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Avatar f tn Start taking amino acids, multivitamins, drinking EmergenC, and hang close to this site. You will feel better in a couple of weeks and then it will keep getting better as you work a recovery program.
Avatar m tn I have a job that requires me to travel 3-4 weeks a month and I usually entertain accounts when I am out. Trips and dinners and drinking and everything that entails. I am taking Tramadols daily and when I am out of that I take anything I can get my hands on usually around 10 loratabs a day. A few oxes but I don't really like them they make me feel weird. It will get worse before it gets better. I think I will take a week off and tough it out.
1626629 tn?1329425929 Is this normal and if so when does it get better? I'm so tired and cloudy. I stayed home from work yesterday and pretty much slept all day. I'm at work today and wish I could go home. Is this normal? I forced breAkfast down, drinking tons of fluid. What can I do so that I don't feel like A zombie??? My other question is about I able to use FMLA if I am in treatment??
Avatar f tn If anyone happens to know anyone I could talk to about my personal story and life on suboxone and possibly find the right people to talk to to make it affordable so we don't have so many deaths and people who want to get on this that cannot afford it. Please feel free to email me at ***@****.
1091982 tn?1256946113 to get help from withdrawal symptoms. My wife was on suboxone for about a year. It did indeed help her with withdrawal and her long term cravings. I think it's better than methadone for many reasons- Not going to a clinic everyday, less exposure to addicts at the clinic (which can trigger and help you follow through with a relapse), you are more closely monitored for abusing drugs than a methadone clinic, less bad "stigma", etc.
341953 tn?1209485491 as a matter of fact, it is used for pain relief.. it's been used in Europe for this reason for some time (in addition to treating opiate addiction) and is used here too. but not often. it's primary purpose is to treat opiate addiction. that said, my pain management guy DID just prescribe it to me for pain - short term. i did not use it to come off opiates, but he knew i had a history of opiate use.
Avatar f tn i dont mean to make it sound soo scary, but tis something he really needs to remember and pay close attention too, cuz ive been through both suboxone and methadone wd's and good lord it was bad. the wd's will be,lighter the less amount of time he takes the suboxone, but most people in recovery need to be on the treatment drugs for long periods of time, at least a year.
1055085 tn?1254110582 16 mgs is a decent amount of sub...what was ur initial doc and daily dose before the sub? seems as tho most get down to 4 mgs without much difficulty..some even down to 2 mgs before they feel alot of discomfort from sub wd...there is an article in the health pages on the "ceiling effect of sub" Once ur receptors r full of it...higher doses dont really do much..sub was originally a pain drug in Latin America called Temgesic...normal dose was 0.2 mgs...1/5 of a mg..
243614 tn?1266201137 Had a couple more sugery's and the next thing i knew i was hooked on hydrocodone. Went through a suboxone program and the wd's from that stuff was awful. 2 weeks of Hell. Well, i switched to drinking then. So that started about 7 mos. ago. i never even wanted a drink while i was on hydros and subs. Can we say additive prsonality? yes indeed. Anyway, i do appreciate your post and encouraging words. thanks a bunch.
Avatar n tn maybe you can search it out on the web or talk to a dr about it further. and i think there are more extreme drinking prescriptions, like you will get pysically sick or such - - but i don't know for sure. hope this helps. i am sure others know more...
Avatar f tn I am majorly depressed and i know the drinking does not help. I am a widow for over 9 yrs and have a 14 year old son. i feel lost and don't kNOW WHAT TO DO. I cant hold down a job. Negative thoughts consume my days, Has anyone out there had experience with alchohol nd suboxone??? im also on celexa 20mg for 9 years. I dodnt know what to do. Where to begin??? PLEASE HELP. THIS IS HELL ON EARTH.
Avatar f tn Yeah you are right about the naloxone being meant to deter people using suboxone intravenously but i was just relaying my partners experiences and the results of scorpiorisings little experiment seem to mirror those of my wife. The sentence in my post about oral naltrexone being used to curb alcoholic drinking is undisputable and is not reserved for people with a "hypersensitivity" to naloxone.i have met several alcoholics who have been prescribed naltrexone for this purpose.
210982 tn?1280987495 Hello all...My friend just called me from Florida, she is on vacation. She went with her mom and her sister and all of the kids. Her sister is addicted to pain pills. I am not exactly sure what kind, but she admitted to snorting them to get the quicker high. A few weeks ago, my friend went out with her sister because they had not seen each other since Christmas because of all the drug issues. Anyway, her sister told her that she had detoxed from everything and that she was done with all that.
Avatar f tn Take 2mg from 2morrow for 3 days and then go to 1mg for 8 days. On the fifth day of the 1mg, I'll stop drinking my benzo's for 48 hours so I could get max benefit from it for the next couple of days. At day 9 I'll jump off from the 1mg. I have myprodol, sleeping medication, alpralozam and buscopan to help me. Any advice,how does this sound?
