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621290 tn?1226723861 he is weaning me off my klonipin before he put me on the sub but right now Im on mantience methadone 150 mg a day and adderall and klonopin and im ok
673186 tn?1225987525 I personally tried severalk times my first two years if college and I never had taken more than 30 ngs and that seemed like a very high dose and i gotwith very jittery and a huge efffect. A few months ago I was diagnosed with ADHD and instead of Adderall I tried Strattera knowing my addictive personality and past with drug abuse.
Avatar f tn These are best to try before formal detox and drugs like Suboxone. I had to do formal detox because I tried everything else, including alcohol to get off and nothing worked for me. Keep in mind that when you try… make it a good one! Have some time off of work if you can… maybe a four day weekend or more. Make the last day of work without any drugs, because the first day is usually the easiest.
Avatar m tn I am no doctor or anything but I also was on adderall for years until my addiction with pain medication took control of my life my suboxone doctor told me that adderall and suboxone taken together are like using cocaine and herion similar anyway. My suboxone doctor refused to prescribe the adderall until I had tapperd off the suboxone.
Avatar m tn She's aware of my addiction problem and that I'm taking Suboxone. In all honesty I've began to abuse the Adderall,taking a lot more than I should and my psychiatrist is not aware of it. At first I was unsure as to why this psychiatrist would prescribe these two drugs knowing the potential for abuse? I realize that I have the ultimate decision of whether to take these two drugs, but being an addict it was hard to resist. Does anyone have any feedback about my situation?
Avatar f tn I have been on suboxone for 5 years and adderall for 4 years. So here I 3 detoxing at home. I haven't had any major symptoms yet. I'm just very anxious. I'm not sure what to expect. Has anybody been through this? And how long does it take to detox from both substances? Is it dangerous to detox at home by myself? Please help!! Thank you!!
Avatar f tn Is it safe to take 30mgs of adderall, 4-8mgs of Xanax and 4-6mg of suboxone a day?
760131 tn?1238221197 But in my opinion I think you should stop using the adderall and when you feel mentally stable and grounded, taper off the suboxone. At this point 2 more months I dont think would significantly effect your physical detox. And as others have suggested, definitely get to as low of a dose as possible.
Avatar f tn Another question for you all I have been taking Adderall for the past 3 months I take 20mg twice a day, and my question is I went to the OB doctor yesterday and I told her I was on Adderall and suboxone and the other meds and she look at me and said "why would you doctor have you on adderall and suboxone at the same time? adderall is a stimulant and suboxone is to help you get of drugs? and I really didn't know what to say.
Avatar f tn now i'm taking at least 90 milligrams a day, along with clonopin and suboxone to calm down. i'm worse off than when i went to detox. and i don't know what to do. is it possible to gradually come off adderalll? oh, i also have ambien for sleep, which i don't abuse. the only one i abuse is the adderall.
1245000 tn?1268572088 I am bouncing off the walls and get the whole house clean and then some but then for the rest of the month I am not worth a damn.I have been on Suboxone for 17 days now for my opiate addiction and I can't take adderall while on Suboxone so I have been without it even longer this time. Hope you are able to beat the addiction! There is always hope you just have to have the will!!!
Avatar m tn So I know what it's like to go doctor shopping and being red flagged. I then found a support group that put me on suboxone and now i'm trying to get off of that. I may lose my job, I may lose my place of living. I may lose everything. If I wasn't taking suboxone or any substance for that matter I probably would not be facing these issues. My biggest pet peave on med-help is when someone asks a very distinct question and gets a very vague answer.
Avatar f tn I was prescribed it by my sub doc when i was taking Suboxone and I ended up abusing it. I would go through my script in two weeks and then later a week. I never experienced withdrawals but while taking it I had more anxiety than normal and once had a massive panic attack (I have suffered them for 20 years) but thought i had overdosed on the Adderal. It is a dangerous drug to abuse so if you feel you are abusing it, I would discuss with doc if it is prescribed for legit reason.
Avatar m tn doing some research on Adderall...3rd day on it, helps out, but severe headaches, constipation and stomach upset.
