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Avatar m tn I remember one member, look up dhodge2000 and read his posts and his experience with suboxone. He was a strong and adamant advocate of suboxone (while on it) at first and criticized everyone for giving sub a bad name, even became rude to others who have never been on sub but warned people against it.
Avatar n tn i was diag. with clinical depression and ADD as well 4 yrs ago, and have been on all diff. antidepressants, also took concerta, metadate for the ADD, which i stopped all the ADD meds 8months ago, but along with stopping the hydros is why i believe i went into a MAJOR nerve break down.(was unable to function for 3-months)!! since the subox i stopped the wellbutrin&trileptal(MOOD STABILIZER). i plan on talking to the psych.
341953 tn?1209485491 as a matter of fact, it is used for pain relief.. it's been used in Europe for this reason for some time (in addition to treating opiate addiction) and is used here too. but not often. it's primary purpose is to treat opiate addiction. that said, my pain management guy DID just prescribe it to me for pain - short term. i did not use it to come off opiates, but he knew i had a history of opiate use.
211417 tn?1189759422 I was clean off of hydrocodone, by using suboxone for about 6-8 weeks tops. And towards the end, I used it every other day, and then every two day, and then so on until I was done. And I was taking any where from 15-25` 10mg norcos daily for around 2-2.5 yrs. There is no wrong answer, I was simply wondering why they do it that way. My doctor was SO different than these other doctors I called, and now I see alot of people using it long term, so I was curious. There must be a reason why.
222369 tn?1274478235 He's 60 or so days clean from opiates and is still having high-moderate anxiety and depression. I told him he may need an antidepressant to kick start his brain "so to speak". Your comments in a previous posts mentioned more immediate acting antidepressants. Are you referring to TCA's like Elavil, SSRI's, or MAOI's? He said he will not take anything longer than 2 months and wants something with little side effects and a lesser chance of withdrawals. Just looking for your input..
Avatar f tn Granted i should have done a better job of research and be mindful of what i put in it but at the time i had no choice in the matter i was in, in house detox and i had just tried the dumbest and most selfish , and cowerdly thing in my life, so i was at the mercy of my DR.
Avatar m tn You/we are not meant to be unhappy and miserable and I believe there is a solution out there for you. I was not aware that Suboxone was used for depression. I know you have pain and I am wondering if medically if there is a better medication to treat your depression. It sounds like you have been on a lot of different meds. Have you ever saw a Depression Specialist. Sometime or Primary Care doctors treat depression with a shot gun approach.
1460021 tn?1445739558 I was put on Xanax for my anxiety, Prozac for my depression and 10mg of suboxone, and now living back with my mother (I'm 24...oh joy to living back with the mother lol). It's now one year on and i have dropped my dose down to 4mg a day..(still on antidepressants and xanax).
273135 tn?1195010470 My addiction specialist, also a psychiatrist, said that I had likely been clinically depressed for a long time and used drugs and alcohol to cover it up. I started taking antidepressants then and continued on them until3 years ago when I decided I was cured. Alas, I turned to Vicodin again. And, now I'm on Cymbalta, which I started 3 months ago, before I quit Vicodon/Norco/Oxy and went on Sub. I'm doing much better on the antidepressants. You may want to try St.
Avatar m tn I can handle a little pain and restlessness (to be expected), but with a short time frame and lack of funds I'm concerned. Any help would be GREATLY apreciated.
Avatar n tn i want to hear from those off this **** whether good or bad. and just a FYI i was only on 2mg for a cuple months and 2 wks on 1mg and im STILL SICK! so come on lets here from those that really know what a joke sub is!
3143760 tn?1343103892 I think some people on these forums dont know what a real opiate kick is like and they're having there withdrawals and all and type about how its Hell, and scare other people from doing what they need to do. 2 years ago, I/we were up to sharing 10 80's a day and 10 to 12 10mg norcos a day for about 8 months. We jumped cold turkey and went on the train ride that stops in Hades and has a two month stay.
434480 tn?1242659346 It is a bad idea to just take 1mg of suboxone when you feel shakey. I am on suboxone and Suboxone w/ds are worse than hydrocodone w/ds. So if you want to use the suboxone to stop the w/d's make a taper plan (that depends on how much you took) exsample 1mg every other day for a week, than 1mg every 3 days and so forth and so on. Be careful with the suboxone it can be very hard to get off of.
Avatar n tn from your guilty feelings. See the doctor, get some antidepressants, or increase ones you are on, and ask about counseling. even talking about what is going on can help a ton.
