and 240 norco @ month for break thru pain. I have had the surgury and was but on the subutex first and then the suboxone. My only complaint so far is my craving for sweets. I ve gained 10 lbs in 6 months. It does not help with pain. It does enable you how to live without opiates. Every 4 months I'll go down 8 mg. then when I get into the 16mg per day range I will drop down slowly per my pain managenent doc.
Avatar n tn Now that I've had some real experience with it I would advise people to find a doctor who is actually educated about Suboxone/Subutex and addiction before getting on this med long term. And also to really research as much as possible on your own beforehand. This med hasn't really been around long enough to have the kind of information that people really need, so alot of us have side effects that aren't widely known or understood yet.
610505 tn?1329607323 Show me your documented proof that a proper Suboxone taper produces withdrawals worse than a CT detox from hydrocodone then I'll recing my comments and eat crow. I'd also caution anyone on here to provide "advice" that contradicts the advice of their doctors. To do so is just reckless at best. People should be asking their doctors these questions...not going to a forum and asking for medical advice.
Avatar n tn Hi trustd, Ask a doctor trained in addiction medicine, as there are drugs that have (Off the label) side effects that in some cases, am example is the Anti-depressant, Welbutrin this drug is also used for Weight-loss,Cigarette and cocaine dinimishing affects,and the reason it was invented Depressuion.Google the name on the net.
Avatar f tn does suboxone affect pregnancy test at home, i've missed 4periods and urine home test says negative but i think i have pregnancy symptoms.
908382 tn?1243376202 my point is im out of control living this crazy secret life of addiction, my husband and 9 year old see my weight loss and that dreaded two weeks when I run out... I need to get myself back.... im no rookie and I know its all about me and truly wanting to stop but said than done.... I need to come clean and give hubby my addy script and tapper, take my sub as prescribed, only 2mlgs,, and take my insomnia benzos as prescribed..
Avatar m tn evidently it is helpful to people with diabetes and people struggling with weight loss too.
Avatar n tn I managed an agonizing taper to 30 mgs and made the switch to suboxone. I had been on methadone after 5 years, and the mental part of my addiction seemed to be over, however I was sooooo physically dependant on the m'done I couldnt get off. I inducted on Suboxone at 16mgs daily on March 25, 2008. Today I am now taking 1mg daily and getting ready for my next decrease. The wd's coming off sub are not the most comfortable thing in the world, but WAY better than m'done!
Avatar f tn So in short, I would say, weight loss and insomnia is how you will be able to tell he is truly off. hope this helps you. My best wishes to your family.
794977 tn?1237260169 i mean my body really doesnt hurt at all honestly my back a lil bit but what screws me up is i keep thinking i can get up and go back to normal and then it hits me and can hardly least i can sleep that i one thing i am thankful for, i know so many have probs with that n i pray for you...i did what you guys said been taking my b12s and b6s aminos and alot of green tea antioxidant...
794977 tn?1237260169 i was in nc when i started i am now in pa and dont want to continue any longer....i went through a huge weight loss and work out plan while on suboxone bc i knew that i wanted to get as physically strong as possible and i have accomplished alot....but im scared....i have been reading some peoples posts about wd and i dont know what to mom was an addict and still is recovering but from much harsher drugs....
684726 tn?1228489221 And If I do quit smoking, will I go through some kind of withdrawl for that? I just had one now and took 2 drags and put it out. Its like Im smoking and dont even want to.
6541568 tn?1382416351 with the job loss I lost my insurance...had to move and so lost my primarcy care physician....and no walk in clinic will listen to an opiate me...I already tried....told them the truth...and they wouldn't even consider helping. I may try my old idea if he can really help. I can deal with the other syptoms......just the outlook of hell like nights and terrible days without food is honestly messing with my mind. I pray...I cry....
659957 tn?1224857787 I have been taking Suboxone for 3yrs and I am pregnant w/ my 2ND child while on suboxone. I also know of another girl who has had 2 babies while taking suboxone. My 1st child I had while taking suboxone is ABSOLUTELY perfect. He will be 2 in Dec. He weighed 7lbs. and 3 oz @ birth. When I had him, the hospital knew I was on this medication and monitored him just to make sure he was ok and he never showed any signs of WDs.
Avatar m tn After returning to work in May 09 my weight was roughly 150lbs,but due too the vikes and perks little by little the weight was dropping bc I wasn't eating as much.When I started subs I was 144,as of today I am 137lbs.Has anyone else lost weight taking subs?Do you noticeably eat less?Could the loss of appetite be due to cutting back abruptly?I will ween off these simply bc I want too be done and I want to eat 4 meals a day again like I did prior to Sep 08.
1460021 tn?1445739558 But seriously how come i can overcome a codine addiction and being on suboxone...yet i struggle with something like weight loss? A small part of me still has confidence but from the constant brain washing of my father, i just feel that no guy could possibly find me attractive...not that i need a guy to validate my life. I just don't know how to stop eating sweet things.
Avatar f tn I tapered off of it only to find the massive weight loss was due to my malfunctioning gall bladder. It was then that my life changed drastically!! I suffered complications after the surgery to remove my gallbladder, spleen and appendix. I was on narcotic meds for almost 2 years. It didnt take long for me to become powerless to opiates. My guess is the opiates acted much like the adderall did as far as ADD is concerned.
Avatar n tn Sounds like you on to much suboxone for long periods I was always on 2 mg and 8 to 4 mg when first coming off the pills. Less is more the less you take the better you feel. Hang in there.