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1200909 tn?1306818681 I have been on Suboxone for 28 days now and my urine is VERY dark and has a strong smell to it. Anybody ever have that happen while taking Suboxone? Thanks for replies!
Avatar n tn How long does suboxone stay in your system? Will 1 pill effect a urine screen? Can it be detected in the urine? If so, how long till 1 pill wears off?
Avatar f tn I really need advice. I started suboxone 2 1/2 weeks ago I take urine tests every Tuesday. My doctor wrote me a 2 week script. My problem is I over used my meds and have run out about 6 days early. My concern is that one I will eventually get withdrawals in the next 3 days and when I test this Tuesday my levels will be off. I'm obviously still early in my recovery and I am focused in getting clean. I have not used doc at all since starting suboxone.
Avatar n tn dose of methadone on a sunday morning, and took nothing else until friday late morning when i took my first dose of suboxone, and i was put into precipitated withdrawal immediately, and was severly sick for 4 days, all i can say about suboxone is that i am exsisting... i am not "physically" sick, but i am so mentally screwed up i wonder if this is even worth it, (never mind the cost of suboxone $170.00 for 30 8 mg pills (and i take 16 mg - 20 mg.) compared to $25.00 for 100 10mg.
Avatar f tn I realized I need to focus better and use other tools to help me with recovery. This is my first and last mistake. I take urine tests every Tuesday. They are collected in a regular plastic cup without temperature and panels. Only my name and birthday in sharpie. I know it's sent to a lab. Either the lady that takes the blood and urine brings it to the lab or they pick it up. I'm not sure. My question and problem is that most likely my levels will low or not show buprenorphine at all.
Avatar m tn I was on suboxone for 7 months. At first I took them as planned and it was going well. After a month or so I relapsed. I relapsed several times. I know this was my fault and I have no one else to blame. My question is about sub regulations. During treatment I failed 2 drug tests, which should have caused me to be kicked out of the program. The Dr. never even mentioned it and kept filling my script, even after a 3rd failed drug test.
Avatar f tn I did so well with it. But, there is always a but.... My urine tests were coming back as using benzo's which I stopped doing. One day it would be negative and the very next day it would show as positive. What is up with that? Now I have been removed from suboxon and going to get it anyway. Help!!!
Avatar f tn / As far as I know, he was on that for about 2 months and then switched to Suboxone. Which he sniffed as well. then he began getting the strips and i started to feel less un-attracted to him. We have spoken to a doctor and are currently trying to get him into an outpatient program. He has perc 5's on him and never took them. I asked him for them the next day and they were still there.
366557 tn?1259103224 Suboxone or Xanax, he just couldn't do both anymore. I chose Xanax, and still take it. I can't help but think of the DEA as "Big Brother." When they reluctantly approved Suboxone for addiction treatment, I wonder if they said "well, okay, we'll let the dirty, low-life junkies have their Suboxone, but we can't have them being TOO comfortable. They have to suffer a little, don't they? So no Benzo'o!, even if it's indicated!
Avatar f tn i'm involved with children services and i have tests and they test for it in my system. i'm worried that they will try to take my children if i say i'm done taking subs and they still show up. these people are shadey. thanks for your input.
237500 tn?1189759431 And since I am recognizing this now (thankfully) I think I am going to do a lot more research on Suboxone and possibly engage in the treatment. I need to stop thinking only a week out on my recovery and think long term. And if Suboxone is going to help me think long term, then I am in. I will keep eveyone posted on my progress.
1381087 tn?1279226927 First off let me say that I've never used Fentanyl ever and haven't had to do a urine test. I do take vicodin for my pain. But what I wanted to say is kind of what you were talking about, I've been reading on the posts lately and it does seem like there are quite a few people that are failing the urine tests with the fentanyl.
Avatar f tn does suboxone affect pregnancy test at home, i've missed 4periods and urine home test says negative but i think i have pregnancy symptoms.
Avatar m tn Yes there are ways to tamper with them often addicts will get some elses uriine go into the bath room and use the other urine .I have heard of people putting suff in the urine so it wont show drugs. honeslty I would go with your gut and it you really want I drug test i would look into blood or hair they are alot more accreate .I will say this too H is the hardest drug there is to get and stay off of .Most people have to do long term rehab for some more then once to get off H.
Avatar m tn I currently take 1 1/2 suboxone strips. I take a whole in the morning and the half about 3 in the afternoon. I also take ritalin as prescribed daily. When I get my urine tests back every two weeks the lab results say that my levels are too low. It is coming up negative for nor buprenorphine. They say it could be there but it is under the cut off of 30 mg/ml .
