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Avatar n tn THC, Morphine (Natural opiates that break down into morphine such as Codeine, Heroin) PCP, Methamphetamine, and Barbiturates If u are applying for a safety sensitive position such as Government or transportation, they do an extended screen Which sometimes includes testing for Methadone, Hydrocodone, and some others. Most companies have no clue what suboxone is, but rest assured I can almost guarentee that with the uprise in Sub patients, they will be testing for it in no time.
Avatar f tn So I am reading this really interesting book called Surviving Suboxone treatment and Withdrawals: Personal Experiences & Stories. One of the patients in the book spoke to a Doctor (not a sub Dr.) and was told that she was not going through Suboxone withdrawal alone, but 3 disorders at once, because of the Suboxone w/d The first disorder he spoke of is Depersonalization Disorder, below is the definition: Depersonalization Disorder is said to be a side effect of the Naloxone in Suboxone.
1200909 tn?1306818681 I took my last 2mg of Suboxone Wed morn and am ready for whatever life throws at me. although I know it is not gonna be an easy road, I know I will fight many battles several times a day in the beginning but in time I won't have to fight as often. I will take it step by step and day by day and learn from each passing day. Who else is excited about getting to live the rest of your life free from pills with a clear mind.
Avatar m tn Of course, that never happened and I'm scared and don't know how to start the suboxone again...I am new here and this is the first time I've ever posted anything on a site like this. I thought about getting another drug (but NO OPIODS) to use so I can stay off the opiods until I've waited long enough to start suboxone back, so it wouldn't be so hard and I could get through it so I don't have to tell my doctor.
424839 tn?1268189846 This class of drugs includes amphetamines, methamphetamine, cocaine and methylphenidate (Ritalin). • Designer drugs. Synthetic compounds, such as Ecstasy, which has both amphetamine-like and hallucinogenic effects, are included in this category. • Hallucinogens. LSD, phencyclidine (PCP) and ketamine (special K) are examples of hallucinogens. • Inhalants. Glue, paint, solvents and nitrous oxide can all be used as inhalant drugs. • Opioids.
326535 tn?1194467809 From what I've read on here, many people seem to think that it's best to switch to a shorter acting opiate such as Suboxone..stay for a month or so until the methadone is out of your system completely and you've normalized, and then do a taper off the Sub..which in theory should be more comfortable than the mathadone detox. Is this an option for you? Have you considered it? And, yes..methadone can have harsh consequences on your teeth. I've heard people on here comment on it before.
Avatar n tn I kept going back trying go figure out where he mentioned methamphetamines, and the only thing I could figure out was rachelln thought methadone and methamphetamine are the same thing! Anyway, opioid addiction is one of the hardest to overcome. It's chemical structure is very similar to heroin. James, I wish you luck, but you can do it!
Avatar n tn I've managed to find myself now at around 30 a day, give or take, with no particular reason other than to just do it, and the fact that I work shift work, and stay up for days at a time, with no special reason... (yup, you guessed it, I'm a rocket scientist! <duh>) Anyhow, I'd like to toss'em aside, but don't even now seem to be able too... Been getting worse just recently, and have gotten scared to the point within the last week that I promised I wouldn't buy more, and I did. Surprised?
Avatar f tn Baby will not experience any adverse affects, there are no physical withdrawals from this drug, if by Meth you mean methamphetamine. On the other hand if you continue to use, you continue to cause it untold harm, and you can not tell at which point it will become irreparable damage. Methamphetamine can easily cause low fetal weight, poor blood flow to the placenta, decreasing nutrient supply to the baby and can easily cause premature fetal death.
666151 tn?1311117976 The arguments are often fueled by petty notions of ‘whose recovery is more authentic’, and miss the important point that buprenorphine and Suboxone can have huge beneficial effects on the lives of opiate addicts. For clarification, the active ingredient in Suboxone is buprenorphine, a partial agonist at the mu opiate receptor. Suboxone contains naloxone to prevent intravenous use; another form of the medication, Subutex, consists of buprenorphine without naloxone.
Avatar f tn doesnt sound like the therapy your doing is working though??? I took suboxone for an awfully long time and normally, i would be an advocate against it, however, 27 yrs is a long damn time and you will need time to get better. Taking naltroxone correctly does come with its own rules too though....therapy, n/a, a/a, getting to the root of your issue, otherwise, "it" keeps you clean, not you, and when you attempt to get off, you WILL w/d off of it...
Avatar f tn I was physically, mentally, and emotionally abused by my mother and step-father the entire time I was growing up until the state finally took me away when I was 16. I am your age and I have been using since I was 16 because I couldn't deal with my existence sober. I finally gave up and begged Jesus to help me and I gave my heart to Him. I began reading the Bible, going to church, and trusting Him. I'm now down to 3 mg of methadone a day and in 5 days I'll take my last dose.
Avatar f tn one of my daughters turned into a crack and methamphetamine addict at age12...was shear he11 till she was 16 and almost got killed in an auto accident she got strait after serving her time in juv/dention till she was 18....sorry im rambling...back to your problem...well to detox in one month form 110mg is absolutely took me 8 1/2 mo to get off 150mg and it was ruff in the 10 days clean but still feel its hooks in me....