Avatar f tn Hi perch101. I had a little scare a few days ago. I took some adderall and tramadol and started to feel really weird. I never had a seizure but I thought I might of been felling one come on. I got real dizzy,my face was tingly and my jaw was clenching up and painful. Could u tell me if u feel one come on and if yes what are the symtons? I have not taken tramadol since.
Avatar f tn I was doing great with the Suboxone and never once touched an opiad since being on it. Please help me stop the Adderall. I truly appreciate everyone's advice and suggestions. Thank you for listening.
Avatar f tn I have a family member who told me they are addictede to Suboxone and want to get off it. They have been on it for over 7 years now. When they don't have it, they become very ill. They say that they only use it to not get sick. However, I think they are also getting a euphoric feeling from it. Some days they barely will speak and others they are speaking non-stop, have a lot of energy and stay up late and maybe even all night.
460591 tn?1207154399 I was wondering if it is safe to mix 10 mg of Ritalin with 2mg of Suboxone? I don't think it will put my heart under a lot of stress... I know uppers and downers are bad to mix, but I don't think such a low dose should hurt anything... Anyone know for sure? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Wow, this topic has gone all over with no one really referring to your post. I take suboxone and adderall. Four years on both and don't plan to stop. I have chronic pain from fibromyalgia, and did not do well on opana and adderall as I wound up directly in the mental ward. My life has completely changed since my first suboxone dose. My head is clear, memory coming back, I can get out of bed now.
7416717 tn?1390773498 Does anyone take or has taken adderall with suboxone? My dr says no! The dr who gives me my adderall says that there is no problem with it. I have taken it for almost 20 years. My dr is not one of those pill pushers either. He is very concerned & cautious. When i had to change dr's because of a move, he lowered my dose from 30mg to 20mg. Im just wondering what any of your dr's out there are saying about adderall if any of you were on it.
6601982 tn?1383754936 ( Ive worked so hard in the program, im even being tapered off. Im scared I hurt my body but im more scared of getting booted from program..
Avatar f tn My freshman year I took 60 mg a day and drank two redbulls (caffene interacts with adderall, intensifies it) I had a 3.4 GPA and partied hard EVERY night til 4 am would get up at 7 am and never miss a class or an assignment. By the end of the last semester, right around when Brittney Spears shaved her head, I was feeling like I was going insane too.
Avatar f tn 13 and I hope I can finish this and get away from the PC (smile) In about 15 mins I am going to take my Suboxone (4-6 mg) because I may be feeling w/d from not taking that yet this morning. I'll report later. The only remaining med is my second Wellbutrin at around 2'ish and then my seroquel this evening. Perhaps I should force myself to start a task and maybe I can accomplish it once I get into it. (Cleaning this disgusting clutter in my house) A little at a time, one thing at a time.
Avatar m tn I've been forging some blank prescriptions this guy I knew gave me about 2 years ago. Been using fake name and correct dea# and I've done this about 4 times (he gave me 5 prescriptions) and tonight was my last one. Tonight they asked for my ID and i just gave it to them, and the guy apparently wrote my information from my ID. I have no idea why i gave him my id, maybe subconsciously, I wanted to get caught.
Avatar n tn Wish my shrink could prescribe it, he pretty much has known me for 10+ years, he has me on zanax and ambien and adderall. I have adhd, and anxiety, and just been on ambien forever. I will be honest with the docs. Most important thing now is getting OFF THIS!
Avatar m tn For a long time my drugs of choice were adderall and oxycontin, then adderall and heroin. I liked that they balanced eachother out and got super addicted to the combo of them. But yes, when I came off of them, I had severe depression. However, each day i stayed off of it got better. The thing is, I had to go to rehab or 12 step meetings for the support and teh community and so I was around other addicts who understood and so i made myself accountable to them.
Avatar f tn i’ve been taking adderall the past few months as i tapered off suboxone and it was a night and day difference as far as productivity and keeping my cravings at bay. i honestly don’t know if my sobriety will last that long if my add isn’t treated. does anyone have any similar experience? any input on what to do next?