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196784 tn?1194160061 I am on Ativan and Ritalin too. The Ritalin is new it is to see if it would help me stop crying but I dont know if I am depressed from the drugs or just losing my mind.
Avatar m tn She's aware of my addiction problem and that I'm taking Suboxone. In all honesty I've began to abuse the Adderall,taking a lot more than I should and my psychiatrist is not aware of it. At first I was unsure as to why this psychiatrist would prescribe these two drugs knowing the potential for abuse? I realize that I have the ultimate decision of whether to take these two drugs, but being an addict it was hard to resist. Does anyone have any feedback about my situation?
Avatar m tn It has been almost two months since I stopped taking opiates, and I have narrowed down what I take daily. I'm now taking Suboxone 4mg 3x a day. Ritalin 3-4x per day (20mg), and Klonpin or Ativan when needed. I know that the Klopin/ativan and suboxone is a bad combination, so I will only take those benzos when needed, in small doses, and long after the suboxone. I started taking Lexapro two nights ago. 10mg before bed. I have been having severe reactions to it.
558096 tn?1255890602 I say this as a real person with a real addiction and as someone who has used and LOVED suboxone while using it for over two years and has come off of it completely and suffered because of it. Everyone is different though and we all have different opinions and experiences. This is just my personal experience.
Avatar m tn Finding a sponsor and going to meetings will help tremendously you can relate to those people you can't relate to your therapist or whoever you're seeing they haven't gone through what you are going through they just got a piece of paper saying that they can we pick your brain and I don't believe in them I believe if you going to teach someone to be sober you have to have been there and done that to be able to teach you to someone else the correct way of getting
Avatar m tn (I am feeling withdrawl, cold, night leg shakes, sweat, uncontrollable yawning, and the dreaded running to the restroom) Does anyone know if RITALIN and/or PROVIGIL will ease my lack of motivation and energy untill the WD passes? It is now Sunday. I have not taken any opiates since Thursday and am feeling WD, yet am alone at my apt, thinking of "scoring" just 2-3 hydros to make it go away.....My first post, sorry so long. Thank you. Please... any advice would be welcome.
Avatar m tn I currently take 1 1/2 suboxone strips. I take a whole in the morning and the half about 3 in the afternoon. I also take ritalin as prescribed daily. When I get my urine tests back every two weeks the lab results say that my levels are too low. It is coming up negative for nor buprenorphine. They say it could be there but it is under the cut off of 30 mg/ml .
Avatar m tn It was so bad I gave in and took 2 lortabs and IMMEDIATELY felt much better, but I was hellbent on NEVER getting addicted again. So I went to the doctor and got prescribed Suboxone (12mg/day) and have also tried a few different antidepreessents for my emerging depression. The antidepressents always seemed to make me feel worse,but the first time I took the Suboxone I took a nap, woke up, and felt as though the depression almost went away.
1200909 tn?1306818681 Today i just reduced my Suboxone down to half a milligram and i can't WAIT to get off it!! Can't wait to be a new me...the REAL me. Keep up the good work!
Avatar n tn Maybe just kick the ritalin, and keep tapering suboxone and valium, or try to make it through the next 7 days CT from both.
267243 tn?1189759435 I posted this on another board but found out hardly anyone posts there, it's pretty much the story of where I am, but mainly I am ready for the tapering stage of Suboxone and I'm scared and need advice. The shrink said there is inconclusive data on this stage, and from what I read she seems correct.I've read many stories from easy comedowns to pure hell, but no one in my situation. (most are either deeper or lighter, and more importantly, none have been on such a short time-scale.) ...
Avatar m tn I have plenty of Ritalin but just read on another page from this forum that the crash is really bad, so now I'm very uncertain about taking Ritalin without Subutex( Suboxone) to take when the Ritalin crashes.
424839 tn?1268189846 This class of drugs includes amphetamines, methamphetamine, cocaine and methylphenidate (Ritalin). • Designer drugs. Synthetic compounds, such as Ecstasy, which has both amphetamine-like and hallucinogenic effects, are included in this category. • Hallucinogens. LSD, phencyclidine (PCP) and ketamine (special K) are examples of hallucinogens. • Inhalants. Glue, paint, solvents and nitrous oxide can all be used as inhalant drugs. • Opioids.
Avatar m tn I was prescribed Darvon in the late 80s with Ritalin for ADHD and depression along with Vistiril to help sleep. In the mid 2000s I had a number of significant injuries to my hand, then knee, then both shoulders. I had a left roto-cuff repair, but they told me my right shoulder and bicep tear was inoperable. From 2006 on I started on Percocet 10 mg , 2 per day and Ultram for pain associated with these injuries. I immediately felt i had found the miracle i had searched for all my life.
