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Avatar m tn I took about 3 Loperamide tabs, 3 Potassium pills, and 1 Diazepam pill before bed (Drinking a glass of grapefruit juice after). Despite the meds, I could not get to sleep due to RLS, until my girlfriend started massaging my calves, and I fell asleep right away. I woke up about an hour later, and could not get back to sleep. I was almost in tears. I gave-in and took a 1/2mg of suboxone. I took a hot bath, where I remained restless, and lied back down.
1077186 tn?1261168537 Stick with water and peppermint tea and dry toast. You know that Suboxone is partially opiate and opiate antangonist right? You know that it's not forever and that you'll need to taper off from it and have withdrawal when you do,right? Just checking...
1684282 tn?1505701570 Rapid opiate detox is a safe and effective procedure used to release opiates from the body. The detoxification drug treatment procedure involves administering intravenous medications that remove and block the narcotics from the opioid receptors in the central nervous system while the patient is safely and comfortably asleep. The detox is done under anesthesia to avoid extreme discomfort and pain that usually accompanies opioid withdrawal.
Avatar n tn Maybe take it easy on citrus type juices such as orange or grapefruit juice as it may upset your tummy. Take immodium for the stomach issues and ibuprofen for the aches and pains associated with withdrawals. Take very hot baths. That will help relax your muscles. For the restless legs there is a over the counter med called Highland's Restful Legs. I have never used it but have heard great things about it. For the insomnia try melatonin. It is a natural sleep aid.
542867 tn?1214176229 That is why there is a warning about drowsiness on the bottle. If a person ingests Loperimide after taking a quantity of grapefruit juice and or black pepper, it will cross the blood brain barrier, though not very much will make it. It is enough though to cut withdrawals down considerably. Loperimide was originally meant to be a opioid pain killer, but in 99% of the populationit doesn't cross the barrier and is only an agonist of the Mu opioid receptors in the gut.
Avatar f tn Go buy a bunch of Bali strain or red Dragon From Arena ethobotanicals in Delmar CA or just Google Major Kratom and buy their-red strain Kratom and toss it in your mouth about 5-6 grams at a time and wash it down with grape juice or grapefruit juice. Take it on an empty stomach and do not take dairy products with it or it will kill the effect.. hour until you feel nice .Wait 45 min-1 hour to see how you feel.Take 2 more grams every hour until you feel comfortable and you will!
Avatar m tn I took a vitamin, and a potassium pill, and have been drinking grapefruit juice. The taste of the grapefruit juice seems to help with the bad taste in my mouth. I took a shower after a bath in Epsom salt, but it didn't help much, sweating like a ditch digger again. I also have been noticing I seem to smell these weird odors, like rotting meat, but there is nothing here like that. I am having muscle spasm in places that I never had them before, my wrist, my feet, and my fingers.
Avatar n tn I get Kidney Stones and last time was put on 8 MG of Diluadid every 4 hours from 2/15/09 to 4/29/09, boosting this with grapefruit juice and frequently adding 10-30 mgs of Oxycodone for breakthrough pain. That’s includes IV at the hospital a few times. Well over 2 months HEAVY Diluadid (Hydromorphine) use. With this regiment week one was pretty awful but doable; and I survived without taking more opiates or the ER or rehab.
Avatar f tn Can someone PLEASE read this and IF you have experience with it please reply??? I am & have been going to a Methadone Treatment center for 101 days as of today...I was told by a childhood friend of 30 years (we just found one another on facebook, haven't seen him since 2008) that is now clean n sober from Roxy's and others meds, that methadone was going to be WORSE than any white knuckling I tried while addicted to my pain meds! WORSE????...
544292 tn?1268886268 Good Evening Tramadol Warriors! Welcome. Please come on in. You are most welcome to snuggle in and make yourself cozy & comfortable. It can be a rough ride. But better with friends. All are welcome!
544292 tn?1268886268 Please make yourself at home and snuggle down. It will be a bit bumpy, but worth it!
639872 tn?1223338275 But in my experience after four days things begin to improve and you begin to take ownership of your mind and body again. To help with the withdrawals drink grapefruit juice as this helps to get toxins out of the body, vitamin and mineral supplements or a vitamin tonic, an antehistamine (drowsy) taken at night will also keep your sinuses clear, drink plenty of fluids and have warm baths and eat healthy. Ibuprofen also help with the muscle aches and fever and remember throughout IT WILL END.
Avatar f tn ) are the most common drugs found in the deceased victim ~ Even taking other medications as prescribed with Methadone can kill ~ Be wary of mixing certain herbal supplements and grapefruit juice with Methadone Methadone is Cardio Toxic ~ Insist on regular EKG's and ECG's from your doctor while on Methadone ~ For additional information on the cardio toxicity of Methadone, QT Prolongation, and Torsades de Pointes please see the research articles Medical Conditions ~ Notify your doctor if yo
Avatar n tn The difference this time is I've been taking about 1/2 to 1 mg of xanax twice a day and 1mg right before bed along with nyquil and imodium. Im drinking lots of cranberry juice, forcing myself to eat, bathe, and get outside even if for a drive or short walk. exercise too. it releases the endorphins in your brain that makes you feel happiness and gives you energy. I honestly have had very little withdrawal symptoms at all this time.
Avatar n tn Do not pass go. Do not collect two hundred dollars. To reduce your doeage take it with grapefruit juice, which extends the half-life and enables the same effect with 1/2 the dose. Read some of the books by Dr. Thomas Szasz on "The Therapeutic State". Prosecuting oxycontin users is a high priority, unfortunately, and be careful always to use your own prescriptions kept in the original bottle and never take them on an airplane. It is not a good long-term pain killer.
Avatar f tn I was researching the subject and it seems the liquid form has more side effects with weight and tooth decay.But other than that no answers.
Avatar n tn to doctors basically thinking you're faking it, that's the attitude i got at the hospital, especially the 2nd time around. i had a past with opiate addiction and was on a suboxone detox program for over a year. so i think they thought i just wanted pain meds, i didn't want any pain meds at first but it was so terrible i broke down. after the 2nd time i left in pain still and stayed on pain meds for a few months and went right back into suboxone detox.
Avatar n tn It was a piece of cake with all the suboxone they put me on... Now I'm back in NYC, off the suboxone, and all I can think about is tramadol again. What is the deal? I guess when your rehab is all about replacement opiates, you are never really off the opiates. My CA addiction doctor referred me to one here in NYC and wants me to continue on the suboxone, but they are like 5 times more expensive than ordering tramadol online.
Avatar n tn Thanks to Duchess47, Wepst and JDanMan for your comments and suggestions. I will seriously look into all of your suggestions and hope that it's just some seasonal allergy thing. Thanks again.