Suboxone and hep c

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Avatar f tn I'm starting triple treatment with victrillis for hep c, geno 1a. Have been on suboxone 16 MG for over a year. Did the suboxone interfere with your treatment? Congratulations on finishing treatment. jts.
Avatar f tn I'm now on week 22 of my pegasys/riba therapy and been taking suboxone ever since and never had any problems.
Avatar f tn the phrase 'kicking the habit' comes from the involuntary muscle movements during heroin withdrawal. In my experience, and I have seen many people in withdrawal, people coming of Suboxone go to work and do the shopping and complain that they are at death's door; people coming off agonists are in bed, often for weeks. They don't go to work, they don't go to the grocery store, and they don't eat. And they don't have the energy to complain about how sick they feel.
1200909 tn?1306818681 Hey I have been on suboxfilm for like ever and have been through the ringer with opiate addiction for the last 8 to 10 years and have been on and off suboxone the whole time I'm a cronic relapser and it's not perks anymore and has not been for the last five years at times I have been a full blown heroin addict hopefully never again. Although this time is the first time in my life that since I stopped using I have no reservations to get high as I always have had in the past which is fukin great.
Avatar m tn These drugs are not hard to the liver, and people who take these drugs have the same result to the hep C treatment. In europe you have to use these drugs, and stop with heroine and another drugs who not are controlled by the goverment. When we get these drugs from goverment we also must give urine-test, so they know that you do not use another drugs.
Avatar m tn Good morning, this question is from a fellow who posted below, can tx be successful when on suboxone? Nygirl ,I read where your on this drug and without a doubt your tx so far is working great. His handle is pauly boy.
Avatar n tn ) I have TWO KINDS of Hep C (genotype 1A and 1B) so it was a little rough to try and reach UNDETECTIBLE for me but I finally did. I don't think the suboxone affected it ONE WAY OR THE OTHER and honestly...I need to start detoxing off of it but don't WANT TO (but I need an operation and well do need the other meds to work so they can knock me out) but as of right now I am on 8mg a day (was on 24mgs a day but found I could tolerate 8 just FINE) Write back when you can.
11495479 tn?1418747680 So I just wanted to post a little about me and my background/story then ask my questions I have. I recently found out I have Hep A and Hep C. I suspected I had Hep almost 6 months back. But recently just got tested and found out i do indeed have it. I am turning 18 in 5 days. So it totally ***** to know that I have it being so young. I got Hep from shooting up. I have been doing meth for about a year and suboxone for 5 years and other drugs for just as long. I have a bad problem.
Avatar n tn For sure - but if your down to 2mg or less for a week, it's very doable. Klonodine helps a lot, and my doc gave me some benzos to help as well - but once I was done, I was done - no more drugs - which includes alcohol!
11495479 tn?1418747680 So I just wanted to post a little about me and my background/story then ask my questions I have. I recently found out I have Hep A and Hep C. I suspected I had Hep almost 6 months back. But recently just got tested and found out i do indeed have it. I am turning 18 in 5 days. So it totally ***** to know that I have it being so young. I got Hep from shooting up. I have been doing meth for about a year and suboxone for 5 years and other drugs for just as long. I have a bad problem.
Avatar f tn i know someone who's been on suboxone for the past 5 years because of his addiction to Heroin. This person also has HIV, Hep C and Herpes. He was taken off suboxone without notice due to a forgery in his perscriptions. The FDA is investigating the situation but in the meantime this individual is struggling with his addiction and having tremendous pain associated with his addiction. His primary doctor had to drop him as well due to the investigation.
1382010 tn?1279647204 I'm on suboxone for two months n doing ok but I have hep c and need gallbladder surgery. What do they give you for pain in these cases? what if I have to be put to sleep? I know sometimes morphine is given for sedation this isn't going to work for me. Anyone had experience with this?
Avatar n tn If you do test positive for hep c, the vaccinations for hep A and hep B are a good idea. I've had those vaccinations and now I can't get those forms of hepatitis (A or B).
1382010 tn?1279647204 February I started suboxone at 1 and a half strips per day (12mg).I am doing ok with the suboxone but I have hep c and want to start treatment. I did 48 weeks tx in 2009, it was horrible and it failed. My gastro dr is requesting tests that require sedation. I am starting tests again but I am wondering how suboxone works with sedation. I don't want to tell my gastro dr. because I am so afraid of withdrawal.
