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Avatar f tn My boyfriend is in the hospital right now and they gave him dilaudid...he has an addiction to dilaudid already and the dosws they gave him.are far less.than what he was taking...this has actually neen somewhat of a blessing to us both because with such low doses he feels he has a better chance of stopping. His only concern is taking the suboxone too early...and of course he does not want to wait and suffer either. So how long should he wait?
Avatar n tn dilaudid is an extremey powerful drug-8x more potent than morphine and 3 to 4x more than heroin-Im 22 and have been on and off oxy, methadone, dilaudid, morphine, fentanyl, etc. and just about every other drug known since i was 17.....None of which were for pain.....STAY FAR, FAR AWAY if you can....made a mistke of doing dilaudid iv for the first pain killer i did and that was 05".....still fighting the led to the worst drug addiction over the past four to five years....
Avatar n tn I was on Suboxone for 3 and 1/2 years and it took about 3 months for me to feel okay on it. I went up to 32mg at one point and that was way to much for me. Over the last year I was on 8mg and it did not give me the energy I had when I was on 32mg but it did make me feel like I could work all day. I have been off of Sub for 54 days nows and I feel better now then I ever did on sub. The biggest problem I had on sub was severe constipation.
Avatar n tn dose of methadone on a sunday morning, and took nothing else until friday late morning when i took my first dose of suboxone, and i was put into precipitated withdrawal immediately, and was severly sick for 4 days, all i can say about suboxone is that i am exsisting... i am not "physically" sick, but i am so mentally screwed up i wonder if this is even worth it, (never mind the cost of suboxone $170.00 for 30 8 mg pills (and i take 16 mg - 20 mg.) compared to $25.00 for 100 10mg.
Avatar n tn as for the suboxone, back in october, i did make up my mind (so I thought) and went online and researched detox. suboxone came up and some type of association that offered names of drs. in my area who only can prescribe it; something to do with the DEA. i can't remember exactly what association it was (you'll see it when you research suboxone online), i was able to make an appt. with a dr.
307401 tn?1194835748 I didn't get a buzz on the percs other than pain relief, So it was back on with my life and suboxone. As I said suboxone is only a partial opioid antagonist.
Avatar n tn This afternoon I had to level with my doctor and tell him that I had taken too many and I was sick and needed help. Having come out and told my doctor of my feelings was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. He agreed to write new presecriptions for Oxycontin and Diladid though he was reluctant and extremely disappointed. My story begins with the fact that I have had 10 back surgeries. Seven surgeries last year alone.
263830 tn?1209727898 Near the end of my addiction I had a connection for viles of dilaudid and fentanyl........I used to go to the medical supply store and buy a heplock and have this chick put it in my I didn't have to use a needle in the vein when I wanted to just hooked up the syringe to the heplock and let it go then I even use Saline to flush it......
7857462 tn?1394799239 I want to have pain pump removed at my doctor's suggestion, I have been on this pump for nine years, she wants to put saline in it on next refill date in 3 weeks but I am terrified of going through withdrawal and my pain issues have yet to be fixed so I know I'll still be in a lot of pain as she has been slowly reducing the amount of dilaudid now and I have mobility pain and really bad leg pain at night.
Avatar f tn I am struggling with suboxone wd's now and I am only 26 years old and in good health. I can only imagine what you are going through. Please hang in there, and please continue posting. I know it sounds strange, but it really does help!
407807 tn?1235064236 I am going to the doctor today.He prescribed my the dilaudid and valium last month and wanted me to begin it then.It has been a month and I still have not.Something in me keeps telling me this makes no sense.I do belive if I was in a controlled environment ..maybe this approach could work but I have battled addiction my entire life and have come a long way from using dope 10 yrs ago ,to methadone for 8 yrs,and from 28mgs of sub down to my current 1.5-2 mgs of subs.
Avatar n tn methadone is cheap and the exalgo and suboxone are both EXPENSIVE! 16mg of exalgo daily for 30days is $600 without insurance here in nebraska! where methadone is like $15 dollars a month. I liked methadone alot for pain management very little withdrawl symptoms but I ended up with a fatal heart arrythmia because of the methadone. I would slip into PVC's premature ventricular contractions which can lead to ventricular fibbrilation which leads to death!!
Avatar m tn I just finished detoxing from suboxone 2 weeks ago and was involved in a motorcycle accident that left me with a shattered collarbone, shoulder blade and several broken ribs. I was taken to the hospital's trauma unit and received surgery for my collarbone injury. They also gave me dilaudid for pain. The pain is excruciating without it. How long should I be on pain meds. I can't believe I need to detox all over again. Please help me manage this process.
Avatar n tn They put him on Cymbalta to help with mood and eating. No go. I feel until he is off the dilaudid nothing will help. I had to yell from the rooftops to nurses and doctors to understand what was going on. Anyway after spearheading by me with his surgeon and oncologist we are seeing an Addicition Specialist, Dr. Peter Coleman. Of course my husband does not think he has a probelm except that the drug alleviates his pain. I believe the pain is the drug wanting its next pill.
