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Avatar f tn IM 10 weeks and 4days along, I'm on 4mg suboxone films and have to take it through my while pregnancy, unfortunately. I've never had a problem taking it before I got pregnant. Even though the taste is unpleasant. But. Since I got pregnant I cannot even smell it without puking. What I usually do is let a mint sit in top of my tounge while it is dissolving under my tounge but, I can't even do this without puking, every time and I'm waisting my films. Any suggestions and ideas?
Avatar f tn the only problem for all cases was dealing with the fear and negative attitudes of hospital staff and doctors! I'm not sure if you are getting Suboxone from a doc or on the street; you really should be in a proper treatment program, and your doctors should be aware. I have had patients keep their use of Suboxone from their spouses, but I don't know how they manage to do that; I will have to leave that decision to you. As for how to tell your doctor, you just tell.
Avatar f tn What happens if you are pregnant (or want to become pregnant) and want to start taking Suboxone? Unfortunately, you should avoid using Suboxone if you are pregnant or want to become pregnant. In this situation, use Suboxone only if you can't reasonably choose a different treatment.  Methadone maintenance treatment is safe to use during pregnancy and is a good alternative to Suboxone.
Avatar f tn I am 6 months pregnant and have taken a quarter of a suboxone in early stages of pregnancy and have again taken a quarter of a suboxone strip. I am not going to do this again for fear for my baby and the fact that I know it was wrong, but what I would like to know is, if I no longer do this, will it be able to be detected in myself or the baby in any way when she is born? My due date is July 22, 2014. thankyou.
1355259 tn?1324223584 so this was my question back in 2010 its now december of 2011 ad it worked that month july i was prescribed suboxone,I got pregnant and my. dr switched my script to subutex i have been on that ever since,i am now pregnant agin and am still on subutex,my dr.
217599 tn?1202854552 It was all mental with me and one I got over that I could take it twice a day. I got pregnant when I was on the suboxone and I had to be switched to methadone which I wish they never did. I'm in the process now of switching back to suboxone. I hate being on methadone, its the wors thing ever! Do you know anything about switching from methadone to suboxone? I've been trying to figure out the best way to do it. Any info would be appreciated!
309618 tn?1193379313 I then left to get my kids from school and was to come back after 4 to start suboxone. My husband and my 2 girls came to support me and to see what will happen. Oh I forgot to add, I had to bring my 15 month old with me to the first part and Dr.F and his staff was so helpful and patient with her. Well we started with 4mg of suboxone at 5 tonight. I sat there letting it desolved as he talked to my husband and daughter letting them know that this addicition was not my fault.
Avatar f tn now i am hearing that i shouldn't go through w/d now!!!! very confused. and the only thing that i've taking while pregnant is the drugs and i'm happy about that but very worried now that it;s the end and just now found out all of these things!!
Avatar f tn I was wondering the effects of suboxone on pregnancy and being 47 years old. Does anyone have any answers?
Avatar f tn I have read things about women taking Suboxone while being pregnant and their babies are perfectly healthy, but on the other hand I have heard that the babies go through withdrawals at times too. I have also read that if I"m just cut off of the Suboxone cold turkey without being tappered off of it that it could cause a miscarraige.
Avatar f tn Im on suboxone im about 12 weeks pregnant how do i go about getting off the withdrawls off suboxone is worse than everything else is subutex better being pregnant i want to get totally off 2years ago i lost my daughter at 28 weeks it had nothing to do with using my water was broke at 2months due to stress from the affair my husband was having.
Avatar f tn I recently found out that I am pregnant. I am 6 weeks pregnant and both my suboxone dr and my obgyn dr know I am on Suboxone. I can't withdrawal from the medication now that I am pregnant because the drs say that it will cause the baby to also go through withdrawal and will most likely cause a miscarriage. I was wondering if anyone has any input? Has anyone else had a child while on Suboxone or knows of someone who has? Did the baby go through withdrawal after birth?
Avatar f tn Do not take Suboxone if you are pregnant or could become pregnant during treatment. Buprenorphine and naloxone pass into breast milk and may be harmful to a nursing baby. Do not take this medication if you are breast-feeding a baby.
6843436 tn?1386615794 Hi everyone! This is the first time I've posted a question on here, & am hoping that some of you have experience with being on suboxone & pregnant. I went to treatment in June for 8 years of IV heroin addiction. While there I was put on Suboxone, mainly because I had been to treatment 17 times before & relapsed immediately, so everybody agreed that it would be a good idea for me to get some clean time together & then ween off.
659957 tn?1224857787 i too am an addict and have been taking suboxone while being pregnant. i was taking a 3rd of an 8mg strip at first and at 13 weeks i am taking a little less than a 4th of a 8mg strip. i was told by a doctor at a free clinic to wean myself down cause the stress of withdrawl wasnt good for the baby. i also was a heavy smoker and cut down to 5-7 ciggs a day. all in which i thought was a good start threw the first trimester.
