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Avatar n tn Im on suboxone and just found out that im about 7wek pregnant will it hurt my babie if I slowly withdrew my self because my suboxone doctor cut me off without senting me to a subtex clinic and told me if I miss carried they would put me back on the list can they just cut me off like that
Avatar f tn I wanna know if Meth has any statistics of having caused birth defects, as well as can subox done IV be dangerous... I hurt slot, but it's my1st boy, are they more painfull to carry?
Avatar f tn but it has been well worth I'm thinking by Christmas I will be off suboxone completely and living normally.if anybody else in same issue I would like to hear from you.
Avatar f tn Did you JUST tell your doc you're on Sub or has he known this throughout the duration of your pregnancy? Typically, women on Suboxone are usually switched to Subutex, as it's considered a little bit less risky (Subutex doesn't contain the Naloxone that Suboxone does). "I let him know I was taking a small dose and he thinks the baby will be fine if I just go through the withdrawals now. " No, I disagree. That's not the standard approach.
3177469 tn?1344457868 ♦ Pregnant women and men whose female partner is pregnant due to the risks for birth defects and fetal death associated with ribavirin.
659957 tn?1224857787 My 1st child I had while taking suboxone is ABSOLUTELY perfect. He will be 2 in Dec. He weighed 7lbs. and 3 oz @ birth. When I had him, the hospital knew I was on this medication and monitored him just to make sure he was ok and he never showed any signs of WDs. He is on the level he should be as far as talking and his mental development. He's actually very smart. My doc told me it was best NOT to stop the suboxone while you are pregnant. It was better to continue instead of stopping.
Avatar m tn He ALWAYS knows what I need. And he knows what you, your daughter, the birth mom, and that sweet unborn baby needs. I am HUGELY grateful to you for helping this birth mom. She hasn't come into your life "by mistake". You are helping her so much and she sounds like she needs you in her life......someone who cares. I am glad to hear she will be in a supervised environment until the baby comes. Please don't be a stranger......we are "invested" in you and yours now. We care.
Avatar f tn I went in and detoxed and got my period after 8 months of I'm guess not ovulating when I switched to suboxone. But methadone was what I was technically abusing and pain pills before that, I wasn't really on it for treatment. I've been taking sub for 5 years, and as long as it won't hurt my baby/fetus I would prefer to stay on it. I've found some other great resources, and honestly hearing everyone else's stories makes me feel better http://www.
Avatar n tn I wouldn't worry too much. Just try and find an alternative like suboxone. They don't have any Tylenol in them. And are proven safer then the pills. My doctor has delivered over 100 babies who's mothers were on suboxone the whole pregnancy and not one of those babies had any problems, and none of them had any withdrawals. I know if you take painkillers, baby's are born having bad withdrawals. Good luck! Hope this helps!
199177 tn?1490502134 ) are EXTREMELY UNSAFE at any time during your pregnancy. They are all a category X and can and most likely will cause defects or brain activity reduction. So you need to make sure that when you wean that you do it slowly and carefully so that your body does not go through too much stress. It is way better for the mother to be comfortable during this process than it is to go through it quickly. If you are later on in your pregnancy, again I stress to be honest with your dr.
Avatar n tn If your child goes to a 'special' school is sure isn't because of narcotics. they do not cause defects, in fact, only 5% of birth defects are drug related. I can give you my source if you would like to review this information. first and foremost...I'm sure your baby is fine; mine was! best wishes!
Avatar f tn im a 30 year old mother and trying to stop soboxion
Avatar n tn Anyway, I stopped about 2 weeks ago and started Suboxone. And I wanted to start the sub at low doses, so I started at 8mgs and dropped immediately to 4mgs a day and am now on 2mgs sometime everyother day, but I want to stop altogether. My boyfriend does not know of my past addiction and I don't want him to know. I don't want to take any opiates at all now that I am pregnant. It was unexpected but nonetheless I don't want to harm this baby at all. So I don't want to be on the sub either.
Avatar n tn It's almost like a sedative - passing out all the time. There is not alot of research on suboxone and pregnancy and I'm not saying that it is the choice for everybody. By all means clean sober pregnancy with no drugs of any kind is the best. Most antidepressants cause major heart deffects in babies. I'm just telling you my experience. I was petrified by the whole sittuation when i found out i was pregnant on drugs. Now that i had my baby, life has changed and I don't want drugs.
Avatar f tn medications, meaning they are known to cause harmful and possibly fatal birth defects on a fetus, the are not recommended for use in detoxifying pregnant women.