4822967 tn?1367660296 You THINK you're helping her by providing urine for her tests, but you're not. If she is in a sub program and is still using, then something isn't working. She either needs to sort that out with the clinic by being HONEST or find another kind of treatment, perhaps inpatient? You keep saying that this ex shouldn't have custody, and you blame her relapses on your daughter. You are not making your daughter accountable for any of her actions.
4822967 tn?1367660296 If she was serious about her recovery, she would be working harder to stay clean and CERTAINLY not asking you to help her pass her urine tests when she clearly wouldn't. She would recognize that she needs to LEARN how to handle situations as they arise..and handle them without drugs. I'm very glad to see that you're putting accountability on her as well. She is equally guilty in this situation where the kids are concerned.
Avatar m tn Keep up the vitamins and supplements and give it time. Smoking pot will help with the nausea but it shows up in urine tests and might not be worth the risk. Wednesday is my one year anniversary for my first back surgery. I woke up from the surgery sick as a dog and I'm still sick a year later. Are you on Clonodine along with the suboxone? It helps a little. I wear a patch.
Avatar f tn We've discussed my dosage which is 8mg once daily and they've dealt with other suboxone pregnancies and NONE of their babies had experienced any withdrawals and they were all on the same dosage as me. My entire pregnancy has been extremely healthy and I've had absolutely no issues. All my prenatal visits have been great and my baby is above average size in his development according to the ultrasounds.
237500 tn?1189759431 Hey everybody ~ Today is my 8th day on Suboxone and it has been an interesting experience, for sure. I found that I get VERY sleepy after I take a dose, so I have adjusted the time of my daily dosage to every night right before I go to bed. There are lots of little kinks that I am getting worked out, but I am hoping to have it all fine tuned in the coming weeks. SO - here is my concern - I should have started my period this past Monday…So as of today, I am 4 days late.
Avatar f tn And the first week was hell on earth literally. But now I am 47 days free off Suboxone and I and others have noticed such a positive impact on my life. I will never go back now that I have my clarity and emotions back. Opiates basically just make you numb all over in regards to everything. Suboxone itself also gives you a hungering for sweets. So whatever you weigh before suboxone, you can add about 15-25% to your weight.
Avatar f tn Hey Matt and welcome back.... I was on 24mg of suboxone for almost 7 years and NO, this is not right! It wasn't until I came on this website that I realized my dose was WAY too high and not necessary. I know how much they cost on the street, for sure, but I'm quite suprised your dr gave you extra's if you have cravings????
659957 tn?1224857787 I have been taking Suboxone for 3yrs and I am pregnant w/ my 2ND child while on suboxone. I also know of another girl who has had 2 babies while taking suboxone. My 1st child I had while taking suboxone is ABSOLUTELY perfect. He will be 2 in Dec. He weighed 7lbs. and 3 oz @ birth. When I had him, the hospital knew I was on this medication and monitored him just to make sure he was ok and he never showed any signs of WDs.
Avatar f tn I have chronic urinary tract and bladder problems and cannot void on demand. How often can a urine test be required for a pain management patient? My doctor has an assistant, not a nurse, who assists her with checking patient vitals, etc. the assistant makes frequent demands for a urine test...4 in the last 8 months which seem excessive to me. She gets quite testy if I am unable to comply and has left an unpleasant message on my phone once.
Avatar m tn the doctor who prescribes it often tests ur urine...there is a difference in the 2 as he wants to be sure u are taking the sub and not taking narcotics so it would seem that sub does not mimic a narcotic on a standard drug screen...there are expensive screens that can differentiate but i would tend to think it would not show up on a standard 5 panel screen....i do know someone who paseed their drug screen/5 panel where i work..
Avatar f tn Is it possible for a false positive or alcohol in a urine test if youre diabetic? Im in a suboxone clinic and I get tested every two weeks. I was positive two consecutive times in July when I had my toe amputated and then it was fine now I tested positive again in November two consecutive times again. Back in July I had a UTI and believe I might again.
Avatar n tn Are you still taking the Sub? For how long and how much? Suboxone is W A Y stronger than vicodin, and MUCH harder to come off of.
Avatar m tn I get up in the afternoon and go on my laptop until I go to bed around 4am, and then I repeat the same thing the next day. I am extremely constipated and have no energy. I know I need to get off Suboxone, but I don't feel strong enough to and the more time that goes by, the weaker I get. There was only 1 time that I was ready to ween myself off Suboxone. It was after being on it for 6 months and a psychiatrist had put me on an anti-depressant.
Avatar f tn When it comes to questions asking about passing drug tests we dont answer them on this forum and I stand by that 100 % .