356054 tn?1218556075 I think the best people can do is really educate themselves on both the dangers, drawbacks, and advantages of Suboxone. There are many differing personal accounts about it and people are understandably passionate about their own experiences... but anyone that has already decided to go the route of using Suboxone really needs to hear things like this post too.
Avatar n tn I do have to stress that the one problem I had with suboxone in the first 5 or 6 days was nausea but I bought some over the counter emetrol and I would take 2 tablespoons before every dose of suboxone and then I would be fine...that stuff works. I started sub at 8mgs and for some reason I am one of the few that it effects like this in the higher doses...some people can take it and not feel sick at all.
401095 tn?1351395370 In-office treatment with Suboxone offers patients privacy, convenience, and confidentiality. WHAT IS SUBOXONE? suboxone® C-III (buprenorphine HCI/naloxone HCI dehydrate sublingual tablets) is a medicine that, together with counseling, is approved to treat opioid dependence in a doctor’s office and with take-home prescriptions. Buprenorphine has unique characteristics that can help many patients manage their dependence and remain in treatment.
Avatar f tn My husband and I recently stopped snorting oc's. We went to a dr and they put me on 5mg prozac and my husband on 5mg of celexa. He also gave us small small doses of seroquell for anxiety and to help us sleep. A friend gave us 2 8mg suboxone's and about 10 2mg xanax bars. I know you can't mix the xanax with suboxone, but what about the anti-depressents. A few times when we stopped we've taken suboxone and its helped alot with the whole cravings and energy thing.
Avatar f tn So I am reading this really interesting book called Surviving Suboxone treatment and Withdrawals: Personal Experiences & Stories. One of the patients in the book spoke to a Doctor (not a sub Dr.) and was told that she was not going through Suboxone withdrawal alone, but 3 disorders at once, because of the Suboxone w/d The first disorder he spoke of is Depersonalization Disorder, below is the definition: Depersonalization Disorder is said to be a side effect of the Naloxone in Suboxone.
Avatar f tn There would be withdrawal symptoms left after stopping the sub, so this would probably only serve to delay any withdrawal, not prevent it, and Two of the side effects of subutex/suboxone are mood disturbances and depression. She might be lucky and not experience these, but it would be a risk.
Avatar m tn To be honest with you the wd i suffered from after sub was a good 20 days or so. Now with that being said, everyday got better and better and sleep finally came and the anxiety lessened and before you know it you feel great, it takes time and as addicts we tend to want immediate results. I did go lower than 1 i went to half and that was under the care of a doctor, i did it in rehab.
Avatar f tn My question is whether switching to methadone would perhaps help my drug cravings and depression better than suboxone?I am willing to be on a maintenance dose for life if that is what it takes for me to live a normal life free of depression and drug obsession.
Avatar n tn I looked all around and so far I haven't heard many good things about it. I have been on Celexa in the past and I gained weight. I tried Zoloft, Paxil and Prozac and they made me nuts. I tried Luvox and that made me a zombie. Wellbutrin made me anxious. SOOOOO, my question is are there any others I should try or should I just do the Subuxone an not try any new antidepressants. I was thinking about trying Buspar but I'm not sure. Maybe antidepressants just aren't for me.
Avatar n tn If you haven't done so already, please do as much research as you possibly can on the Suboxone. You need to understand how the program works and what it is all about. I used Sub to help me detox off of the pain meds. I did it for 16 days and began tapering at day 3. Although it did help me, I didn't much care for it. Actually, it didn't much care for me. It made me sick to my stomach, along with headaches and dizziness. That does not happen to everyone, I just didn't tolerate it well.
Avatar m tn Since I was diagnosed many years ago with this illness, I have been on over 20 different antidepressants. Occasionaly my Psychiatrist will hit on a powerful combination of antidepressants and mood stabilizers that will give me some limited relief, but never a full remission of my depression. At best I may get 40% relief depending on the combination. My depression is cronic and completly Non-situational, as I have never suffered a tramatic experience in my life.
Avatar f tn that is a specialist on substence abuse and he said that one i was on a too low dose of suboxone and also he change it to subutex 8mg insted of suboxone 3mg, I have not started the subutex yet and i feel weird going up but I do understand why he is doing it cause I keep falling back to the pills. So my question for the ones that know is it the same thing suboxone and subutex not quimicly but in our point of view?
Avatar f tn Form a plan and stick to it. Decision making and logic are not very easy in withdrawal. Take the guessing and stabs in the dark away. You hold the subs and give him his taper scheduled dose. Have him spend extra time in meetings and counseling during this taper. This is the most likely path to ended this forever. If he thinks he can do this his way, then he may think he has the power to take just one in the future. Just my opinion.