Avatar n tn Easy for me to say, perhaps, but I certainly wouldn't take them. Even if the risk of birth defects is low, it would be too high for me. If you take them, please take very small doses.
Avatar m tn I do want to say this just because maybe I feel defensive or I want to convince myself but I have done a ton and I mean a TON of research about xanax and vics and birth defects and both have been demonstrated to have NO increase in birth defects. There was a period that it was believed that xanax DID increase birth defects like cleft lip, but that has all been discredited.
Avatar n tn Our little guy did go through some w/d, he was very jumpy and jerky especially if he was help by to many people. He was small at birth only 5# 12 oz. He is 3 months today and weighs 10# 6 oz. Still tiny! He also didn't pass the haring test in his left ear. We were told that many of the affects could come as he got older as far as learning defects. Please don't be ashamed tell your doc and get help for yourself and that baby.
Avatar m tn Standard Protocol When a pregnant woman wants to detoxify from opiates or other opioids, the recognized standard of care, according to the National Health Institute, is methadone treatment while under a doctor's supervision. Methadone is not known to cause birth defects nor have any long-term affects on a baby.
1235210 tn?1268247664 oh and if Im right suboxone is used to help someone get OFF opiates without withdrawals right? if so then it was a good move as long as she wasn't abusing it.
Avatar f tn 5 a day thats a half in the morning and half at night,but as soon as i gave birth well actually i was fine until i got home for some reason i did NOT detox even though before i gave birth i did,(maybe you wil have the same luck and choose to be smarter than i was) so anyways yea then when i got home from the hospital 3days later (still not wd) i decided to take some lortabs/vicodins only i didnt feel the 1/2 anymore so i took a whole ,still not enough and so on and so on,and before i knew it im
Avatar n tn I too smoke and am 26 weeks tomarrow. I feel horrible about smoking, especially because birth defects run in the family, it is hard to quit. I have gotten down to, on average about six a day I think. I don't know, I do have a tracker. I suffer from anxiety and depression and it's hard to get through the day without a few cigarettes. You really need to talk with your doctor about it. Your doctor can offer you some help.
Avatar n tn Listen, I've never been on H, but I have heard its really hard to stop. I had been/still am on suboxone and I've actually given birth to not one, but 2 healthy babies! Maybe it was just luck, I don't know, but I do know that my doc was prescribing it to me and neither my son or my daughter had any w/ds from the suboxone. Good luck to you and your little girl!!
Avatar f tn the fetus will then experience withdrawal symptoms in the womb, with may cause wide swings in the baby's blood level from intoxication to withdrawal, which often times leads to death and spontaneous abortion, premature birth, and other negative effects. (Bashmore, 508,
Avatar f tn I will post some information below however I was told that Subutex may be considered a safe option now. I have not read the literature on that so I cant say if its true or not. Maybe someone will post it but I will post what I have. You need to talk to your OB to discuss which option is best for you and your baby.
543334 tn?1214420913 ) are EXTREMELY UNSAFE at any time during your pregnancy. They are all a category X and can and most likely will cause defects or brain activity reduction. So you need to make sure that when you wean that you do it slowly and carefully so that your body does not go through too much stress. It is way better for the mother to be comfortable during this process than it is to go through it quickly. If you are later on in your pregnancy, again I stress to be honest with your dr.
Avatar f tn The only thing that i have used since I found out was a small amount of marijuana, a few drags of a ciggarette, and I took 3/4th of a suboxone because I was told that if you are in withdrawl, so is the baby and withdrawl can cause birth defects as well and it is safer to have medication help with detoxing. Today I have not done anything, and I do not intend to for the rest of my pregnancy. I know that I can do it. My only concern and question is WILL MY BABY BE HEALTHY? Will my baby be okay?
Avatar f tn Hello. Detoxing right now can be harmful to the baby who will feel everything the mother is feeling....especially cold turkey. Make an appointment with a doctor to discuss the different possibilities. One possibility is methadone as it is relatively is safe for the baby. Then, after you have the baby you can address your addiction and get off the methadone.
Avatar n tn He discovered that in addition to the broken tailbone, my lower back and upper shoulder problems I admitted to having, causing my legs to go numb in class and sleep problems and the like, were due to birth defects that couldn't have possiblly come from the falling incident. Scoliosis, slight Spinal Abifida (which would require fusions) and many more abnormalities and misalignments. He then told me to check into a nursing home following my upcoming graduation. He was half joking.