Avatar f tn since I don't have a recent prescription I've been stretching out what I had. I'm scared to discontinue it because it really helps with my pain, depression, anxiety and over all well being. Do I need to worry about the insurance testing for this?
1476285 tn?1287341384 Hi earthwarrior, I'm on Tripple treatment with Vivtrellis. I started one month ago, and have just been taking the 3rd drug, Victrillis for 4 days. I take 16 MG of Suboxone a day. 8MG in the morning; 8 in the afternoon. The first month of starting treatment i felt the suboxone wasn't helping me. I'd wake up feeling sick. I felt I needed more suboxone. Once I started the Victrillis, I didn't feel a need for more Suboxone.
1283654 tn?1271543734 I broke my back when I was 18 skiing moguls and hotdoggin in Colorodo. Three crushed lumbar vertebrae. Spinal fusion in 1971. Young and healed well but I now have some arthritis and spinal stenosis. Have refused to take pain meds for years because of the addiction factor and there are times the pain is intolerable. It was especially difficult when I underwent antiviral therapy. Seemed to exacerbate the condition. I hope somehow you find a way to manage the pain without narcotics.
Avatar f tn It jus became a hassle to me, everyday having to wait for it to dissolve and the nasty *** taste and it almost mKing me puke gets exhausting after a year of it, my daughter has made me a better person and I recently found out I have hep c so I have go get and stay off this medicine! Please help any advice is good advice!
408795 tn?1324939275 There is a trend where too many drug abuse newcomers are being steered to long term sub or methadone and it making them zoombies and in many cases hooked for life. I was also a long term methadonian and dope fiend (heroin) and have Hep C. and though I kicked all dope, I can't kick this omr. I'll wait a year or so until the new TX comes out as my liver isn't damaged yet. In the past,some have not liked my anti long term sub posts and maybe what I have to say about methadone and clinics.
1723029 tn?1312377181 75-80% cure rates compared to 45% just interferon and riba. It sounds like you haven't had Hep C for very long and you should be able to clear it. Youth and being a female are on your side!!!
Avatar n tn I have Hep C from a blood transfusion in 1982 (We believe) and it activated itself around 2004 when I had double strept pneumonia, and almost died twice. I was in ICU for a little over 2 weeks. Ever since that happened to me, I have never been the same. Levaquin IV's were pumped into me around the clock. After Hurricane Katrina, I went to my Dr. and had tests done, because I am always so tired, and can not do a fraction of the things use to do.
Avatar n tn they said i had it, so i went to my gi doc and he did all kind of blood testing. all the test came back and said i do not carry the hep c virus. i had both the qualitative and the quantitative pcr test done. can anyone tell me if i should get a 2nd opinion.
Avatar m tn I need to make my body strong enough to undergo hep c meds. Been clean and sober for a while now, had problem with chronic pain (after 3 surgeries) and became addicted to painpills, hence going on the evil suboxone. Will the ever end? I mean I'm in week 5 for goodness sake. My legs are like lead, sweats, nausea, anxiety, feeling like I'II never have a life again etc. Can not go out, no energy. I thought by now I'd be over it. I was on it for 10 months and regret ever doing so.
Avatar m tn I get up in the afternoon and go on my laptop until I go to bed around 4am, and then I repeat the same thing the next day. I am extremely constipated and have no energy. I know I need to get off Suboxone, but I don't feel strong enough to and the more time that goes by, the weaker I get. There was only 1 time that I was ready to ween myself off Suboxone. It was after being on it for 6 months and a psychiatrist had put me on an anti-depressant.
Avatar f tn Also if you do have hep c there are recently approved medicines that are very effective at treating hep c and much better tolerated than the old treatments. So if you are infected get treated get cured.
1723029 tn?1312377181 While I was in the hospital my blood test results came back, I had contracted hep c. There I detoxed for 3 days and was relased to out-patient care. As soon as I got out I began using again. At first just every once and awhile but soon enough I was just as bad as before. In out-patient care I was to see my counselar once a week, be drug tested once a week and attend group once a week. As I was in this program, I really felt the urge to quit. But I just couldnt.
Avatar m tn to tell u the truth relapse is not an option for me anymore i know this sounds naive but idk why its never in my mind to use it again first of all im positive for hep c which is like a big slap on my face. im getting old and im getting tired of being high it reaches the point where i just want to be normal like how i use to be. i felt like im in a big fog where i want to get out and be in the sunlight where i used to be. thats why i want to get off of this suboxone but im afraid of the pain.