Avatar f tn this could really be a good option for your husband since he has legit pain and dilaudid is such a powerful opiate. and with that small amount of time, he wont become addicted. talk to his doctor about it. might be good if thats what you decide to do. good luck and if you have question please pm me. my husband takes sub and it saved his life. he chose long term treatment but short term is a good option for some people. just depends on the person and their addiction.
Avatar n tn But I want off of it. I need advice on the suboxone treatment. And whether or not my baby will become addicted to the suboxone and go through withdrawls after delivery.
Avatar f tn Are you taking both Diluadids and Suboxone and/or wanting to? Like TrayCee said, Suboxone's is primarily used for withdrawal. Are you seeing two different doctors?
Avatar n tn The reason I took Suboxone was to get off the Dilaudid I was on for 8 weeks due to back pain. I am so sick from these withdrawals. Please do you have any advice?
1337425 tn?1278177587 I had severe chronic pain and went through ALL the opioids...morphine kadian,fentanyl dilaudid (all in HIGH doses!)...and NOTHING worked until I was put on a low dose of methadone. My pain was gone, I felt NO high whatsoever and , unlike the other opioids I felt no urge to up my dosage for over 3 years. HOWEVER...It is not only EXTREMELY addictive, the withdrawals make heroin withdrawals feel like a a light cold with sniffles.
1427492 tn?1285307693 as well we are starting our busy season so can't take any time off work so was thinking of trying 6mg for 3 days then down to 4mg for 4 days is that doable without much WD or should i just wait it out and do the 2mg drop a week till I am down to 2mg (THAT WILL TAKE ME 3 WEEKS) I was on dilaudids 4mg for 6 months for tendinitis and tapering was a breeze didnt feel a thing......
Avatar f tn Take suboxone. I was on 30 norcos methadone perks and oxy plus Phentermine and b12 plus drinking and smoking I am clean and sober since Feb 3. Suboxone is a miracle!
Avatar m tn but over the past few months I have suffered from anxiety - only now did I connect that to suboxone. My fiance and I stopped taking suboxone on Oct.7...the emotional and mental aspect of the withdrawals were worse than we could have imagined and we have detoxed from methadone and almost every imaginable opiate (OC, opana, morphine, dilaudid, etc.). Although we have suffered far worse physical withdrawals, coming off suboxone (less than 2 mg.
Avatar n tn I'd never hear of the brand-name Opana before, but I can tell you the big difference between oxy's and dilaudid ... Oxycodone -- the opioid in Percocet/dan and Oxycontin, is derived from a part of the opium moleculed called thebaine -- that's why it gives you that "lift," hardly anyone with no knowledge of these drugs would expect. Many oxy addicts take so much of the stuff, they need to take a few benzos to sleep.
1428440 tn?1287393979 ) I used suboxone for my oxy addiction and i can honestly say it saved me and helped me get my life back because without it i really dont think i could have done it and my addiction was farther along than you i was at 250-350 mg oxy a day so i am so happy to see that you have not went to oxy from hydro because it turns worse a lot faster from there but the suboxone will help you as long as you do it the right way and when you talk to your doc my suggestion would be ask him about a 30 day suboxon
220965 tn?1189759423 Now I'm only on maybe 1-2 mg of suboxone every other day and 1/4-1/2 mg of xanax per day. Suboxone was THE only drug that got me off oxi and dilaudid. I had to go cold turkey for SEVEN days before my pain specialist would let me start Suboxone. I can't WAIT to finally have the balls to say "F IT, I'm DONE with ALL of this." I am almost there...Good luck if you're quitting!
218451 tn?1274998152 Yeah io understand taht going through a week of pure hell wds from dilaudid beats a month and half wds from suboxone, but if you even remotely take them normally and allow yourself a taper plan when getting off you wont have to worry about wds at all, you wont even have any discomfort at all, if you ween off at your bodies own pace you avoid wds and other problems similar to that. So why go through wds at all? You have an appt.
Avatar f tn if you goto any treatment facility family group, they will probably suggest na/aa for your daughter, then if she refuses help, they will tell you to let her go as long as she has good dope, and trust me suboxone IS good dope!! and she has a place to stay and a mom that will take care of her while she is laid up in the bed, then there is no need to change but if she is homeless, no money for sub., no family to fall back on....
Avatar n tn I just got a prescription filled for Suboxone and am wondering how much I have to be in withdrawals to begin taking Suboxone. I've read that if you are taking under 30mgs of Methandone, you can start Suboxone immediately but have also read that you must be in full withdrawals to begin. If I start the Suboxone now, what will happen? Will I be in worse withdrawals than if I just wait and take in a couple of days? I'm wondering which w/d's will be worse (Methadone or starting Suboxone).