Avatar f tn I was on 8 mg of suboxone when I got pregnant. I worked really hard and got down to 2 mg. for the duration of my pregnancy, oh and the dr. switched me to beupronorphine because some of the other ingredients in the suboxone can be worse for the baby than just the active one. My son is PERFECT!! and was not born with withdrawl syndrome. I think he did experience some amount of discomfort but it wasn't noticable to the drs. (could have been my guilt telling me that).
Avatar f tn If you become pregnant while taking SUBOXONE, alert your doctor immediately as there may be significant risks to you and your baby; your baby may have symptoms of withdrawal at birth. If you are pregnant or become pregnant while taking SUBOXONE, you should report it using the contact information provided below.* Before taking SUBOXONE, talk to your doctor if you are breast-feeding or plan to breast-feed. SUBOXONE can pass into your milk and may harm the baby.
Avatar f tn If you find out you are pregnant, you need to tell your Sub doc and OB right away, as Suboxone is contraindicated in pregnancy. The typical move ios to switch a patient over to Subutex during the pregnancy. I also want to say, that your dose is WAY high. NO one at the maintenence point of Sub (after getting through the induction dose and adjusting) should ever have to be on a dose that is that high, regardless of how much you were using.
Avatar f tn I had the experience and the CYS were really nice and understanding talking about the suboxone treatment.
Avatar n tn I am 6 months pregnant and am a recovering heroin addict. I have been on suboxone for about 8 months and it has been working very well for me. My doctor doesnt know that I take this medication. My questions aqre: Should I tell her that I am on this? My belly isnt very big at all and I kindof feel like it is because I am taking suboxone. Now, the baby kicks and moves around ALL the time. I eat right and I have gained 15 pounds in the 6 months that I have been pregnant.
Avatar f tn He didn't seem to know much about suboxone let alone suboxone while pregnant. I let him know I was taking a small dose and he thinks the baby will be fine if I just go through the withdrawals now. Is this okay? I'd rather not take and cause risk of baby being addicted but I don't want to cause miscarriage due to withdrawal. Also, everything i have read seems to be people that have been taking for a longer amount of time and a much larger dosage.
142722 tn?1281537216 Do not use buprenorphine if you are breast-feeding a baby. Suboxone Pregnancy There are no adequate and well-controlled studies of SUBOXONE (a Category C medication) in pregnancy. SUBOXONE should not be taken during pregnancy unless your doctor determines that the potential benefit to you justifies the potential risk to your unborn child. Contraception should be used while taking SUBOXONE.
Avatar m tn I have recently started to taper because I am absolutely TIRED of being on this drug. I got down to 2 mg and have been taking that for the past week, with the exception of one day I took 4 mg (4 days ago). Today I am taking 1.75 mg of a 2 mg strip. My health insurance has recently been cancelled so I would like to be off these as soon as possible but even just tapering I have been having some withdrawal symptoms. Nothing harsh, just feel extremely tired and have aching in my joints.
Avatar f tn Im scared to death at this point but will relax and be patient. Its very scary to be on this treatment and think I could be pregnant. I heard horrible stories. Wishing the best!
Avatar f tn so i have been on subs for a year and a half and i have been weaning myself off of because i found out i am pregnant and don't want to harm my baby. i weaned down to .5mg and i have not taken any today and i was wondering if anyone knew of anything SAFE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN to lessen my withdrawals? my legs are starting to cramp pretty bad and i just have pains and i know i prob. wont be able to sleep tonight. helpppp.
Avatar n tn I am currently 6 months pregnant. I didn't find out about being pregnant until it was already tolate, and iwas already 4 months along. I have been researching suboxone treatment. Will suboxone affect or harm my unborn baby? I am really scared and worried about my baby. I am sure the dauladid hasnt helped either. But I want off of it. I need advice on the suboxone treatment. And whether or not my baby will become addicted to the suboxone and go through withdrawls after delivery.
Avatar f tn I'm 32 weeks pregnant & currently taking about 8mg of suboxone daily! I've been so depressed during this pregnancy just knowing I'm on this crap! I have a bicornuate uterus & very high risk so I don't wanna hurt the baby more by stopping!! My high risk OB & regular check up OB have diff opinions, 1 says its fine the other thinks I should stop! Can or should I even try to stop cold turkey?!? I really need someone to help me here!
Avatar f tn I do fall asleep often on my adderall, and I believe it can't keep up with suboxone sometimes, being how strong it is, I guess. But without either one of those, I'm toast. If your having opiate problems again, or cravings, I would get back on the suboxone asap. People are staying on this med for years and years, as a safer way to stay clean and not relapse. 12 years is quite awhile, and its hard to get over that in a few months.
Avatar f tn I do know Subutex is better but as stated I do not have a prescription, I panicked because I was in terrible withdrawal and had children to take care of in addition to a back injury. My friend offered to help and told me she & several people she knew took suboxone while pregnant & everything turned out fine.
6088943 tn?1381728810 Anyone taking or have took suboxone or somas while pregnant? They're both a category C. Doctors cannot give a direct Yes or No on somas, because they haven't been tested on pregnant women. Only info I found on the internet said when given to animals, it goes thru the placenta and can possibly cause adverse effects in fetal growth or post natal survival. I've been told by my doctor that if you take something here n there, there shouldn't be any problems with the baby.