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Avatar m tn Dangers of Statin Drugs Plenty of reports say statin drugs cause severe pain and can actually make muscles atrophy. Worse, they may actually increase your risk of stroke. Now, a brand new study, published in The Lancet, confirms that statins do cause diabetes. Researchers reviewed the case files of over 91,000 people from 1994 through 2009. They found a direct link between people taking statins and developing diabetes.
Avatar n tn Researchers compare the brains of long-term opiate addicts to that of stroke victims. Without the continued use of opiates, the long-term addict must struggle as a stroke victim struggles to utilize new neural pathways to achieve a semblance of normality. I have used opiates contantly for 30, no, 31 years. There is no way back for me. 31 years of changes in my brain cannot be undone by all the 12-step meetings in the world. My doom is sealed by my physiology.
Avatar f tn It is a cost cutting exercise and has resulted in the deaths of many people, particularly cancer victims who have been denied treatment/drugs to save money :( We will have to see what the consultants decide after their second meeting, hopefully we'll know in the next few days or early next week. It never rains but it pours. We just had to have our 14 year old cat, Pickles put to sleep :( He was born into our family and my son picked him out.
Avatar n tn Nowadays it has a slightly different focus, less the interest in the twisting and feel of damaged hair and more the desperate need to pick at numerous damaged sections on my head, I feel a sense of great pleasure (mixed with sadness) when i find that there is something solid to play with (Gross I know) I pick and pick and move the scab through my hair taking hairs with it as innocent victims and its amazing how this is a NEED not a choice, I have to do it, I feel angry when my kids try and help
Avatar f tn Not to mention that he was walking like Tim Conway on the old Carol Burnette show (the little old man taking tiny tiny steps). He also looks like he has had a stroke with one side drawn - so does that leave us with Tina Fey (love those videos) to run this country if elected??? mmmm......let me think about that. She's pretty smart, but .......
Avatar m tn I have had a cat scan which turned up nothing abnormal and have been referred to a neurologist by both the optician and my dr. By some stroke of luck there was a cancellation for the neurologist so I am able to get in tomorrow. There was apparently nothing wrong with my eye but the optician did feel that something was wrong with my optic nerve (can't remember if he said it was swollen or something was pushing onto it?