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Avatar n tn I have done some research which also indicates a TENS unit is beneficial for nerve damage. My mother suffered a stroke, and does not have efficient use of her right hand. Many years back, I have followed the work of Dr. Beck (electrophysiologist in the field of cranial electro stimulation). He strongly suggested that a TENS unit can and will re-stimulate nerve damage and cause functionality to return to normal. I am in the process of purchasing a TENS unit for my mother to use.
Avatar n tn He spent 21 days in the hospital between the stroke unit and rehab unit. He is slowly regaining use of his hand, can squeeze a sponge. His leg is stronger and he has no problem tackleing stairs and such. He is going to outpatient rehab 3 times a week. My concern is his personality. At times he seems totally like he was before the stroke and other times he acts a little wacky, like he's not all there. It seems the more active he is thru out the week the more normal he is by Friday.
1478333 tn?1287401534 Strategies to prevent falls by individuals who have suffered a stroke are lacking, according to Australian researchers who recently completed a study on the subject. As many as 75% of stroke survivors wind up falling within a half a year after the vent, researchers noted. An examination of 13 studies involving 1,500 study subjects showed that only vitamin D supplementation was a consistently effective preventive measure, said lead researcher Dr.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I was discharged from a stroke unit in the uk yesterday after having a mini ischaemic stroke which I was frombolised for. When I was first admitted my troponin levels were at 365, dropping to 190 over a 4 day period. I'm unsure of the level now but I imagine it's lower. But I know healthy people are supposed to have no reading. I'm a 29 year old, otherwise healthy female - no drinking smoking or drugs. No history of strokes in the family.
1346447 tn?1327862572 Left leg is affected due to stroke. during walking support is needed. After 6 months nonsense speaking started. During rehabiliation there were two falls but no severe injuries. Most of the time patient is normal.How long will it take to rehabiliate.
Avatar n tn Last year I broke my Radius and Ulna in the wrist. I had a volar plate put in radius. I am in constant pain. I've exhausted all phases of theropy. Being a past stroke patient. I can only take limited pain medications. Would it be safe for me to try a TENS UNIT? Considering I have the Volar plate?
Avatar f tn My mother is 83 she just had a massive stroke last Wednesday. She was in ICU until Monday and now she is in Onculogy Unit. We think she knows us by the look in her eyes but she can not talk and at other times we are not sure. He right side was affected this is the 1st time she has had a massive stroke (she has had several small ones even driving herself to emergency room within about an hour after) no speech then for 1day.
Avatar m tn My friend s partener has now suffered from the same type of stroke, he was taken to a stroke unit in Northwich Park. How can I reasure her he will not necessarily die in 6 weeks like my Dad. I feel helpless.
Avatar f tn My husband suffered a stroke on 3/2/14. He is now in the surgical and neurological intensive care unit. He has been in a deep sleep, the ct scan show swelling of his brain. Doctors said all we can do is wait for him to become more alert. Occupational and physical therapist has come and hone because he won't wake up for the service . I also want to know if this is normal and what can I ask of the doctors for help.
Avatar n tn 41yr old female presents to stroke unit with left side arm/leg weakness. Physiotherapist not convinced it is a stroke. dragging left leg and left arm in a contracted position. C.T and M.R.I are negative, doplar also negative. Blood pressure and chlorestrol normal, however does have a raised E.S.R. Awaiting angiogram.
Avatar m tn I have similar symptoms as described above. Had a mini-stroke. About two weeks later, my hand falls asleep for no reason at all for about one or two minutes. The question is whether this is a sihn of further damage in the brain or a common after-stroke symptom. I am going to PT for my weak leg - I will ask them about my hand as well. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Stroke/Arm-Hand-Falling-asleep-Tingling/show/1014565">Arm Hand Falling asleep Tingling</a>.
Avatar n tn I have had two EMGs in the last several months. In the first performed on my left leg it showed some reduced recruitment in my iliopsoas muscle. In the second EMG perfomed on my right leg it showed "slow firing of motor unit potentials in most of the muscles tested and the intermittent activation of motor unit potientals in most of the muscles tested" are these things to worry about? If so, what illness could they point to.
Avatar n tn A women is having symptoms of a stroke but test come back negative of no stroke, what is the cause of the stroke symptoms?
Avatar n tn My husband, age 62, is 8 months post Wallenberg Stroke recovery. Immediately following his stroke he experienced difficulty swallowing and lost his ability to walk unassisted. He spent 2 months at a rehabilitation center and left with only a loss of sensory perception on the side of his face and portions of his arm. He spent another month in an outpatient rehabilitatin program. The amount of sleep and quality of sleep continue to be an issue for him.
Avatar f tn My dear father-in-law made it to the stroke unit and was starting rehab but was having trouble with secretion in his lungs, the doctors tried twice to put him in the stroke unit but both times he would have sever breathing difficulty and they would have to move him back to ICU and put him back on Ventilator. He now has pneumonia and has been found to have TB also. Today his BP dropped dangerously low and his temp high. I believe he is a very strong man and is a fighter.
Avatar n tn I have a question about the drug Haldol. My 77 year old mother had a mild stroke that left her left side affected. While in the CCU unit in the hospital, she became restlest, 5mg injections where issued on 3 seperate occasions within 36 hours . the last after she was moved into a private room out of CCU. 10 hours after the last injection she fell into a deep sleep (Coma Like) state. CT scans done after this found this was not caused from another stroke.
Avatar f tn It has to be ordered by his unit and his unit doesnt seem to care. Thank you so much for your concern on my husbands behalf. I am at a dead end and dont know what else to do.. i guess one voice isnt loud enough in this situation.. and theres nothing i can do from here in the states. If my husband were home, we would be at the doctor figuring this out. But to the army.. he is just another soldier. What scares me is, it so very easy for him to have another heat stroke under the same conditions..
Avatar n tn Our mom, Suzanne, who is 71 had a stroke on the back of her head, on the brain stem on May 23rd 2008. All of her memory and the part of her brain that makes her who she is, is all there. Thank god! Suzanne was diagnosed with a stroke 7 1/2 hours after being rushed to the emergency room. My family and I found this a bit odd since she had every symptom of having a stroke. And we all know that it is vital to get help and diagnosed as soon as possible, when a person apperes to have had a stroke.
Avatar f tn my dad has diarrhea and his arm always falls asleep and he gets chest pains... what does it mean??
Avatar n tn His stroke has left him with a left side deficit and balance issues. He uses a walker but falls from time to time. When he does fall he cannot get back up as he has no core strength. He also has a foot drop on his left side from a bad back surgery and two bad shoulders with torn rotator cuffs (inoperable). How can we help him build up his core strength? Does anyone know of a really good physical therapist in the Littleton, Co. area that could help us out?
Avatar f tn I was told that my elderly mom had a major stroke, first by a clot, they have said.. and then another issue days later(?) cause by an atrial fibrillation. Now they say the situation is critical... R sided stroke, and my mom hasn't really regained consciousness. her MRI shows one major stoke, and then a subsequent one caused by bleeding. Mannitol given and swelling of the brain has greatly subsided. Reacts to painful stimuli, by moving toes, when pinched under the arm. NG tube in place.
Avatar n tn Tripped on concrete edging front garden. Took a pile of skin of my knees. Jared back and neck otherwise okay.
Avatar f tn I fell a sleep while setting on the toilet.It wasb during the day. because I was so tired from not sleeping last night.So I am in bad pain.
Avatar f tn Fell on curb trying to carry chaise lounge.