Avatar n tn Suboxone is intended to help with the withdrawls from opiates and since Methamphetamine is nothing but man made poison Suboxone will probably not do you a bit of good. Someone tell me if I'm wrong here but I've heard that methamphetamine addicts have the lowest success rate of getting clean than any other addiction. I'm not trying to be all "doom and gloom" here but if in fact you are referring to methamphetamine then you will have some work ahead of you.
Avatar f tn A standard urine sample which consists off detecting drugs like THC, cocaine, methamphetamine, some opiates( this is the tricky part),benzodiazepines and barbiturates, does not test for suboxone. I do not know what kind of test your husband will get at his work. If it is a very expensive comprehensive drug screen then it will probably detect suboxone. But if it is a standard strip that is put in a urine sample then it probably wont. Something to look into if this interests you.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I took my first suboxone and felt lke I had a chance to stay clean. It is a miracle like I've heard throughout many posts here. I took 12 mg. Today however I took percs and oxys. 30 mgs so far. I havent done heroin for a week. Is this dangerous? wasteful?! hahahaha...I feel high, but not as much as I should. Is it the subox interfering with the rush, or am I just tolerant now? It's hard to tell. What I do know is, I want to be clean finally and feel hope with suboxone.
1684282 tn?1505701570 I recently wrote a blog about patients who come to our facility to be detoxed from Suboxone and methadone which they were led to believe were treatments for their addiction. Instead they got addicted to these even more insidious legal opiates. I got plenty of positive responses from the addicts themselves, but when this blog was placed on the Addiction professionals’ forum the amount of negative blowback I received was incredible.
Avatar m tn i do not know if you are still trying to stop with an aide but my frind has tried with adderall and suboxone or whatever it is called and this ruined his ability to get a high while on it which is a good thing and did help him to stop mostly even when he relapsed but he was pissed he didnt get high b ut that was the point to stop and i dont know if that helps.
Avatar n tn I 'm on day three and i really don't feel that bad, i slept the first 2 days mostly, now i'm up and doing a few things. saw my psychitrist and told her what was going on and she gav me a couple of meds -clonodine and bentyl- haven't used the bentyl yet..yes it does suck bad, but the alternative is worse. this forum has been a godsend, please keep posting, we are here to help you through this...
Avatar n tn sub is and opiate but, blocks other opiates. adderral is is a methamphetamine...and very addictive. xannex is a benzo. and very addictive also. i would confront this friend, for her own good. good luck to you and her.
Avatar n tn Sal, thanks for the info, I would like to see something like that for methamphetamine addicts I see so very many people struggle and lose that battle it holds a special place in my heart as it is also my battle and doc. So why would someone who is an opiate addict take suboxone it this implant is available ?
7733408 tn?1393756130 I told him about the pain medication that I take each day and he told me that he could help me detox from my pain meds with Suboxone. So starting this week on March the 6th I will be going off of the pain medication completely and taking the Suboxone to hopefully help me. I am scared to death. I have never taken any drugs ever in my life and thought that since these were prescribed by a doctor that I would somehow be fine. Well, I am NOT.
233181 tn?1235186752 The makers of this drug (Pfizer) claims this drug is the latest drug for addiction, form heroin to alcohol to methamphetamine to cocaine and just about every addiction you could think of I not sure but I thought they had even said benzodiazepines I looked at the web on yahoo and did in fact find this new drug, There are 13 facilities in Florida which has the most. Then you can click on your state and find out how many if any facilities offer Promenta.
Avatar n tn But the last 7 months of my active addiction I shot up subutex suboxone ridilin methamphetamine cocaine adderal and Adiex I've been on the suboxone and subutex programs for 4 out of the 9 yrs I have 18 days but for some reason my leg appears to have an infection or maybe what feels like an abscess forming and my hand is swallen a little too! These where theist too spots I've used but It was 18 days ago Could this still be from IV drug use or something else?
1684282 tn?1505701570 Unfortunately the list can go on and on… The procedure became somewhat controversial, because of the spectacular stories that were heard from time to time, also because no pharmaceutical company was behind it and making a lot of profit (aka Suboxone). However for the professionals who have been involved in it, Addictionologists, Internists, Anesthesiologists – are all believers. They do it because they know it works. Patient after patient, as long as there is a will and a commitment...
Avatar m tn We just can't be sure but I think you know it is not good no matter what and just the facts that He is on Vyvanse,which by the way is basically methamphetamine, and that He has a drinking problem and is on sub,which also can get you high, all leads me to believe that He is no where near "in recovery" . If He was on sub and sub only and was working with a counselor and weaning off of it,I would say different but this is all adding up to be a bad situation .
Avatar f tn Hi, My son is on day 20 of wd from suboxone. He is doing "ok" and is determined but has not hardly slept in almost 3 weeks. I am scared if something doesnt give he may chose another route, which is not an option. He is in a Drug Court program so is very limited on what he can take OTC. Please any suggestions would be helpful. God Bless you al!
Avatar n tn I know all of us will find our own cure if we keep trying I believe this is mine and I believe Suboxone is going to save and change millions of lives! If you feel like you are ready and fear is stopping you, fear no more and find a Dr in your area to try this med. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
2126606 tn?1346348724 From our local communities to the national level, opiate-based medications like Vicodin and oxycodone have spurred an onslaught of addiction, crime and devastation to families and individual lives. Sadly, prescription painkiller abuse now also seems to be sparking a resurgence of heroin abuse. That’s right, heroin.
Avatar n tn I'm a Suboxone user and will promote it to all as another option because I know all the options and REALLY want people to get clean, one way or another.