1200909 tn?1306818681 Hey I have been on suboxfilm for like ever and have been through the ringer with opiate addiction for the last 8 to 10 years and have been on and off suboxone the whole time I'm a cronic relapser and it's not perks anymore and has not been for the last five years at times I have been a full blown heroin addict hopefully never again. Although this time is the first time in my life that since I stopped using I have no reservations to get high as I always have had in the past which is fukin great.
Avatar n tn you really make me laugh!! I always read your stuff and either learn something or LOL. How are you doing by the way?
Avatar n tn Just wondering, what are the effects of Suboxone, Seroquel and Klonopin? He is on 12 mg of suboxone daily, and is prescribed 2 mg of Klonopin but he is abusing that already and taking about 20 mg of the klonopin. I am not overly worried, just because he was taking about 350 mg of valium a day before going on the sub a month ago, but of course there is some concern. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
1800740 tn?1324240771 Hi! Are you drinking enough? Sometimes (along with a dose change) it's a simple matter of increasing fluid intake...give that a try and can you reach the doctor in the morning on Monday?
459663 tn?1236004477 The 2 mg is a really low dose to be on, but maybe you need to taper it to 1mg especially since the accident. If you really believe you can get through this last injury without taking a pk, and as you say your wds are mild I think you can get through it stopping all together. So my advice would be either stop (keep up on your vitamins and eat right) or go down to an even lower dose of sub.
Avatar f tn Exercising will help with that and as time goes on he will continue to heal. Eating a protein rich diet, fruits and veggies, drinking protein shakes. For sleep over the counter melatonin, alteril, sleep by nature made, valerian root, sleepy time tea, a hot bath or shower before bed. how long was he on suboxone? Did he do a taper?
Avatar n tn Our body's need all these things to speed up recovery so it can't do any harm if you can afford them... Keep drinking water and exercising, also try everything you can to take your mind off it. I watched movies and listened to music when I felt anxious.
Avatar f tn • What most Americans believe about drinking problems and their treatment is substantially inaccurate. • Drinking problems do not occur as a result of a disease. It is a learned behavior, and additional learning can therefore modify behavior. • For no other “disease” do so many physicians, psychologists and counselors themselves believe in the non-research-based myths of problem drinking, ignoring the research of their own peers in developing their treatment plans.
Avatar f tn I am at day 2 from suboxone withdrawals and I am feeling like crap:( Is there anything I can do to lessen the withdrawal effects and it would be nice to hear from other people going through the same thing or have gone through it...I'm trying to stay strong....
273135 tn?1195010470 When I quit drinking and taking pills the first time, 13 years ago I got severely depressed. My addiction specialist, also a psychiatrist, said that I had likely been clinically depressed for a long time and used drugs and alcohol to cover it up. I started taking antidepressants then and continued on them until3 years ago when I decided I was cured. Alas, I turned to Vicodin again. And, now I'm on Cymbalta, which I started 3 months ago, before I quit Vicodon/Norco/Oxy and went on Sub.
Avatar f tn This is why we always suggest that members do a program, with their doctor, on Suboxone. They use a COWS chart and put you on the proper dose. Your self-medicating is most likely causing this. Stay with the amino acids, they will help a bit. Whatever you do, don't use. If you want to do the Suboxone program, please do it properly. Let us know what is going on and we can make some suggestions on home remedies, etc. Hang in there.
7163794 tn?1457370413 It's been almost 6 months when I first came on this site and you people helped keep me off that ledge of w/d and I will forever be in your debt. When I first started here my husband and I were BOTH taking the subs but my dose was much higher than his. Our plan was that I would w/d and get some stability back and then he would w/d. We have shut our business down for 10 days to pull this off.
Avatar m tn cant eat and have lost weight. am drinking ensure (suggested by my sister who is a nurse) and eating soup and thats about it. have a headache, feel big time depressed and sad. but mostly the nausea is what is holding me down.
Avatar n tn He says that he trys to get suboxone before he using anything else, and since his confession I have seen him use both suboxone and made a 40 OXY last 2 days. I am going to call doctors in the morning who prescribe suboxone to try and get him in. My question is 1) how expensive is suboxone if you don't have insurance (I'm sure less then buying OXY off the street at $80 a day) I was going to put him on my health insuance after the first of the year but can't live like we are for another month.
Avatar n tn Hi, My boyfriend and I are both about to get off Suboxone and were wondering how long the detox period lasts, how severe the symptoms are, and if there is anything we can do or take to ease the withdrawal symptoms...I know we can't take opiates, but what about benzo-diazapams, like valium? Will these make the withdrawal worse? Any tips or info anyone has would be greatly appreciated, as we haven't been able to get any straight answers about this anywhere else.
Avatar m tn That's great that you are down to 1mg. Have you read the suboxone/subutex FAQs? It is important to continue tapering below 1mg. Congrats and keep up the good work.