Avatar f tn Adderall for example is amphetamine and causes hyper activity in most people by stimulating epinephrine, but is calming for ADHD. Ritalin is another stimulant that works on dopamine uptake and causes a hyper effect, again calming to ADHD. My theory is, the benzo is usually an anti anxiety med that is causing anxiety due to the ADHD, like it causes mania in me, opposite effect. The combo he is taking is a similar feeling to pure heroine, so there is the central issue I see.
2126606 tn?1346348724 Opioid-induced hyperalgesia is a condition where the increased use of opiates, like Oxycontin and hydrocodone, heightens one's sensitivity to discomfort and reduces their tolerance for pain. Essentially, people will increase the amount of painkillers they are taking as their discomfort continues to escalate, but the added medication can actually make their pain worse.
429700 tn?1308011423 I no longer complain to my husband, and my sister is far worse off than myself and I don't like bothering her with my problems. My dear husband comes close to tears when I talk about cognitive issues. He hates to see me hurting in this way because there's nothing he can do about it. He is able to deal with my physical complaints of MS way better. He already does all of the cooking and the majority of the housework.
Avatar m tn I currently take 1 1/2 suboxone strips. I take a whole in the morning and the half about 3 in the afternoon. I also take ritalin as prescribed daily. When I get my urine tests back every two weeks the lab results say that my levels are too low. It is coming up negative for nor buprenorphine. They say it could be there but it is under the cut off of 30 mg/ml .
Avatar f tn The suboxone withdrawls are just as bad as vicodin. Now almost done with the suboxone, and having tapering down to almost nothing, im so unhappy. I have no desire to have friends, im always snappy to my family, recently broke it off with my bf bc of my temper, a depressed feeling. Ive tried anti depressants but all they do is make me into a zombie.
Avatar m tn A friend of mine has been clean now for about two months and has been taking Suboxone 3xdaily 8mg. And he said it has been an absolute life saver. Now he was taking 40 80mg Oxy's per day (No lie I have seen it he is lucky to still be alive) so I figure if he can do it then I definetly can. So March 31st 2008 at 7pm I took my last 40mg Oxy. The next morning my friend gave me 10 8mg Suboxone and told me to take one in the morning and one at night.
Avatar m tn Went to rehab 3 times and eventually lost my family, my business and everything I had. I was introduced to a suboxone doctor and it changed my life. I got my family back, I've held the same job for almost 2 years where I'm now a boss. I'm on day 2 of coming off suboxone. My doc gave me ritolin to tapper with my suboxone. Like most people I was able to get down to taking a 1/4 in the morning and 1/4 in the evening.
Avatar f tn Husband has long drug addiction history, he is now 45 yrs old. In 2005, became sober from opiates and put on Suboxone, did well until this psychiatrist put him on Adderall for the tiredness. He is give alot and he abuses them, sniffs them, changes his mood, he binges until he is done. I have been going through this chaos for a few months now and I just found out he is also being prescribed this doctor, is giving him, Ambien, Ritalin and Suboxone.. What the heck...
Avatar f tn i cant take it anyore i have tried to go ct and i have tried tapering but i cant seem to stop. my anxiety gets so bad and the rls and depression that i just go back so im thinking o f trying suboxene. i have heard good and bad things about this any suggestions?
511524 tn?1266353534 I had a minor problem with cocaine in the past years ago but it was short lived and easy to get off.. And im not to the point where if i dont have the ritalin or an adderall im freaking out, but I know its leading right to that, and since the dose of xanax is so high I cant just stop that, so Im right back in the vicious circle of addiction. I need some words of encouragement and anyone with similar experiences, please tell your stories, anything will help.
673186 tn?1225987525 Anything I could snort it went up my nose..On Nov. 3rd 2007 I went to a treatment center and am on methadone daily(started on suboxone), and have been over a year clean from opiates. the only problem was that the strattera made me really sick whenever i took it and it didnt help in anyway so my psychiatrist thought it best too try methylphenidate(ritalin). It helped alot and I have been on Focalin (Dexmethylphenidate-a isomer of ritalin that is a little more potent) for almost four months.
Avatar n tn im am curious, what was your DOC?, and how much and how long were you using it? cuz suboxone should curb and from personal research and experience found that no matter how severe or how strong the opiate of choice was, it would always curb the wd and stop it after 30-45 mins of taking it...
571167 tn?1223218065 if you could switch to suboxone (bupenorphine) i would really suggest it--i know people who've been on both, and they said that the bup. was one million times less addictive and depressive.
Avatar m tn i do not know if you are still trying to stop with an aide but my frind has tried with adderall and suboxone or whatever it is called and this ruined his ability to get a high while on it which is a good thing and did help him to stop mostly even when he relapsed but he was pissed he didnt get high b ut that was the point to stop and i dont know if that helps.